Texas Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Adaes Mission, Fort, Texas – Fifteen miles west of Nacogdoches.
Alamo. Fort, Texas- At San Antonio.
Anahuac, Fort, Texas – In Chambers County.
Arkokisa, Fort, Texas – On Trinity River.
Austin Arsenal, Texas- At Austin.

Bahia Fort, Texas – At Bahia.
Ball Tom Camp, Texas – At Houston.
Belknap Fort, Texas – On Red Fork of Brazos River.
Blake Camp, Texas -On Rio San Pedro.
Bliss Old Fort, Texas – On Rio Grande, near Franklin.
Bliss Fort, Texas (new) – At El Paso.
Bolivar Point Fort at, Texas – Now Fort Travis.
Brazos Agency Camp at, Texas
Brazos Island Fort on, Texas – Fort Polk.
Brazos River Fort on, Texas – Fort Phantom Hill.
Brazos Santiago Fort at, Texas – Fort Polk.
Brown Fort, Texas – At Brownsville.
Brownsville National Cemetery, Texas – At Brownsville.
Buchanan Camp, Texas – At San Antonio.
Buffalo Springs Reservation, Texas – On Trinity River.
Burbank Camp, Texas – On the Limpia River.
Burwell Camp, Texas – At Eagle Pass.

Casa Bianca, Camp, Texas – On the Nueces River.
Chadbourne Fort, Texas – On Oak Creek, Coke County; now town of that name.
Clark Fort, Texas – Near Brackettville.
Clear Fork of the Brazos, Post of, Texas.
Colorado Camp, Texas – Six miles north of the Colorado River.
Conception Camp, Texas – At San Antonio.
Concho Fort, Texas – At junction of Main and North’ Conchos; first named Camp Hatch.
Concordia Camp, Texas – Near Fort Bliss.
Cooper Camp, Texas – Five miles east of the mouth of Oteys Creek, in Throckmorton County.
Corpus Christi Fort at, Texas – Fort Marcy.
Crawford Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort McIntosh.
Crockett Fort, Texas – At Galveston.
Croghan Fort, Texas – On Hamilton Creek, 14 miles above its month.

Da Vant Camp, Texas – Near Baudere Pass.
Davis Fort, Texas – On Limpia River, Jeff Davis County; now town of that name.
Defiance Fort, Texas – At Goliad.
Del Rio Camp, Texas – Near village of Delrio, Kinney County.
Drum Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande, opposite Guerrero
Duncan Fort, Texas – At Eagle Pass on the Rio Grande

Eagle Pass Fort at, Texas – Fort Duncan.
Elliott Fort, Texas – Near head of Sweetwater Creek.
El Paso Fort at, Texas – Fort Bliss.
El Pico Camp Texas – Fifteen miles northwest of Laredo.
Esperanza Fort, Texas – On Matagorda Island
Ewell Fort, Texas – On Nueces River

Florilla Camp, Texas – At Medina.
Francois Fort, Texas – Also called Fort St. Louis.

Gardenier Camp, Texas – On South Fork of Nueces River
Gates Fort, Texas – On Leon River, 5 miles above Coryells Creek
Graham, Fort, Texas – On Brazos River, Hill Comity; now town of that name, 14 miles from Hillsboro.
Griffin Fort, Texas – On Clear Fork of Brazos River, Shackelford County; now town of that name; first called Camp Wilson.
Guadalupe River Fort – At Mouth of, Texas

Hamilton Camp, Texas – Near Fort Brown.
Hancock Fort, Texas – Fifty-three miles east of El Paso; now town of that name; first called Camp Rice.
Harney, Camp, Texas – At Belleville, on Rio Grande.
Hatch Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort Concho.
Hawley Camp, Texas – At Galveston.
Holmes Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande, 10 miles above Fort Bliss.
Houston Sam Fort, Texas – At San Antonio.
Hudson Camp, Texas – On Devils River, 80 miles from Fort Clark.

Inge, Fort, Texas – On Leone River, in Uvalde County.
Isabel Point Fort at Texas – Fort Polk.
Ives Camp, Texas – Four miles from Camp Verde.

Jackson Camp, Texas – At Rodeo, about 20 miles from Eagle Pass.
Johnston Camp, Texas – On North Concho River.

Kelly Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort Concho.
Kirby Fort, Texas – On the Charceo Grande del Aqna Dalce.

Lancaster Fort, Texas – Near junction of Live Oak Creek with Pecos River
La Pena Camp, Texas – Forty miles southeast of Fort Duncan.
Laredo Fort at Texas – Fort McIntosh.
Las Laxas Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande, 50 miles above Fort Ringgold.
Lawson, Camp, Texas – About 75 miles from Fort Inge.
Le Dout Fort, Texas – On the upper tributaries of the Sabine River.
Lincoln Fort, Texas – On Rio Seco, 50 miles west of San Antonio.
Lopen Camp, Texas – Forty-three miles from Rio Grande City.
Los Ceritos Camp, Texas – Near Laredo.

Marcy Fort, Texas – Near. Corpus Christi
Martin Scott Fort, Texas – On a branch of the Colorado, near Fredericksburg.
Mason Camp, Texas – On the Limpia.
Mason Fort, Texas – On Comanche Creek, near the Llano River.
Matagorda Bay Battery at, Texas – On Matagorda Bay.
Matamoras Mexico Camp opposite, Texas – Now Fort Brown.
Merrill Fort, Texas – On Nueces River, about 50 miles northwest of Corpus Christi.
Mosby Camp, Texas – At San Antonio.
Mud Fort, Texas – Near mouth of Red River.

McIntosh Fort, Texas – On Rio Grande, near Laredo ; first called Camp Crawford.
McKavett Fort, Texas – Menard County; now town of that name; on San Saba River, 2 miles from its source.

Nagogdoches Fort, Texas – At town of same name.
Nevills Spring Camp at, Texas – Near Fort Davis.
Neches Fort, Texas – On River Neches.

Oak Creek Fort on, Texas – Fort Chadbourne.
Olmus Camp, Texas – Near San Antonio.

Palo Alto Camp, Texas – About 5 miles below Brownsville.
Passo Cavallo Fortifications at, Texas
Pecan Camp, Texas – Near Colorado River.
Pelican Spit Reservation at, Texas
Pena Colorado Camp, Texas – Near Marathon Station, Southern Pacific Railroad.
Phantom Hill Fort, Texas – On Clear Fork of Brazos River.
Phelps Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande opposite Los Cueras.
Point Fort, Texas – Name changed to Fort San Jacinto.
Point Isabel Fort at, Texas – Fort Polk.
Polk Fort, Texas – At Point Isabel, Gulf of Mexico.

Quitman Fort, Texas – On the Rio Grande, near El Paso.

Relief Camp, Texas – At Eagle Springs, Cimbria River.
Rice Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort Hancock.
Richardson Fort, Texas – On Lost Creek, near Jacksboro.
Ricketts Camp, Texas – At Edinburg, on Rio Grande.
Riley Fort, Texas – On Las Moras Creek; now Fort Clark.
Ringgold Fort, Texas – Near Rio Grande City.

Sabine, Fort, Texas – In Sabine Pass, Jefferson County.
St. Bernard Bay Fort on, Texas
St. John the Baptist, Fort, Texas – On the west bank of the Rio Bravo.
St. Louis Fort, Texas – Near Matagorda Bay.
St. Louis de Carloretto Fort, Texas – On the Natchitoches River.
Salt Lake Camp at, Texas – Eighty-five miles northwest of Fort Brown.
Sam Houston Fort, Texas – At San Antonio.
San Antonio Arsenal, Texas – At San Antonio.
San Antonio National Cemetery, Texas – At San Antonio.
San Antonio de Valero Fort, Texas – About 1 mile from San Antonio.
San Jacinto Fort, Texas – Near Galveston.
Santa Barbara Fort, Texas
Santa Maria de Loreto de la Bahia del Espiritu Santo, Fort, Texas – Same as Fort St. Louis.
Scott Martin Fort, Texas – At Fredericksburg.
Scott M. J. Camp, Texas – Near the Rio Grande, 28 miles northwest of Eagle Pass.
Sherman Fort, Texas – On the Big Cypress, in Titus County.
Spunky Fort, Texas – Hood County; now town by that name
Squirrel Fort, Texas – Hood County; now town by that name
Stanley Camp, Texas – On Guadalupe River.
Stockton Fort, Texas – Pecos County, at Comanche Springs.

Taylor Fort, Texas – On the Rio Grande: present site of Fort Brown.
Taylor Bob Camp, Texas – At Knoxville.
Terrett Fort, Texas – East border of Bexar County.
Travis Fort, Texas – At Bolivar Point.
Trinidad Camp, Texas – On Lake Trinidad.
Turan Fort, Texas – In Angelina County.

Velasco Fort, Tex.- Mouth of the Brazos River.
Verde Camp, Texas – Sixty miles northwest of San Antonio.
Virginia Point Battery at, Texas – Five miles from Galveston.

Washington Fort, Texas – At Pass Cavallo.
Wilcox, Camp, Texas – On Trinity River.
Walker’s Fort, Texas – On Brazos River.
Wood Camp, Texas – On the Nueces River.
Wood G. W. F. Camp, Texas – Fifty miles northwest of Fort Inge.
Worth Fort, Texas – Tarrant County, on Trinity River; now town of that name

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