Search the Final Rolls

The Dawes Roll (Final Rolls) is a list of those members of the Five Civilized Tribes who removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) during the 1800’s and were living there during the above dates.

If your ancestor was not living in Indian Territory during 1898-1914 they will not be listed on the Dawes Roll!!

Only those Indians who RECEIVED LAND under the provisions of the Dawes Act are listed. It also lists those Freedmen who received land allotments as provided for in the Dawes Act. These pages can be searched to discover the enrollee’s name, age, sex, blood degree, type, census card number and roll number. Check the headings in each column. Type denotes whether the record is from a Dawes card.

Dawes is a list of those members of the Five Civilized Tribes who removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) during the 1800’s and were living there during the above dates.

Final Rolls Index

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118 thoughts on “Search the Final Rolls”

  1. Hi. I am related to Alexander Love 30116 on the Dawes Roll. What is my next step in trying to apply for my card? Thank you in advanced for the answers.

    1. If your parents do not have a CDIB or Trible membership card, you are out of luck. If the chain is broken at any time, you will never be able to get a card.

      1. The information from Jesse Lambert is not accurate. You will have to provide lineage to the last ancestor who was a citizen.

      2. My mother was never registered-didn’t matter. My Grandfather was and I linked back to him. I’m registered in the Cherokee tribe of Oklahoma.

    2. It depends on whether any of your ancestors since Alexander Love were Cherokee citizens. You will need, at least, your birth certificate and a government ID. You will likely also need a social security card, and death certificates of your parent and grandparents leading back to the last ancestor who was a citizen. Call the Cherokee Citizenship office and they will tell you exactly what you need to do.

      1. What is the basis for what you are posting? I have family members that were not allowed tribal membership because their parents did not apply for their membership. Would you be kind enough to post where this is written so I can help other family members.

      2. From, “The basic criteria for CDIB/Cherokee Nation tribal citizenship is that an application must be submitted along with documents that directly connect a person to an enrolled lineal ancestor who is listed on the “Dawes Roll” Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedman of the Five Civilized Tribes.” If a generation skipped doing this, it doesn’t matter. I guarantee you this is accurate. I can’t say what the situation is with your family. I am Mvskoke Creek. I have nephews who are Tribal citizens despite the fact that their Mother (my sister) never registered as a citizen. They had to provide birth certificates for themselves and my sister linking her to my Mother, who is a Tribal citizen and whose Father was on the Dawes roll. Contact the citizenship office and they will tell you exactly what you need.

  2. I am a Bledsoe/Bentley family member, I have relatives on each side, what is my next step? Also I cant view the card to proceed.

      1. I did in the Choctaw headquarters in Durant at the office that handled membership. I was there to update my info and get the new card. This was about 90 days ago.

  3. Jason Rasmussen

    My great grandfather is Chief Roy Eagle my direct line cousin is Carrie Ann Rasmussen and a member of the Cherokee Nations. What do I have to do to apply for my native rights??

    1. You need to be a direct descendant to someone on the Dawes rolls. This would have been a Cherokee citizen around the year 1900. There is no ‘Roy Eagle’ on the Dawes roll. I suggest you ask your cousin which ancestor is. Once you know that, contact the Cherokee Citizenship office on what you will need specifically to gain citizenship.

      1. So the Cherokee can do what the Choctaw can’t do? Fortunately we have not had a break in our linage, but I know a couple that had family that didn’t do the paperwork. They were not allowed membership. Show me where you received your information please.

        No, it is the same for Choctaw Nation citizenship as well. You have been told misinformation.

  4. Hi my Uncle W.M Craine was on the roll and passed away was not able to get information from him about going about how to get on the roll could anyone possibly help me. Also my Aunt is on the roll she has Alzheimer and can’t give me any info could someone just tell me where to go look for there names. Thank you any help is appreciated

    1. You can’t “get on the roll”. The rolls are a census of citizens of the 5 tribes from around 1900. You can search for your Grandfather on the rolls on this page. If he is on them, you are eligible to become a citizen of whichever tribe he was a citizen. Contact that tribes citizenship office on what you will need.

  5. Hello, When I was a young boy my great grandmother always use to tell me that we were Indian and to never forget it. As a kid, I would say Yes Granny. As I got older I found out that she lived in Meigs Co Tennessee in 1894 and was Full blooded Cherokee. Her maiden name was Dora Johnson. We can’t find her original name. On my grandfather’s side, I found out that his mother Grandmother Compton was born in Georgia under the Choctaw Nation. Which would have been around 1892. I know who I am now! Do You?

    1. Choctaw Nation was never in Georgia. It was in Mississippi and Alabama until they were removed to Indian Territory in the mid 1830s.

      1. Barbara Vigna Villarreal

        My great grand parents were Cheerokee. They were first cousins .His name Harvey Hamilton her name was Axey Hamilton and my grandmothers name was Zola May Hamiltom.

  6. I’m looking for a family of my dad his name was Harry Raymond halfway and his dad was named the same. I was told my dad was half Cherokee and that my grandfather was full-blooded Cherokee. If you have any information you could help me I really would appreciate it thank you

  7. I am looking for, Icy or Icey Clark on the Cherokee Roll. The wife”s name is Mary Henderson and they had 3 sons. Icey of Icy Clark, Lewis Clinton Clark, and John Clark. I know was Mary was full blooded Indian. Mary’s sons never put their names on the Indian roll for they believed that they would be shamed if they were found out that they were native Indians. My father denounced being Indian for he wanted to go into the military and he told me that he felt he would be discriminated if someone found out his heritage. I am having a heck of a time trying to find lineage of my family.

    1. Your family lore is almost certainly apocryphal; it usually is. The Dawes rolls were not optional. This commonly told tale of ancestors not signing up because they didn’t want anyone to know they were Indian is nonsense. It didn’t work that way. Besides, by your own account, these people were over half Native. You don’t think everyone knew they were Indian just by looking at them? Before the Dawes and Curtis acts, the land in I.T. was all communal land. The purpose of these acts was to break up tribal lands into individual allotments for the citizens, sell the surplus, and make Oklahoma a state. The tribes were almost universally against this; strongly. They had no choice and to refuse an allotment would have rendered them homeless. Now, it is possible to have native ancestry and not be eligible to be on the rolls. The rolls were of Tribal citizens only. Being native didn’t automatically make you a citizen. On many occasions, natives would leave their tribe and assimilate into U.S. culture. Dates and places would be helpful searching for information on your family. I did a search with the information provided and came up with nothing.

  8. My great-great father was fullblood Cherokee. He was found by a white family along a river in Hart county,KY He was given the name Wharf. Mary Elizabeth Wharf was his daughter and my great grandmother. Mattie Morgan Wright was her daughter. Does anyone have a clue about my lost heritage?

    1. If he was found along a river as a child, how could anyone possibly know he was full blood Cherokee?
      Mary Elizabeth Warf was born in 1862 in Owsley, Kentucky to Larkin Creed Warf and Senia Newell Neagle. All records and photos I found clearly indicate Creed Warf was white. Your family lore is likely not true.

  9. Looking for any information for Barbary Starcher and Betty E. Runion since they both have claims of ties to Cherokee. Any help given on this is appreciated

  10. Looking for information on the Hornbuckle’s. Possibly Cherokee. DNA test has native american in my lineage. I’ve been trying to trace back my ancestry on my father’s side and it has lead me to a Sarah (possibly Sally, Sallie?) Hornbuckle born late 1700’s married to Henry Green (my 4th great grandfather). They had a son, John Green. Any information would be much appreciated.

  11. Looking for Faith Ann Featherhorn who married Miles Riggs in Alabama and were in 1850, 1860, 1866, then in Grant County Arkansas in 1870 & 1880. She’s Indian, maybe Cherokee.

  12. searching for any information about anna dowling, she had a daughter juretia connally..she married a puckett, any information would be greatly appreciated

  13. I have a good one, for any one as passionate about getting to the truth as me. We recently had my grandmother’s Mtdna done which also included a racial profile through a very reputable lab. The Canadian version of Indian Affairs relies on them for verification when necessary. I discovered my grandmother was Metis, Apache and Cherokee. For the record, she does not have one single match, which is very odd. This has puzzled me because I didn’t think the Apache were anywhere near the Cherokee, but at some point, there had to be a contact. If I understood correctly, my grandmother would be the Metis. Her mother would be the Cherokee, and her mother would be the Apache. My great grandmother’s name has been diverted to french. But after researching that name for years, I have discovered this is not a valid name. Perhaps in error, I am now assuming that I have to find a phonetic similarity, in order to find my family. The name she went by in Canada was Maucotel… so Mokotel… mokotai…..I don’t know, can’t even begin to guess. But if anyone can help me with this, or if anyone has any suggestions to the form of the name I might look for, I would so very much appreciate it. thank you for reading!

  14. Sonica Williams

    Hello, I have lost my grandfather & his daughter ( my mom) in the last 2 years. I am trying to follow my grandfathers, ( my ) heritage. I’m having so much trouble as I only have a little information. I do know my Great, great grandfathers name was Noah Sawyer, he married Carey Megger. A tribe in Northern Nebraska. I am just wanting to know my heritage. Any information would be greatly appreciated. He is suppose to be buried in an East McCook Nebraska. They had numerous children, one of which was Viola Mae Sawyer , my great grandmother. Thank you.

  15. Looking for polly…mary….harmon…cherokee…north carolina…apache somewhere in there…polly b. 1843 mother i guesstimate 1823-27. Coffee..coffey another posibility…not interested in rolls yet…need geneaology first…some names are on roles …so cant seem to follow…moved to montana 1890 but am hiping geneology trail goes somewhere. Prayers and smoke to all.

  16. I’m looking for information on Nancy Murphy who married George Coxey in McMinn County Tennessee and gave birth
    to Nancy Caroline Coxey who married William Blize and had Johnathan F. Blize who married Emma Henderson and
    had my great grandmother Evelyn Blize. The Blize’s lived in Iberia Missouri and I was told Evelyn’s aunt started Indian school in Iberia.
    Believed to be of Cherokee Heritage.

  17. Mahalia Edmonds

    I’m not sure how to go about this. I am looking for my great grandmother x3 her name was Clementine Ward but her first name was spelt wrong on the daws roll I have been told she was Creek and I have a list of ways she spent her name but I couldn’t find her on here. My great grandmother’s fathers name is Milford Williams I believe he was Cherokee yet I’m not sure. Is there any one who could possibly help me out with this?

  18. I have a great grandfather (6 time I believe) named Cherokee Smokey born in 1778 at Smokey Creek, Caldwell NC and passed in 1828 in Scott, TN, his wife’s name was Nancy Sarah Smokey King born 1779 at Ashe, Rowan NC and passed 1859 at Campbell TN. I believe his father was Stand Proud Smokey and his mother’s name was Runs Fast Like An Eagle, and her parents names were possibly Peter King Smokey aka Man Who Tells Stories and Cherokee Mother Who Has Empty Heart, all listed as being from TN. I have read that Cherokee Smokey was banished from his tribe along with his wife and daughter. He was killed by a settler at Smokey Creek, who later married his wife Nancy Sarah, and I’ve heard a couple versions of the killing. The man’s last name was Carroll, who adopted Nancy Sarah’s daughter, name Sarah Nancy, who later married Phillip Low(e) in TN (Phillip Low’s family name was once Lau). I’ve also heard more than one story on whether the “daughter” was her daughter or her sister. Other possible grandparents names include Sleeping Bear Smokey, Lady Bear, Walking With No Fear Smokey, Mountain Lion Running, Man Who Can Fly Over Water Fall Lady, Water Lady, Walk Over The Springs, and Sleep No More Bear. I have heard that King may have been Nancy Sarah’s “maiden” name or possibly a previous married name. This is all very interesting and I’d love to learn more about this branch of my family. Is anyone familiar with any of these names or how I can find out more about them? Thanks!

    1. Hello Teresa! Cherokee Smokey is my 5X great grandfather and coming across your post has given need some hope. If you find anything further I would love it if you could message me back. I will do the same if I can find anything further.

  19. onyx blackstone

    My grandma is Cherokee and hail’s from the Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia area. Around Mill Creek, Randolph county West Virginia. Her Name is Ivey Rose Oxier. She Married my grandpa Asa Robert McCauley, His mother and Father were Melvin Martin ” Bud ” McCauley and Louisa Kathryn Reed, McCauley. I’m trying to find out more about my grandma Ivey Oxier McCauley she was born in 1909 – Died 1976. wonder if anyone knows of any of these names please contact me…….John Robert McCauley Senior…[email protected]

    1. Rosetta brownlee

      Rosie lee kellam, born 1902 cherokee and jerry white were married and lived in ga. My mother ethel mae white brownlee real father lewis jones an irishman from laurens county ga. My mother real father surfaced in 1995. Inwhich was identified by hennie r jones.she is Caucasian.
      My father clarence brownlee born 1925 ga Blackfoot indian. His father is Clayton brownlee. His sister margie brownlee morgan told me their surname was Gillies.
      Her ancestor slaveship docked in Savannah ga
      Confused. Who am i.

  20. Anyone have info on any kegabine? Believe the name was Betsy… not 100% sure. I believe my mom’s aunt said they went out towards Arizona

  21. Does anyone on here know of a Lidda who left Oklahoma reservation with Thomas McCauley. She was friends with a lady named Rosa (Choctaw). She was also born in Mississippi 1811-1815. She later married Thomas Bryant and lived in Sharon, Jones County, Mississippi near the Choctaw Reservation. I need to know what her Choctaw name was and who her parents were when they were removed to Oklahoma. Thanks so must for any info.
    Jackie Yaggi

    1. She went to Oklahoma and lived there until she met Thomas McCauley who she left the reservation with and went to Virginia. I think they got married. She left Virginia and his best friend Thomas Bryant (cousin to Gen. Edmond Bryant) followed her to Mississippi and married her. I was told she was banned from the reservation because of him.

  22. Lenetta (Rogers)Lewis

    Hi all, Im Lenetta …have family eastern Kentucky,Tennessee,North Carolina,Virginia …..My greatgreatgrandmother Lucinda Saunders is Native America blood 100% born North Carolina ….. Im DNA native America 30 % …

  23. I am researching who my American Indian Great X5 Grandparent was. Oral History states my Partenal Grandmother was Part Cherokee. I did find a cousin on that line who also had the same story. A Cherokee Woman married a White man. Their descendants lived in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and other surrounding states. Some Surnames of this line are Palmer, Catlett, Shade, Stotler, Hunter, Mauney, Pendleton, Micheals.

    1. The Maternal Side: Elizabeth Patawomek Stream married Col. Henry Meese. (Powhatan)
      Other Family Surnames Associated to American Indian Tribes are:
      Ashton, Lilly- Chickasaw.
      Toyumeesee (Meese) -Cherokee
      Moody-Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw
      Waller-Cherokee, Choctaw
      Toney-Seminole, Creek, Cherokee
      Perkins-Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek

      I believe there is no 100% one Nationality. DNA may prove this.

      1. Error on prior comment.
        Elizabeth Patawomek Stream
        married John Ashton. This is unsourced. Researching. Any information, editing or sources are appreciated.

  24. Im looking for info on my Grandmothers mother which is my great grandmother she is listed as US,NATIVE AMERICAN APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT IN Five Civilized Tribes ,1898-1914 Cherokee,Creek, Choctaw,Chickasaw,Seminole . Her name is Nancy Jean Patrick married to woodson White Patrick

  25. I am trying to find the information on my great grandfather. He had spoken many times of the Trail of Tears and how he had land in OK but it was taken away by the government. He lived off the land in Arkansas later. Never trusted banks. He died at the age of 104, He was born in 1883 and passed away in 1987. His last name was Hopkins. How can I pull my family genealogy together? I have my grandmothers death certificate and not knowing how to move forward with proof of Indian heritage.

  26. I’m really confused. Family history said I had an ancestors that came across the Trail of Tears. Started family tree and had a hard time but my 4 times great grandfather was born in Old Virginia in the area that would put him in the middle of Cherokee territory at the time. Been looking for him for years. Well, last night was looking again and found information on my 3x great grandfather at a family cemetery. The article said there are 2 Indian chiefs buried in this cemetary. My 3x great grandfather has a special grave marker that marks him as full blood Cherokee and my 3x great grandmother as cheorokee Choctaw. Possibly he is a chief (the article that went with this information wasn’t clear) but obviously since only family in this cemetery. Also it said the cemetary was build something about as Indians required to keep out evil spirits. However, I’m having trouble locating any more about this other than a news article, a cemetary, and family history oh and one World War 2 registration where one of my great uncle’s claimed Indian as race. I can not find any of the names in the Dawes Rolls. (I have this slight something saying they never made it to Oklahoma), but my 3x great was In Arkansas White County where he died in 1930. Confused as to where to go next if there is a going next. Thanks

    1. Richard F. Johnston

      If your 3x great grandmother of Cherokee/Choctaw descent wasn’t living in the Choctaw Nation at the time of the enrollment, they will not be enrolled for Choctaw land allotment.

    2. Richard F. Johnston

      If your Choctaw descendant was not living on the Choctaw Nation land at the time of enrollment, they will not be on the rolls.

  27. You have some serious database errors – look up John Lambert – the roll image shows ZERO entries of that name – what gives!? Also, the popup to collect an email address is way more than irritating – write a cookie to prevent this…. Or is this another site I need to warn people away from…

    1. Thanks for the notification on the popup. Something went awry within our cache, as it was setup to show only once every 14 days. I appreciate the notification! I will have to check into the backend of the database to see if John Lambert has a corresponding record in the Dawes Commission Case Files. It is possible he does not.

  28. I can go back to the trail of tears to trace my heritage but that’s where I’m hitting a dead end. I can find two brothers but their parents died on the trail of tears and they were adopted by white family’s and their names changed how can I track down the information I need any help would be appreciated

    1. Is your Native ancestry through your Powell line? My last name is also Powell and I have Cherokee ancestry through my Powell line. However, to my knowledge none of my ancestors were on the Trail of Tears.

      1. Hi Steve,

        Powell is my grandmother’s maiden name. Her father was half Cherokee and his father (my 2× great grandfather) was Samuel Powell, a full blooded Cherokee Indian. His name is on this list. I’m wondering if you, Heather,and I are related through the Powell blood line?

    2. Hello Heather,

      Are you Native American? I’m asking because my grandmother told me about my grandfather being a full Native American on her death bed last year. I’d had no clue and was shocked. The reason I ask is I am a “Powell” by maiden name and many years ago some Powell surnames Natives approached me online with a strong assumption that I am Native. I quickly told them I was certain they are wrong, but now it seems they knew something I did not. So I was curious because I saw your last name.

      1. My family is native American. They lived in the Cherokee and chickasaw nation territories. My great great grandparents were Jacob Pinkney Powell and Amanda Elizabeth Greer born in Erath TX buried in Pontotoc Allen Oklahoma. All of their children were born in the chickasaw nation territory township 4 Oklahoma and some in texas. My great grandfather is Jesse F Powell and my grandfather Evert F Powell born in Hartshorne Oklahoma 1926.

  29. My great grandfather was Choctaw Indian born in Mississippi. His surname was Love. Had a daughter named Bessie. Anyone know of my people

  30. I did find quite a number of Williams on the roll but no one matvching your name. On the roll listeds “Not eligible, I did find a Laura Williams for Oklahoma. I did not find any Stidhams. Sorry. That’s the best that I can do. I wont be doing any more follow ups.

    1. Keith Lowrey—

      My grandad is John Lowry (Kulsathee Cherokee name) died in 1825 in McMinn, Tenn. I thought you might be able to help me. If interested, email me at [email protected]. Looking forward to visiting with you.

  31. Please help me….I am looking for my great-grandparents..Lavoisier Johnston and Dora Cornell Johnston…Cherokee Indian .
    Married Jan 22, 1898 in Muskogee, Oklahoma..old Wagoner /Coweta area…Their son Carl Cornell Johnston was born Feb. 1900-1901 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. I cannot find them anywhere except for their marriage license. Lavoisier is a French name that he may have taken to assimilate to the white man.

  32. Is it possible the have a family added when in 1903 the were denied as MRC because they could not prove a grandmother s connection? Today the lineage can be proven thru records which found her in Pickens, S.C.. Thank you.

  33. I am of Mexican decent which to me means native peoples marrying Spaniards/Europeans. I had always heard that my grandpa’s grandpa (Lino Aguilar) was an indian chief. I recently had a DNA test done and it came back showing that I am 20% Native American. Not a surpise. My family is from the Rio Grande/Matamors, Mexico area. I have been researching which native tribes are in that area and it turns out that there are quite a few. I fear that the tribe that my great-great grandpa might have a chief to is the Coahuiltecan which is no longer around. They were absorbed into the Spanish population. Any Aguilar’s who are related or have more details please reply. Thanks.

  34. I just found this site and I am amazed to learn that it is possible to learn more information that might be available from a roll form or an interview. I have Bob Blankenship’s two books on Cherokee Roots and also his book,Guion Millr Roll “Plus” I would like to know who/where I might write to with the possibility of learning more about the various ancestors that I have on the rolls

    1. You probably know that Lowrey. Lowrie, Lowry, and other variants of your surname are Lumbee Indian (not necessarily Cherokee), right?

    2. You have to know who the individual is on the roll to look for them and they MUST have l ived in Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) in order to appear on the Dawes Rolls. If your ancestor was not living in Indian Territory during 1898-1914 they will not be listed on the Dawes Roll!!

  35. Trying to find more info on the Brown family of Boyton,OK. My maternal great-grandfather was Henderson Brown( Seminole/Scottish), great- grandmother was Sophie Manuel(Creek/Black). Henderson was a sheriff in Boynton.

  36. Looking for Information on my Great Grandmother – Lillie Boykins from Isle of Wight Virginia. She was Cherokee Indian and was dropped of on the side of the road by her parents at a very young age in or around 1888 she was 5-7 years old at the time. and was taken in by another family. I am trying to locate family and to finish my family research. If anyone knows any additional information please let me know. We do not know if she had any other siblings.

    1. I do not have any ofriends the information you have requested but thought maybe you came across some of my ancestors that were also from the isle of wight. Have you been successful in searching infor on the Cherokee lineage?

  37. I am looking for info on my grandfather George Washington Fourkiller. I can only find my great grandfather Larkin Fourkiller.


    Looking for relatives of my father, Floyd Palmore. He lived with a family of Young’s, and took that name for awhile. He was born 1895. I understand he had a half brother named Robert. Both have father, Drew Palmore, Cherokee. Someone thought that Robert had a child with the last name Ward.

    1. patsy worthy baker

      I am also researching Allen’s both East and Carden family. carden on my paternal grandmother side and Hodge on Maternal side.
      I think we share a grandmother on the East side. Ida Louraine Grier my grandmother was Sarah Cornelia Hodge

  39. My great grandmother was Jane Meckes she married John Herman…I am trying to locate her family history….I was told she was Cherokee Indian….

  40. I am researching my Native American heritage. My mother’s cousin has his card. I found my great, great grandfather on the “Dawes list”? I’m so confused. My mother maiden name was “Graves”. “Gatwood” & “Graves” are my only knowledge, #783 Dawes card is my family I believe. I know we are creek but I’m lost. Any help would be most appreciated.
    Thank you,

  41. My grandmother was mary goins and I find a lot of Mary’s on here they always told me I was Cherokee that my grandmother was half and I really would like to no if I am she is passed and my father to so it is hard to find out info on here her mother was louise goins ,and her father was mark goins but no info on them if andy one no’s them email me .

    1. My father told me that my great great grandmother is Mary Goins who married a Henry Perkins who was African. Is this who you speak of?

  42. My maternal great-grandmother’s maiden was Bowles. Hermarried name was Byrd. She told my maternal grandmother that her father was Native Cherokee. My grandmother doesnt know his name. We’re trying to trace our lineage for my grandmother, and for our own family tree. Suggestions please.

    1. My grandmothers maiden name on my dads side of the family was Byrd until she married my granddad Elmer Tate possible the same woman.

  43. Greetings to all. May the great spirit keep us healthy, protect us, and continue to bless us all. My daughter’s mother was adopted and it wasn’t until about a year before her passing away that she found her birth mother, and also that she was part Cherokee and Comanche. unfortunately we weren’t on good speaking terms. I’m hoping that someone could help me obtain the information I need to give my daughter one day. Thank you for your help and enjoy your day !

    1. I’ve not done much in genealogy in a long time. I would just say that before anyone begins to be involved they would need a name. Who, and when were they last heard from? Without something to start with, no one is going to get involved.

  44. I was told by my Father that I have Cherokee Indian in me. My Grandmother’s name is Elsa Mae Scrogham and her mother;s name is Jamima E. Bradley her Father’s name is Chas J. Scrogham. Please let me know if anyone has herd of these people
    and if they are Cherokee Indian.

  45. Hi I’m getting confused my great great grandfather’s name was Raymond Jordan. His daughters name was Tennessee Jordan. And there was another Tennessee J Jordan listed on the Cherokee Dawes Roll. But Tennessee J M Jordan is not listed, Could this be the same person?

    1. Hi! I have found Roy Hamilton of the Cherokee Nation on You Tube. You may find him very interesting. He talks about his the Different rolls and much mores hope this helps.

  46. I need help! ive hit a dead end and dont know where to go from here. My Great Grandmothers name is Fannie Adeline Mary Caroline Dances Around the Pea Vine Fountain, she was born in Dec of 1894, she was Cherokee. Her daughter, My Grandmother was Olean Cooper. I cant find anything else on my great grandmother or her family. im at a standstill… is anyone out there related or know the Fountain’s. they are from Alabama can anyone help??

  47. Hello, I am looking for information regarding an Elizabeth Ann Helton, a Cherokee Medicine Woman who was born in Washington Co, TN in 1838.
    Thank you,
    Sara Dirham

    1. One side of my family came up from Tennessee, Heltons. Settled in Heltonville, Indiana. It is now east of Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana. There is a Heltonville Cemetery where many are laid to rest.

  48. Looking for information on Bearpaw, female Cherokee who walked the Trail of Tears. She was my great-great grandmother.

    1. If he was found along a river as a child, how could anyone possibly know he was full blood Cherokee?
      Mary Elizabeth Warf was born in 1862 in Owsley, Kentucky to Larkin Creed Warf and Senia Newell Neagle. All records and photos I found clearly indicate Creed Warf was white. Your family lore is likely not true.

  49. Hello I am trying to find heritage to possibly get a card. I believe I have found an ancestor on the final rolls but fold3 wants payment. Has anyone purchased through them, if so did you find what you were looking for? Any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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