Ohio Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Adams, Fort, Ohio – On St. Marys River, 25 miles north of Fort Recovery.
Amanda, Fort, Ohio- On Auglaize River, 60 miles southeast of Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ancient, Fort, Ohio. – On Miami River, in Warren County; now town of that name.
Assumption, Fort, Illinois – On Ohio River, in Massac County.

Ball Fort, Ohio – On Sandusky River, opposite Tiffin.
Barbee Fort, Ohio – At St. Marys.
Big Bottom Fort in, Ohio – On Muskingum River, Morgan County.
Black Fort, Ohio – Ten miles from Greenville.
Bolivar Fort or Stockade at, Ohio.
Brough Camp, Ohio – Near Gallipolis.
Brown Fort, Ohio – On Auglaize River.
Bull Camp, Ohio.
Bushnell Camp, Ohio -At Columbus.

Campbell Fort, Ohio – At Maumee Rapids.
Campus Martius Fort, Ohio – At Marietta.
Capture Camp, Ohio. – In Hamilton County.
Central Branch National Military Home, Ohio – Montgomery County.
Charlotte Camp, Ohio – On Sippo Creek.
Chase Camp, Ohio – Near Columbus.
Chillicothe Barracks, Ohio – At Chillicothe.
Clay Camp, Ohio – On Ohio River, 3 miles east of Cincinnati.
Cleveland Camp, Ohio – Near Cleveland.
Columbus Arsenal, Ohio – Now Columbus Barracks.
Columbus Barracks, Ohio – At Columbus.
Cross Creek Blockhouse on, Ohio – Near Steubenville.
Cuyahoga Fort. Ohio – Near Cleveland.

Defiance Fort, Ohio – In Defiance County.
Delaware Blockhouse at, Ohio.
Dennison Camp, Ohio – Near Miamisville, Hamilton County.
Dennison General Hospital, Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Deposit Fort, Ohio – Near present Waterville.
Dillies Fort, Ohio. – In Belmont County.
Duck Creek Stockade at Ohio – Near Marietta

Farmers Castle Fort, Ohio – At Belpre
Ferres Fort, Ohio – At Upper Sandusky
Findlay Fort, Ohio – At Findlay.
Finney Fort, Ohio.
Franklin Fort, Ohio – On Ohio River, near Cincinnati
French Margarets Fort, Ohio – On Hocking River, Athens County.
Fry Fort Ohio. – Near Beverly.

Girtys Town Fort, at Ohio – St. Marys River
Glower Fort, Ohio
Goddard Camp, Ohio – At Columbus
Gower Fort, Ohio – At Athens
Grant General Hospital, Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Greenville Fort, Ohio – On Miami River; present site of town by that name

Hamilton Fort, Ohio – At Hamilton.
Harmar Fort, Ohio – Opposite Marietta.
Harrison Camp, Ohio. – Six miles from Cincinnati.
Hill Fort, Ohio – In Butler County.
Hill Fort, Ohio – In Highland County; now town of that name
Hobson’s Choice Camp, Ohio – Near Cincinnati.

Industry Fort, Ohio – At Toledo.

Jackson Camp, Ohio. – In Goodale Park, at Columbus.
Jefferson Fort, Ohio – Darke County, 5 miles south of Greenville; now town of that name.
Jennings Fort, Ohio – On Auglaize River, in Putnam County; now town of that name.
Johnsons Island Fort on Ohio – Near Sandusky.
Junandat Fort, Ohio – On Sandusky River.

La Demoiselle Fort, Ohio
Laramie or Loramie Fort, Ohio – In northern part of Shelby County.
Laurens Fort, Ohio – On Tuscarawas River, near Bolivar.
Lewis Camp, Ohio – In Pickway County.
Loramie Fort, Ohio – In Darke Comity.
Lucas Camp, Ohio – In Claremont County.

Manary’s Blockhouse, Ohio – Eighty-six miles from Chillicothe.
Manchester Blockhouse at, Ohio.
Mansfield Blockhouse at, Ohio.
Margarets Fort, Ohio – On Hocking River.
Marietta Fortifications at, Ohio.
Marine General Hospital, Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Massac Fort, Illinois – On Ohio River, 11 miles below Paducah, Kentucky
Monroe Camp, Ohio – Near Cincinnati.
Mud Fort, Ohio – Near Springfield.

McArthur Fort, Ohio – On Scioto River, near Kenton.
McIntosh Fort, Ohio – At the mouth of Beaver Creek, 29 miles from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Necessity Fort, Ohio – Near Scioto River, in Hardin County.
Newberry’s Blockhouse, Ohio – Below Belpre.
North Bend Blockhouse at, Ohio.
Norton’s Blockhouse, Ohio.
Nulato, Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River.

Ohio State Soldiers’ Home, Sandusky, Ohio.
Olive Bend Creek Stockade, Ohio – Near Waterford.

Pickawillany Blockhouses, Ohio – On Great Miami, in Shelby County.
Piqua Fort, Ohio – On Miami River, present site of Piqua.
Point Creek Fortifications on, Ohio.
Portage Fort, Ohio. – On the Portage River, in Wood County.
Put-in-Bay Blockhouse and Battery at, Ohio.
Putnam Camp, Ohio.

Recovery Fort, Ohio – Mercer County; now town of that name, on Lake Erie and Western Railroad.

St. Clair Fort, Ohio – On St. Clair River, near Eaton.
St. Marks Fort, Ohio – In Mercer County, present site of town of same name.
St. Marys Fort, Ohio – Present site of town of that name.
St. Marys Fort, Ohio – At St. Marys, Auglaize County.
Sandusky Fort at, Ohio – Fort Stephenson.
Scott Fort, Ohio – Near mouth of Scioto River.
Seminary General Hospital, Ohio – At Columbus.
Seneca, Old Fort, Ohio – Seneca County, on Sandusky River; now town of that name, 9 miles north of Tiffin.
Shanesville Fort at, Ohio.
Stephenson Fort, Ohio – On Sandusky Lake; present site of Lower Sandusky
Steuben Fort, Ohio – Present site of Jeffersonville.
Steuben Fort, Ohio – Site of Steuben ville.

Thomas Camp, Ohio – Four miles north of Columbus.
Tod Barracks, Ohio – At Columbus.
Tripler General Hospital, Ohio – At Columbus.

Upper Sandusky, Fort at, Ohio.

Wallace Camp, Ohio – Near Columbus.
Washington Fort. Ohio – At Cincinnati.
West End General Hospital, Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Washington Park General Hospital, Ohio. – At Cincinnati
Winchester Fort, Ohio – On Auglaize River.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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