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Signers of Native American Treaties

Native American Treaties were originally enacted between the early colonial government, state governments, and then later, the United States government with the many Native American nations.  Many of the treaties were broken almost as soon as they were written. This consistent enactment, breaking and annullment of the treaties over time by both parties forced the United State government to create a new system for dealing with the Native American population. And in 1871, the US Congress passed a law called the “Indian Appropriations Act” which effectively relegated Native Americans to tribal reservations, and made them wards of the United States Government.

This unique database comprises a list of all signers of each specific treaty, whether the signer be white or Native American. To search for a white ancestor, place their name in the Surname and given (first) name below. To search for a Native American ancestor try the Indian and Other searches, each one separately.

Signers of Native American Treaties

Collection: Indian Treaties Acts and Agreements. Web. © 2016.

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