Dawes Final Rolls Index

This is the Dawes Final Roll index to the names of individuals entitled to enrollment on the rolls of the various tribes comprising the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Each index entry gives an enrollee’s name and final roll number. After a person’s enrollment category and final roll number have been determined, the final rolls can be searched to discover the enrollee’s census card number.

Not all roll numbers mentioned in this index, have a corresponding person mentioned in the Dawes Roll.

Final Rolls Index


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  1. last year i posted regarding my families information that has been removed from dawes index/rolls but have not received an answer. Can you please let me know how to get the information restored? thank you

    1. Names are not removed from the Dawes rolls. There is no Joseph Wyatt Hunt on the Dawes rolls. There is a Joseph Henry Hunt, who was an intermarried white man. He was married to a Cherokee citizen, Ruth Harlan. Their children were Nathaniel, Joseph, Nancy, and Lucile.

      1. Hi Barb,
        i found my family listed here on access genealogy both index and final….no roll # but an ID number but now i cannot find them. can you please explain why they are no longer on this page.


      2. i found them on this page the access genealogy page. they have been removed from this page, the access genealogy page. i am hoping that you can add them back to this page, the access genealogy page. is that possible?

        thank you,

    2. Hi Barb, I had found Joseph Wyatt Hunt and his Son Joseph Jr here on access genealogy but their names are no longer on the list. They were on both the index and final rolls found on accessgenealogy–a number was listed for them in the ID row. What are the ID numbers. Were those the numbers given after a certain date by the act of congress or citizenship numbers- freedmen numbers? i would like to know what the ID numbers are used for. thank you

  2. who removes the names, and other information ID/ROLL numbers from the access genealogy pages dawes roll index and dawes roll final rolls? i found my families names several years ago but now cannot find them.
    Can you please add the information for Joseph Wyatt Hunt and joseph wyatt hunt jr. back to the dawes index and final. i have the page copied from previous dates but the information is no longer here! Other family members have been searching for that.
    i will post or send that information if you can do that. thank you

  3. Joseph W Hunt was listed on the final rolls index and the final rolls pages as of 2019 however their names have been removed. I have a copy of that listing, how do we get that information back on here?

  4. john edwin taylor

    I have docket # 11141, issued through Richard L. Taylor. How can I find help regarding this number.

  5. Searching for info on my grandfather evangelist lockee who is Cherokee and preach to the Cherokee people in Oklahoma

  6. 133 View Roll #1747 Henderson Isom Choctaw Freedmen

    It appears something is wrong with this entry. Isom Henderson does not appear on this page. When i click on the link for roll #1747, he is not on it….

  7. Hi, i am trying to find my great great grandmothers roll number but i can’t seem to locate it anywhere. Her maiden name was Martha Josephine Carter and married name was Martha Josephine Inman. She was full blooded Choctaw Indian and lived on the reservation in Mississippi or Arkansas i can’t quite remember. Any information would be helpful thank you!!

  8. Looking for information on Evelyn Reynolds. She used the name Eva. I am told she was Cherokee or Creek. I have conflicting birth years. Family thinks she was born in 1870’s, census notes 1880. I believe she was born in NC. She lived in Georgia around 1905, moved to California a few years later. I cant locate her on any census or vital records prior to 1910. I searched the 1900 census without luck.

  9. Looking for the mother of Elizabeth (Dicy) Claypipe Anderson b1829 circa d 1859 Phelps, Missouri, married Francis Shipman. Father John S Anderson. Claypipe born near the Tenn. Alabama line in Tenn. Cherokee who escaped deportation by hiding in the hills. I am trying to establish Cherokee connection but Claypipe was not registered. She did not register because “the Chief killed her uncle”, Buck Watie?

  10. I am trying to figure out how to pull up my roll numbers. I am adopted and don’t have my original birth certificateb but I know we are Cherokee and Choctaw. Just looking for some kind of help. My bio family is in the Oklahoma area.

  11. Hi, I am looking for any information on Joseph Raincrow, Celey Raincrow, Archibald Dotson,….Also looking for information on how to utilize my enrollment number actively “join” a tribe. Does it have to be local tribe? What about tribe from which my enrollment number comes from? It’s my understanding that the tribe my card comes from is one of the fraudulent tribes, Northern Cherokee Tribe, but I have proof positive that my 5th great grandfather is on the 1880 Dawes Roll. How do I go about finding “a tribe”, my family, etc., to finally fill the hole my lack of Indian Heritage has left me?
    (I know, sounds melodramatic. But it’s exactly the way I feel)
    thank you for any help i can get from anyone

  12. The site looks great, but I get the same search for final rolls and index. I can’t search by tribe anymore and I need that search function to get the most out of your site.

    1. Jennifer,

      Thank you for alerting me to the issue. That was not the plan but due to one page overwriting another. I have corrected the issue and you should be able to once again view by tribe from the Final Roll page itself, but not the index. My apologies for my error.

      Dawes Final Roll

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