Virginia Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Abbot, Fort, Virginia – On Appomattox River, near City Point.
Accotink. Fortifications at, Virginia
Advance, Camp, Virginia – Near Centerville.
Albany, Fort, Virginia – In Alexandria County.
Alexander, Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Alexander Hayes, Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Alexandria National Cemetery, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Alger, Camp, Virginia – Near Dunn L ring.
Algernon, Fort, Virginia – At Old Point Comfort.
Alleghany, Camp, West Virginia – In Pocahontas County.
Alleghany, Fort, Virginia – On the Beverly and Staunton turnpike.
Anderson, Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Andrew, Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Aquia Creek, Forts at, Virginia – On Potomac River.
Arbuckle, Camp, West Virginia – At Lewisburg.
Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia – Opposite Washington, D. C.
Ashby’s Fort, West Virginia -At Frankfort.
Atkinson, Camp, West Virginia – At Charleston.
Augur General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.

Bacon Race Church Fort, Virginia – Occoquan River.
Baker Fort Virginia – Near Chain Bridge: name changed to Fort Ethan Allen.
Baldwin Camp, Virginia
Baldwin Fort, Virginia
Balfour General Hospital, Virginia – At Portsmouth.
Balls Bluff National Cemetery, Virginia – On Potomac River.
Barbour Fort, Virginia – At Norfolk.
Barnard Fort, Virginia – About 5 miles southwest of Washington, D. C.
Barrel Point, Battery at, Virginia
Bartow Camp, West Virginia – On the Alleghany Mountains 8 miles from Greenbrier River.
Beach Bottom, Blockhouse at West Virginia
Beauregard Fort, Virginia – At Leesburg.
Beckwith Camp, Virginia – At Lewinsville.
Bellona Arsenal, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Bennett Fort, Virginia – On Potomac River, 1 mile above Georgetown.
Bermuda Hundred, Forts at, Virginia- On James River.
Berry Fort, Virginia – About 4 miles from Washington, D. C.
Big Beaver Creek Fort at, Virginia – In Fayette County.
Blackmore Fort, Virginia – In Scott County; now town of that name.
Blaisdell Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Blenker Fort, Virginia – Name changed to Fort Reynolds.
Boush’s Bluff, Fort at, Virginia – At Sewells Point.
Boyd Camp, Virginia – On Potomac River
Boykin Fort, Virginia – A defense of Richmond.
Brady Fort, Virginia – On James River.
Brooke Camp, Virginia – At Newport News.
Brooks Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Bross Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Bryant’s Plantation Batteries at, Virginia – At Gloucester Point.
Buffalo Camp, Virginia – Near Uptons Hill.
Buffalo Fort, Virginia – A defense of Washington, D. C, on the road to Falls Church.
Burpee Battery, Virginia – Near Bermuda Hundred, James River.
Burwells Bay Fort at, Virginia – Fifteen miles from Norfolk.
Butler Fort, Virginia – At Newport News.

Calhoun Fort, Virginia – At Hampton Roads; now Fort Wool.
California Camp, Virginia – Near Fairfax Courthouse.
Carpenter Redoubt, Virginia.
Casey Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Cass Fort, Virginia – Near Georgetown, D. C.
Cawakey Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Cedar Point Battery at, Virginia – On Lower Potomac.
Chapins Bluff Fort at, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Charity Fort, Virginia – At Henrico.
Charles Fort, Virginia – At Kicquotan.
Charles Fort, Virginia – At Richmond.
Cheat Mountain, Fort on, Virginia.
Chesapeake General Hospital, Virginia – Near Fort Monroe.
Christanna Fort, Virginia – In Southampton County.
City Point National Cemetery, Virginia At City Point.
Claremont General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Clark Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Clarksburg Fort at, Virginia – In Harrison County.
Clifton Fort, Virginia – On Appomattox River.
Clifton Fort, Virginia – On James River.
Close Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Lyon.
Cockpit Point Battery at, Virginia – On lower Potomac River.
Cold Harbor Camp near, Virginia – In Hanover County.
Cold Harbor National Cemetery, Virginia – In Hanover County.
Comfort Old Point, Fort at, Virginia – Fort Monroe.
Conakay Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Convalescent Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Converse Redoubt, Virginia – At Spring Hill, on Appomattox River.
Corbin H. C. Camp, Virginia – At Richmond.
Corcoran Fort, Virginia – On Arlington Heights.
Corinth Fort at, Vermont.
Couch Battery, Virginia – At mouth of Mill Creek.
Cox’s Fort, Virginia.
Craig Fort, Virginia – Two miles west of the Long Bridge.
Craig Fort, Virginia – On Appomattox River.
Craney Island, Fort on, Virginia – Fort Tar.
Crow’s Nest Battery, Virginia – Near Dutch Gap.
Culpeper National Cemetery, Virginia – At Culpeper.
Cumberland Fort, Virginia.
Cummings Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Cushing Redoubt, Virginia – At Norfolk.
Custis Camp, Virginia – Near Arlington.

Danville National Cemetery, Virginia – In Henrico County.
Darling Fort, Virginia – On Drury’s Bluff, James River.
Davis Camp, Virginia – At Romney, near Petersburg.
Davis Fort, Virginia – Before Petersburg.
Davison Fort, Virginia – Before Petersburg.
Days Point Battery at, Virginia – On James River.
Deep Creek Fort on, Virginia – Near Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal.
Defiance Camp, Virginia – Near New River, probably in Giles County.
Defiance Fort, Virginia – Augusta County; now town of that name.
De Kalb Fort, Virginia – About 1 mile west of Aqueduct Bridge.
Digges’ Point, Fortifications at, Virginia
Distribution Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Dix Fort, Virginia – Near Fort Powhatan, Suffolk.
Dogwood Camp, Virginia – In Dogwood Gap.
Drake Fort, Virginia – Near Richmond
Drawbridge Fort, Virginia – Near Suffolk
Drurys or Dreweys Bluff Fortifications, Virginia – On James River; a defense of Richmond
Dushane Fort, Virginia – A defense of Petersburg

Elizabeth Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Elizabeth Fort, Virginia – At Henrico.
Ellsworth Fort, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Emory Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg
Erickson Fort, Virginia – At Newport News.
Ethan Allen Fort, Virginia – Opposite Georgetown, D.C.
Evans Fort, Virginia – Near Leesburg
Evansport Battery at Virginia – At Quantico Creek

Fairfax National Cemetery, Virginia – At Fairfax Virginia
Farnsworth Fort, Virginia – Two miles southwest of Alexandria
Ferry Point Reservation, Virginia
Field Fort Virginia- At Richmond.
Fincastle Fort, West Virginia – At Wheeling.
Fisher Fort, Virginia- At Petersburg.
Franklin Camp, Virginia – On Pease Creek
Frederick Fort, Virginia – On New River.
Fredericksburg National Cemetery Virginia- At Fredericksburg.
Freestone Point Fort at, Virginia – On Lower Potomac.
Friend Fort, Virginia- At Petersburg.
Funston Fort, Virginia- At Romney.
Furnace Fort, Virginia- In Shenandoah County.

Caresché Battery, Virginia – Three miles northwest of Alexandria
Garnett Camp, West Virginia – Near Rich Mountain
Gay Fort, West Virginia – In Wayne County; now town of that name
Geary Fort, Virginia – At Leesburg; first called Fort Johnston.
George Fort, Virginia – At Old Point Comfort.
George Fort, W. Virginia – At Petersburg.
Getty Camp, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Gillmore Fort, Virginia – At Chapin’s Farm
Gilman Camp, Georgia – At Americus
Gilmer Fort, Georgia – Okeefinokee Swamp
Gilmer Fort, Virginia – On James River, 4 miles below Richmond
Gilpin Camp, Virginia – At Gloucester Point
Glen Camp Battery, Virginia – Near Fort Corcoran
Glendale National Cemetery, Virginia – At Glendale, Henrico County
Goodrich Camp, Virginia – At Middletown
Grafton Fort, Virginia – Four miles from Yorktown
Graham, Fort, Virginia – Near Arlington.
Grant Camp, Virginia – At Richmond.
Great Bridge Fort at Virginia – Nine miles from Norfolk.
Greble Camp, Virginia -At Norfolk.
Gregg Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Griffin Camp, Virginia – Near Lewinsville.
Griswold Camp, Virginia – Near Portsmouth.
Griswold Camp, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Gwyns Island Camp on Virginia – In Chesapeake Bay.

Hagerty Fort Virginia – A defense of Washington.
Halleck Fort, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Hamilton Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Monroe.
Hampton National Cemetery, Virginia – At Hampton.
Hampton Bridge Redoubt, Virginia ,- Near Hampton.
Hancock Camp, Virginia – At Brandy Station,
Hancock Camp, Virginia – Near Harper Ferry.
Hanover National Cemetery, Virginia – At Hanover.
Hardees Bluff, Fort at, Virginia – Fort Huger.
Hardins Bluff, Battery at, Virginia – On James River.
Harpers Ferry Armory, Virginia – At Harpers Ferry.
Harrison Fort National Cemetery, Virginia – Viriniagrove, Henrico County.
Harrison Fort, Virginia – At Chaffin’s Bluff, James River.
Haskell Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Hays Alex. Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Hazlett, Fort, Virginia – Near Norfolk.
Hell Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg; proper name Fort Sedgwick.
Henrico Stockade at, Virginia.
Henry Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Henry Fort, Virginia – On Southampton River.
Hicksford Barracks, Virginia – At Richmond.
Hill Camp, Virginia – Near Harpers Ferry.
Hill Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Hills Point Redoubt at Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Holly Camp, Virginia – Near Newmarket.
Hoods Point, Battery at Virginia – On the lower Potomac.
Hooker Joe Camp, Virginia – At Drummondstown.
Hooker Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Lyon.
Hoover Fort, Virginia – Rockingham County; now town of that name
Hospital Point Battery at Virginia – At Portsmouth.
Howard Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Howard Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Howlett Battery, Virginia – At Dutch Gap.
Hubbardton Camp, Virginia – At Castleton.
Huddleston Camp, Virginia – At Big Palls Creek.
Huger Fort, Virginia – On Hardees Bluff, James River.
Hunt Fort, Virginia – Potomac River, opposite Fort Washington, Maryland

Ira Harris Battery, Virginia – On Warwick River.

Jackson Fort, Virginia – At South end of Long Bridge, Opposite Washington D.C.
Jackson Fort, Virginia – Manassas Junction
Jackson Fort, Virginia – At Richmond
James Fort, Virginia – On the Chickahominy River
James Fort, Virginia – At Jamestown
Jameson Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Lyon.
Jamestown Forts near, Virginia – Forts James and Powhatan.
Jericho Fort, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Johnston Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Lyon.
Johnston Fort, Virginia – At Leesburg; name changed to Fort Geary.
Johnston Fort, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Josiah Simpson General Hospital, Virginia – Near Fort Monroe.

Kearny Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria Seminary.
Keene Fort, Virginia
Kelley Fort, Virginia – On New Creek.
Keyes Fort, Virginia – At Gloucester Point.
Keyes Camp, Virginia – Near Augusta.
Keyes Camp, Virginia – On Uptons Hill
King Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.

Lee Camp, Virginia – At Richmond.
Lee Fort, Virginia – Henrico County; now town of that name near Richmond, on Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
Lee Camp, Virginia – In Westmoreland County.
Lee’s Mills Fortifications at Virginia – On James River.
Leslie Camp, Virginia – On Arlington Heights.
Lewis Fort, Virginia – Near Salem, Roanoke County.
Lewis Fort, Virginia – Bath County, on Pasture River; now town of that name.
Libby Prison, Virginia – At Richmond.
Lincoln Camp, Virginia – On the Chickahominy.
Lookout Camp, Virginia – Twenty miles from Ganley.
Loudon Fort, Virginia – At Winchester.
Loups Creek Camp, Virginia – Near Gauley.
Louverture General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Lowell Camp, Virginia – At Prospect Hill.
Lowry Point, Battery at, Virginia – On Rappahannock River.
Lynn Haven Bay, Battery at, Virginia
Lyon Fort, Virginia – Near Alexandria.

Magruder Fort, Virginia – Near Williamsburg.
Mahone Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Mansfield Camp, Virginia – At Deep Creek.
Mansfield Battery, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Marcy Fort, Virginia – Near Chain Bridge.
Marion Camp, Virginia – At Uptons Hill.
Marshall Battery, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Massachusetts Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Massachusetts Battery, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Mathias Point, Battery at, Virginia – On Lower Potomac River.
Meikle Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Misery Camp, Virginia – Near Martinsburg.
Mitchell Fort, Virginia – Lunenburg Comity; now town of that name.
Monroe Fort, Virginia – At Old Point Comfort.
Monroe Arsenal Fort Virginia – At Fort Monroe.
Montgomery Battery, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Morris Fort, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Morton Fort, Virginia – Two miles from Georgetown, D. C.
Morton Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Mount Malady Fort, Virginia – At Henrico.
Mount Vernon Battery, Virginia – At Fort Hunt, Potomac River.
Mowdey Battery, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Mulberry Point Fort at, Virginia – James River, near Richmond.
Munsons Hill Fort on, Virginia – Fort Skedaddle, 1 mile south of Falls Church.
Myer Fort, Virginia – At Arlington, on the old site of Fort Whipple.

McClellan Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
McConihe Redoubt, Virginia – On James River.
McGilvery Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
McMahon Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
McPherson Fort, Virginia – Near Arlington.
McRae, Fort, Virginia – Near Poplar Grove Church.

Nansemond Fort, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Naseway Shoals, Fort at, Virginia
Nelson Fort, Virginia – On west side of Norfolk Harbor, opposite Fort Norfolk.
Newport News Fort at, Virginia – Fort Butler.
Newton Camp, Virginia – In Fairfax County.
Newton Camp, Virginia – At Westpoint.
Norfolk Fort, Virginia – One mile north of Norfolk.
North Fort, Virginia

Old Point Comfort, Fort at, Virginia – Fort Monroe.
Olmstead Camp, Virginia – Near Falls Church.
One Number Battery, Virginia – On Wormsley Creek.
Onondaga Battery, Virginia.
O’Rourke Fort, Virginia – A defense of Washington, D. C.
Owen Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.

Page Fort, Virginia – Near Williamsburg.
Palmer Camp, Virginia – Near Arlington.
Parsons Battery, Virginia – At Curtis’ House, near Bermuda Hundred.
Patience Fort, Virginia – At Henrico.
Pegan (or Pagan) Creek Battery at, Virginia
Pendleton Fort, Virginia – Near Romney.
Perry Battery, Virginia – On the James River.
Piatt Camp, Virginia – Ten miles above Charleston.
Pickens Camp, Virginia – At Manassas Junction.
Pierpont Camp, Virginia – At Ceredo, Wayne County.
Pierpont Camp, Virginia – Prospect Hill, Fairfax County.
Pig Point Battery at, Virginia – South of Newport News.
Pocahontas Camp, Virginia – Near Eastville.
Pocahontas Fort, Virginia – On James River, at Wilsons Landing.
Poco Camp, Virginia – On the Kanawha River.
Poplar Grove National Cemetery, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Possum Nose Battery at, Virginia – On Potomac River, below Cockpit Point.
Potomac Creek Batteries on, Virginia – On Lower Potomac.
Powhattan Fort, Virginia – On James River, near Little Brandon.
Potter Camp, Virginia – Near Bermuda Hundred.
Prescott Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Pruyn Battery, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Pungoteague Inlet Battery at, Virginia – On Chesapeake Bay.

Quantico River Battery near, Virginia

Ransay Fort, Virginia – A defense of Washington, D.C.
Randolph, Fort, West Virginia – Mouth of Great Kanawha.
Red Redoubt, Virginia- At Yorktown.
Reed Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Remount, Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Reno Fort, Virginia – Near Portsmouth.
Republic Fort, Virginia – On south fork of the Shenandoah.
Reynolds Fort, Virginia – Three miles northwest of Alexandria.
Rick Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Rice’s Fort West Virginia – On Buffalo Creek, 14 miles from Ohio River.
Richards Fort, West Virginia- On the Monongahela.
Richardson Fort, Virginia – About 8 miles from Washington, D. C.
Richmond Arsenal, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Richmond National Cemetery, Virginia- At Richmond.
Richmond. Fort, Virginia – On battleground of Fair Oaks.
Rickets Fort, West Virginia
Riddle’s Fort, West Virginia – On Lost River.
Rip Raps Fort on the, Virginia – Fort Wool.
Rodgers Battery, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Rodman Fort, Virginia – Near Portsmouth.
Rosecrans Battery, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Royal Fort, Virginia – On Pamunkey River.
Royalhannon Fort, Virginia -(See Loyal Hanna and Ligonier.)
Rucker Camp, Virginia – Near Falls Church.

Sacket Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
St. John Camp, Virginia – In Fairfax County.
Sampson Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Sawyer Battery, Virginia – At Crow Nest.
Schofield Camp, Virginia – Near Lynchburg.
Scott Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Scott Camp, Virginia – At Carnifex Ferry.
Scott, Camp, Virginia – Near Cross Lane.
Scott Fort, Virginia – At Four Mile Creek.
Scott Winfield Fort, Virginia – Near Yorktown.
Sedgwick, Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg; also called Fort Hell.
Selden, Fort, Louisiana.
Seminary Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Semmes Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Seven-Mile Reach Battery, Virginia – On Appomattox River.
Seven Pines National Cemetery, Virginia – In Henrico County.
Sewalls Point, Fort at, Virginia – Fort Boushs Bluff.
Sheridan Camp, Virginia – Near Winchester.
Sheridan Point Fort at, Virginia – Fort Hunt.
Shipping Point Battery at, Virginia – On Potomac River.
Sickel General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Sidney Fort, Virginia – At Richmond.
Simpson Josiah, General Hospital, Virginia – Near Fort Monroe.
Skedaddle Fort, Virginia – On Munsons Hill.
Slough Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Slough General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Smith C. F. Fort, Virginia – Near Aqueduct Bridge, Washington, D. C.
Southern Branch National Soldiers’ Home, Virginia – Elizabeth City County.
South Quay Battery, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Spofford Battery, Virginia – On James River
Spottsylvania Fort at Virginia
Springdale Camp, Virginia – At Fort Albany
Stanton Camp, Virginia -On Mason’s Island, near Georgetown.
Steadman Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Staunton National Cemetery, Virginia – At Staunton.
Stephens Fort, Virginia – At Drurys Bluff.
Stevens Battery, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Stony Creek Station Fort at, Virginia
Strasburg, Fort at, Virginia
Strawberry Plains, Battery at, Virginia
Strong Fort, Virginia – A mile west of Aqueduct Bridge, D. C.
Suffolk Camp, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Sybert’s Fort, Virginia – On Potomac River.

Tanners Creek Battery at, Virginia – Opposite Craney Island.
Tar Fort, Virginia – On Craney Island, near Norfolk.
Terrill Camp, Virginia – At Richmond.
Thomas Fort, Virginia – On Rappahannock River, 5 miles from Fredericksburg.
Tillinghast Fort, Virginia – Near Arlington.
Todd Camp, Virginia – At Fort Albany.
Trial Fort, Virginia – On Smiths River.
Turnbull Camp, Virginia – At Arlington.
Tyler Camp, Virginia – At Fairfax.

Union Fort, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Urmston Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.

Vass’s Fort, Virginia
Veile Camp, Virginia – Three miles from Norfolk.
Vernon Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Ellsworth.
Virginia Camp, Virginia – At White Sulphur Springs.

Wadsworth Camp, Virginia – Near Langley.
Wadsworth Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Wadsworth Camp, Virginia – On Uptons Hill.
Walker Battery, Virginia
Ward Fort, Virginia – Three miles northwest of Alexandria.
Wardon’s Fort, West Virginia – On Lost River.
Wards Hill, Battery at, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Warrenton Camp, Virginia – Near Sulphur Springs.
Warsaw Sound, Works at, Georgia
Warwick Battery at, Virginia
Weed Fort, Virginia – A defense of Washington, D. C.
West’s Fort, West Virginia – In Lewis County.
Westfall’s Fort, West Virginia
Wheeling Fort at, West Virginia – Bennett’s Fort.
Whipple Fort, Virginia – On Arlington Heights; now Fort Myer.
Wilcox, Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Willard Fort, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Williams Camp, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Williams Fort, Virginia – On Traitors Hill, near Alexandria.
Williamsburg Fort at, Virginia – Fort Magruder.
Wilson’s Fort, West Virginia
Winder Camp, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Winchester National Cemetery, Virginia – At Winchester.
Winfield Scott Camp, Virginia – Near Yorktown.
Winthrop Camp, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Witchen Battery, Virginia – Near Deep Bottom.
Wolf Run Battery, Virginia – On the Occoquan River.
Wood Camp, Virginia – At Arlington.
Wood Battery, Virginia – On James River.
Woodbury Fort, Virginia – Near Aqueduct Bridge.
Woodruff Fort, Virginia – Near Portsmouth
Wool Fort, Virginia – On the Rip Raps, near Fort Monroe
Worth Fort, Virginia – Near Alexandria
York Fort, Virginia – On York River
Yorktown National Cemetery, Virginia – At Yorktown
Yosemite National Park Reservation and Camp in California
Young Fort, West Virginia

Zabrisky Fort, Virginia – Near Zabrisky River.

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