Collection: List of Military Posts

Dakota Territory Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Hale, Fort, Dakota – On Missouri River, at the Lower Brule Agency. Lower Brule Agency, Fort at Dakota – Fort Hale. Powder River Fort on Dakota – Fort Phil Kearny. Sully Fort, Dakota – On Missouri River, 5 miles above mouth of Cheyenne R and the new Fort Sully, 20 miles below mouth of Cheyenne River.

Washington Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Bellingham Fort, Washington – On Bellingham Bay. Canby Fort, Washington – On Cape Disappointment, mouth of Columbia River. Canoe Island Reservation, Washington. Cape Disappointment Fort at. Washington – Fort Canby. Cascades Fort, Washington – Near Cascade City. Casey Fort, Washington – Near Port Townsend, in Island County. Chehalis Fort, Washington – In Chehalis County, Grays Harbor. Chelan Fort, Washington – Near Lake Chelan. Chinook Point Fort at. Washington – Fort Columbia. Clatsop Fort, Washington – Near mouth of Columbia River. Columbia Fort, Washington – At Chinook Point, Pacific County. Columbia Barracks, Washington – Now Vancouver Barracks. Colville Fort, Washington –