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Utah Frontier Forts Prior 1902

Ashley, Fort, Utah – On Utah Lake.

Battle Creek, Camp, Utah – Near Salt Lake City.
Beaver Canyon, Fort at, Utah – Near Beaver City; Fort Cameron.

Cameron Fort, Utah – Near Beaver City.
Clarke Fort, Utah. – In San Pete Valley.
Crittenden, Fort, Utah. – In Cedar Valley: originally called Camp Floyd.
Crossman Camp, Utah. – On Salt Creek.

Douglas Fort, Utah – Three miles east of Salt Lake City.
Du Chesne Fort, Utah – On the Uintah River, Uintah County

Eastman Camp, Utah – On Chicken Creek.
Ephriam Fort, Utah – Near Salt Lake City

Floyd Camp, Utah – Name changed to Fort Crittenden.

Gunnison, Fort, Utah – At San Pete.

Hamilton Fort, Utah.
Haven Fort, Utah – In Carson Valley.
Herriman Fort, Utah – At Salt Lake.

Johnston Fort, Utah – In Cedar Valley.

Kent Camp, Utah – At Fort Douglas.
Kingston Fort, Utah.

Murray Camp, Utah – Near Peoa, 40 miles from Salt Lake City.

Paige Camp, Utah – In San Pete Valley.
Porter Camp, Utah – In San Pete Valley.

Rawlins Fort, Utah – Near Provo City.

Scott Camp, Utah – On Blacks Fork of Green River.
Shunk Camp, Utah – Twenty-five miles southwest of Camp Floyd.
Supply Fort, Utah – At Blacks Fork, near Fort Bridger.

Thornburgh Fort, Utah – At junction of Du Chene and Greene rivers.
Timpanogas Camp, Utah – Six miles from Provo.

Uintah Fort, Utah – On Uintah River.
Utah Fort, Utah – Near Great Salt Lake City.

Search Billions of Historical Records

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