Pennsylvania Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Adam Carson’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Clinton County.
Allegheny Arsenal, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Allen Fort, Pennsylvania – On Lehigh River.
Anderson’s Fort, Pennsylvania – At Petersburg.
Antes Fort, Pennsylvania – In Lycoming County.
Appleby’s Fort, Pennsylvania- At Kittanning.
Armstrong Fort, Pennsylvania – At Kittanning.
Augusta Fort, Pennsylvania -At Sunbury.

Barren Hill Post, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Basley Fort, Pennsylvania
Beaver Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania – On Beaver Creek.
Beckerts Fort, Pennsylvania – On Monongahela River, in Washington County.
Bedford Fort, Pennsylvania – At Bedford,
Beeman’s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – Near Wheeling Creek.
Bennett’s Tavern, Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania – In Crawford County.
Bethlehem Stockade at. Pennsylvania
Beversrede Fort, Pennsylvania – At the mouth of the Schuylkill.
Biddle Camp, Pennsylvania – At Carlisle.
Bigham’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Juniata County.
Bird, Fort Pennsylvania – On Monongahela River; also called Fort Burd.
Boones Fort, Pennsylvania – On Muddy Run.
Boquet’s Redoubt, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Bosley Fort, Pennsylvania – At Washington.
Brady Fort, Pennsylvania – On Muncy Creek.
Bridewell Magazine, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Briske Isle Fort at, Pennsylvania – Doubtless Presque Isle.
Brown Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittstown.
Burd Fort, Pennsylvania – At Brownsville.
Buttonwood Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – At Hanover.

Cadwallader Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Cameron Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Cammaas Woods, Camp at Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Campbell Fort, Pennsylvania – In Juniata County.
Campbells Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania – At Carlisle.
Carlisle Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Carlisle.
Chadds Ford Fort at Pennsylvania – In Delaware County.
Chambers Camp, Pennsylvania – Three miles from Chambersburg.
Chambers Fort, Pennsylvania – In Lancaster County.
Chase Camp, Pennsylvania – At Grays Ferry.
Cheltons Hills Camp at, Pennsylvania – Camp William Penn.
Cherry Valley Fort at, Pennsylvania
Chestnut Hill, Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Chestnut Hill Post on. Pennsylvania
Chinsessing Fort, Pennsylvania – In Delaware County.
Columbia Fort near. Pennsylvania
Cotton Factory General Hospital Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Couch Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Couch Camp. Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Crawford Fort, Pennsylvania – On Alleghany River, about 17 miles above Pittsburg.
Crooked Billet, Camp near Pennsylvania – In Montgomery County.
Crossman Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Cunninghams Island, Fortifications on Pennsylvania – In Lake Erie.
Curtin Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Curtin Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Cutler General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Germantown.

Davis’s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – In Center County.
Dean’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Canoe Valley, Juniata County.
Decker Fort, Pennsylvania – Mouth of Cross Creek, Washington County.
Dickinson Fort, Pennsylvania – At Wilkesbarre.
Dickinson Fort, Pennsylvania – At Wyoming.
Discharge Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Douglass Battery, Pennsylvania – Near Lake Erie.
Dunmore Fort, Pennsylvania – On site of Fort Pitt
Dunning Creek Fort at Pennsylvania – In Juniata Valley
Dupont Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Gettysburg
DuQuesne Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg
Durkee Fort, Pennsylvania – On Susquehanna River, near Wilkesbarre

Egden. Fort, Pennsylvania – On branch of Susquehanna River.
English Fort, Pennsylvania – (See Fort Machault)
Erie Fort, Pennsylvania – At Erie
Exeter Fort, Pennsylvania

Fayette Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg; also called Fort Lafayette.
Fetter’s Fort, Pennsylvania – At Hollidaysburg.
Finlandt Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Fishing Creek Fort, Pennsylvania
Forty Fort, Pennsylvania – At Kingston.
Frankford Arsenal, Pennsylvania – At Bridesburg.
Frankford Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Frankford Arsenal.
Franklin Fort, Pennsylvania – On French Creek
Franklin Fort, Pennsylvania – At Shippensburg
Freland’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Northumberland County.
Freman’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Fremont Camp, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
French Creek Fort on, Pennsylvania – Near Waterford.

Gaines Fort, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia
George Fort, Pennsylvania
Germantown Camp at. Pennsylvania
Gettysburg National Cemetery, Pennsylvania – At Gettysburg.
Gibson Fort, Pennsylvania – At Hestonville, near Philadelphia.
Granville Fort, Pennsylvania – On Juniata River, near Lewistown.
Greble Camp, Pennsylvania – At Harrisburg.
Greenville Fort, Pennsylvania – In Western Pennsylvania.

Haddington General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Halifax Fort, Pennsylvania – At Susquehanna, Dauphin County.
Hamilton Fort, Pennsylvania – At Stroudsburg.
Hann, Fort, Pennsylvania
Hannas Town, Fort at, Pennsylvania – In Westmoreland County.
Hanover Fort at Pennsylvania – In Luzerne County.
Harbert’s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania
Harrisons Hill, Fort at, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Hartsock’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Woodcock Valley.
Hastings Camp, Pennsylvania – At Mount Gretna.
Henry Fort, Pennsylvania – In Schuylkill County.
Henshaw’s Fort, Pennsylvania
Herrons Hill Fort at, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Hestonville Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Hill Fort, Pennsylvania – Somerset County; now town of that name
Holliday’s Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Hollidaysburg.
Horn’s Fort, Pennsylvania – Three miles above Crispins Run, in Lycoming County.
Howe Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Huff Fort, Pennsylvania – Mouth of Lycoming Creek.
Hunter Fort, Pennsylvania – On Fishing Creek, in Dauphin County; now town of that name

Islington General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.

Jackson’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Jarretts Fort, Pennsylvania – On Whitley Creek, Greene County.
Jenkins Fort, Pennsylvania – On Susquehanna River, 8 miles above Wilkesbarre.
Jenkins Fort, Pennsylvania – In Westmoreland County.
Johnson Camp, Pennsylvania – At Lancaster.

Kingston Fort, Pennsylvania – (See Fort Forty.)
Kinsessing Fort, Pennsylvania – In Delaware Comity.
Kittanning Fort at Pennsylvania – Fort Armstrong.
Korsholm Fort, Pennsylvania

Lackawanna Fort, Pennsylvania
Lafayette Camp, Pennsylvania – At Barren Hill
Lafayette Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg
Lafayette Camp, Pennsylvania – Uniontown
Lamb’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County
Lapananel Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Laurel Hill Fort, Pennsylvania – Near spot now known as Braddock’s Grave.
Lead Mine Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County, at foot of Bald Eagle Mountain.
Lebanon Fort, Pennsylvania – On Susquehanna River.
Le Bceuf Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Waterford, Erie County.
Legionville Camp, Pennsylvania – On Ohio River, 22 miles below Pittsburg.
Ligonier Fort, Pennsylvania – At Ligonier.
Lillope Fort, Pennsylvania – At Wilkesbarre.
Lindleys Fort, Pennsylvania – At Prosperity, Washington County.
Little Meadows Fort, Pennsylvania
Littleton Fort, Pennsylvania – In Fulton County; now town of that name.
Lockhaven Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania
Logstown Fort, Pennsylvania – On Ohio River.
London Fort, Pennsylvania – In Franklin Comity.
Loudon Fort, Pennsylvania – Franklin Comity; now town of that name.
Louther or Lowther Fort, Pennsylvania – At Carlisle.
Lowry’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Canoe Valley.
Loyal Hanna Fort, Pennsylvania – At Ligonier, in Westmoreland County.
Lytie’s Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Alexandria, on Cannon’s Mill Run.
Lyttleton Fort, Pennsylvania – On Aughwick Creek, in Northumberland County.

Mandan Fort, Pennsylvania – In Dauphin County.
Manaiung Fort, Pennsylvania – At mouth of Schuylkill.
Marshall’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Maxwell’s Fort, Pennsylvania – On Conococheague Creek.
Meade Camp, Pennsylvania – At Middletown.
Meigs Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Menlendael Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Menninger Fort, Pennsylvania – Near month of Warrior Run.
Meredith Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Greencastle.
Michault Fort, Pennsylvania – On French Creek.
Mifflin Fort, Pennsylvania – On Mud Island, Delaware River, 7 miles from Philadelphia.
Miller’s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Milliken Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Montgomery Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Pittsburg.
Morris Fort, Pennsylvania – At Shippensburg.
Mount Pleasant, Fort, Pennsylvania
Mower General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At West Philadelphia
Mount Washington Fortifications at Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Mud Island Fort on Pennsylvania – Fort Mifflin, Delaware River.
Muncey Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pennsburg.
Myerstown Fort at, Pennsylvania

McAlvey’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County.
McCallister Fort, Pennsylvania
McClellan, Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Harrisburg.
McClure Camp, Pennsylvania – At Chambersburg.
McClellan General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Nicetown.
McCord Fort, Pennsylvania
McCormick Fort, Pennsylvania – On Stone Creek.
McElery’s Fort, Pennsylvania – On Shavers Creek.
McFarland, Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Machault Fort, Pennsylvania – At Franklin.
McKee’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Dauphin County.
McLane Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Erie.
McReynolds, Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.

Necessity Fort, Pennsylvania – In Fayette County.
Necessity Fort, Pennsylvania – In Western Pennsylvania.
Negleys Hill Fortifications, Pennsylvania – Near Pittsburg.
New Brighton Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania – At New Brighton.
Nominac Fort, Pennsylvania – On west bank of Delaware River.
Norris Fort, Pennsylvania – On Lehigh River.

Oxford Park Camp at, Pennsylvania – Three miles from Frankford.
Orr Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Kittanning.

Palmer Fort, Pennsylvania – Westmoreland County; now town of that name.
Patterson Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Chambersburg.
Penn Fort, Pennsylvania – At Stroudsburg.
Penrose Ferry Battery at Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania State Soldiers’ Home, Erie, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Arsenal, Pennsylvania – Schuylkill Arsenal.
Philadelphia National Cemetery, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Phillips Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Williamsburg.
Piper’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Bedford County.
Pitt Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Pittstown Redoubt, Pennsylvania – Near Wilkesbarre.
Plymouth, Fort at, Pennsylvania – In Luzerne County.
Potter’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Center County.
Presque Isle Fort at. Pennsylvania – Fort Erie.
Province Island Fortifications on, Pennsylvania – Near Fort Mifflin.
Puleston Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.

Raystown Fort, Pennsylvania – On Raystown Branch.
Reading Fort, Pennsylvania – On west bank of Delaware River.
Redstone Fort, Pennsylvania – On site of Brownsville.
Reed’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Lochhaven, near Erie.
Reilly Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Williamsport.
Return Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Harrisburg.
Reynolds Camp, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Reynolds Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Rice Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Washingtonville.
Roberdeau Fort, Pennsylvania – In Sinking Valley; also known as Lead Mine Fort.
Roller’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Sinking Valley.
Roney’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Finley Township, Washington County.
Ruff Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.

Satterlee General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Schwartz Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Milton.
Scott Camp, Pennsylvania – Near York.
Shamokin Fort at, Pennsylvania
Shippensburg Fort – at, Pennsylvania
Shirley Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County; present site of Shirleysburg.
Shurtees Creek Fort at, Pennsylvania – On Ohio River, a little below Pittsburg.
Simon Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Harrisburg.
Slifer Camp, Pennsylvania – At Chambersburg.
Snyder Camp, Pennsylvania – At Gettysburg.
Standing Stone Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County
Stanton Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Girard College, Philadelphia.
State Island Reservation, Pennsylvania
Struthers Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Sullivan Fort, Pennsylvania – At Tioga
Summit General Hospital Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia
Swatara River Blockhouse on, Pennsylvania – In Lebanon County.

Tarentum Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania – Allegheny River.
Taylorsville, Fort at Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Timicum Island, Fort on, Pennsylvania – Fort Gottenburg.
Tioga Point Fort at, Pennsylvania – In Bradford County.
Towson’s Battery, Pennsylvania – Near Fort Erie.
Turner’s Lane General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Turtle Creek. Works on Pennsylvania – Near Pittsburg.
Tuscarora Valley Blockhouse in, Pennsylvania – Opposite Mexico, Juniata County.

Union Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Schuylkill Falls.

Valley Forge Camp at Pennsylvania – In Chester County.
Vance’s Fort, Pennsylvania – On Cross Creek, Washington County.
Venango Fort, Pennsylvania – At Venango.

Wacaco Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Wallace Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Blairsville.
Walpack, Fort, Pennsylvania – On Delaware River.
Waltour’s Fort, Pennsylvania
Washington Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Easton.
Washington Fort, Pennsylvania – Montgomery County, 8 miles east of Norristown.
Washington Fort, Pennsylvania – Opposite Harrisburg.
Waterford Arsenal, Pennsylvania – At Waterford.
Wilkesbarre Forts at, Pennsylvania – Forts Dickinson and Lillope.
William Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Schuylkill River.
William Penn Camp, Pennsylvania – At Chelton Hills.
Wintermott. Fort, Pennsylvania – In Wyoming Valley.
Wolff’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.

Zollersville Fort, Pennsylvania – At Zollersville.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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