Tennessee Frontier Forts Prior 1902

Adams General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Ammen, Fort, Tennessee- At Loudon.
Armistead, Fort, Tennessee – In Monroe County.
Ash Barracks, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Assumption, Fort, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Asylum General Hospital, Tennessee – At Knoxville.

Balls Landing Battery, Tennessee – On Cumberland River.
Beauregard Fort, Tennessee.
Bledsoe’s Fort, Tennessee – Near Gallatin.
Boone Camp, Tennessee – At Clarksville.
Bradley Camp, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Bragg Fort, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga.
Brannon Redoubt, Tennessee – On Stone River.
Breckinridge Camp, Tennessee – Near the Kentucky line.
Brough Camp, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Bruce Fort, Tennessee – At Clarksville.
Buckner Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Bushnell Battery, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Byington Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.

Calvert Camp, Tennessee – In Loudon County.
Cameron Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Campbell Camp, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Carpenter Redoubt, Tennessee- At Chattanooga.
Casino Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Cass Fort, Tennessee – In Cass County.
Chatham, Camp, Tennessee – In Robertson County.
Chattanooga National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Chickasaw Bluff Fort at, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Claud Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Clifton Lee Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Cloak Camp, Tennessee – Near Fort Henry.
Comstock Fort, Tennessee- At Knoxville.
Confiscation Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Coolidge Battery, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Craig Fort, Tennessee.
Creighton Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Crutchfield Redoubt, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Cumberland General Hospital, Tennessee – At Nashville.

Davis Fort, Tennessee – At London.
Decherd Camp, Tennessee – Near Decherd.
De Hart Fort, Tennessee – At Loudon.
Des Ecores, Fort, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Dickerson Fort, Tennessee – Defense of Knoxville.
Donelson Fort, Tennessee – Near Dover, on Cumberland River.
Donelson Fort, National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Dover.
Drake Camp, Tennessee – Near Murfreesboro

Echore Margot Fort Tennessee – At Memphis.
Erwin Battery, Tennessee – At Chattanooga

Fearns Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Fernandino de Barrancas Fort Tennessee – At Memphis.
Five Number, Fort, Tennessee – Near Island No. 10.
Four Number, Fort, Tennessee – Near Island No. 10.
Freeland Fort, Tennessee

Galpin Battery, Tennessee – Near Knoxville
Caresché Camp, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro
Gasper’s Fort, Tennessee
Gavock Fort, Tennessee – Fort Donelson; also called Fort McGavock
Gayoso General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Gillem Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Gillespie, Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Granger Fort, Tennessee – On Harpeth River.
Granger Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Greenfield Fort. Tennessee
Grierson Camp, Tennessee – At Memphis.

Hamilton. Camp, Tennessee – At Columbia.
Hampton Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River, near the Muscle Shoals.
Harris Fort, Tennessee – Seven miles above Memphis.
Button Camp, Tennessee – At Blains Crossroads.
Henry Fort, Tennessee – Stewart County, between Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers; now town of that name
Henry Fort, Tennessee – South Branch of Holston River.
Hiawassee Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee.
Highwassee Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee.
Higley Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Hill Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Hiwassee Fort, Tennessee – Near junction of the Hiwassee and Tennessee Rivers.
Hindman Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Holmarks Station Fort at, Tennessee – On Bull Run.
Holston General Hospital, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Holston Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Houston Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Humboldt Barracks at, Tennessee – Swayne Barracks.
Hunter Fort, Tennessee – At Cumberland Gap.
Huntington Smith Fort, Tennessee – Near Knoxville.

Jackson General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Jefferson Street Battery, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Johnson Andy Camp, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Jones Redoubt, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Jones Fort, Tennessee – At Johnsonville.

King Fort, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
Knoxville National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Knoxville

Lee Fort, Tennessee – Near Gap Creek.
Long Island Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Lookout Camp, Tennessee – In East Tennessee.
Lockout Mountain Forts on, Tennessee
Loudon Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River.
Lytle, Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga

Mallory Fort, Tennessee – At Cumberland Gap.
Memphis National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Memphis Fort at Tennessee – Fort Pickering.
Michalotzky’ Fort, Tennessee – Defense of Chattanooga
Mills Camp, Tennessee – Near Paris.
Mitchell Camp, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Moccasin Point Fort at, Tennessee – On Tennessee River.
Morton Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Murfreesboro Camp at, Tennessee

McAloon Battery, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
McCloud Camp, Tennessee – Near Mitchellsville.
McCook Fort, Tennessee – Near Battle Creek.
McGinnis Camp, Tennessee – In Fentress County.

Nash Fort, Tennessee -At the head of Nortons Creek, northeast of Shelbyville.
Nashborough Fort, Tennessee – Now Nashville.
Nashville National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Negley Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Negley Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Noble Battery, Tennessee – Near Knoxville.
Normandy Blockhouse at, Tennessee – On Chattanooga and Nashville Railroad.

Old Gate General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Old State General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
O’Meary Lunette, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Overalls Creek Blockhouse on, Tennessee – Near Murfreesboro.
Overton General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Overton Hill Fortifications on, Tennessee – Five miles south of Nashville.

Patrick Henry Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Palmer Lunette, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Phelps Fort, Tennessee – Near Missionary Ridge.
Pickering Fort, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Pillow Fort, Tennessee – Mississippi River, 40 miles above Memphis.
Pitt’s Fort, Tennessee – At Cumberland Gap.
Pittsburg Landing National Cemetery at, Tennessee – Shiloh National Cemetery.
Poland Camp, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Polk Camp, Tennessee – On Island No. 10.
Putnam Redoubt, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Prudhomme Fort, Tennessee – Near Memphis.

Randolph Fort, Tennessee – At Randolph.
Redan Fort, Tennessee – Above Island No. 10.
Riley Fort, Tennessee – Near Nashville.
Rosecrans Fort, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Ross Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River.
Russell Fort, Tennessee – At Loudon.

St. Fernando Fort, Tennessee – About 3 miles from Memphis.
Sallie Olden, Camp, Tennessee – Near Triune.
Sanders Fort, Tennessee – Near Knoxville.
Schafer Camp, Tennessee – Near Murfreesboro.
Sherman General Hospital, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Sherman Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Shiloh National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Pittsburg Landing.
Sill Camp, Tennessee – Near Murfreesboro.
Smith Huntington Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Stanley Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Stanley Camp, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
State Corner Fort, Tennessee -At Cumberland Gap.
Steadman Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Stearman Fort, Tennessee – A defense of Knoxville.
Stevenson Redoubt, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
Stone River National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Swain Camp, Tennessee – At Humboldt.

Taft Battery, Tennessee – A defense of ChattanooGeorgia
Tellico Blockhouse, Tennessee – North bank of Tennessee River opposite old Fort Loudon
Thomas Camp, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Turchin Camp, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.

Washington General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Watauga Fort, Tennessee – At Elizabethtown.
Webster General Hospital, Tennessee – At Memphis.
White’s Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Wilder Camp, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Wiltsee Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Wood Fort, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
Worth Camp, Tennessee – In Cherokee County
Wright Fort, Tennessee – On Mississippi River, near Fort Pillow

Zoellner Battery, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Zollcoffer Camp, Tennessee – Three miles south of Livingston.
Zollcoffer Fort, Tennessee – Five miles below Nashville.

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