1881 Narragansett Tribal List

Final List of the Members of the Narragansett Tribe Entitled to a Share of the Purchase Money 1881.

1881 Narragansett Tribal List

Surname Given Middle Age Town State Other
Ammons Alexander R 32 Providence RI
Ammons Candis A 31 Charlestown RI
Ammons Clarence G 3 Westerly RI
Ammons Emma J 22 Greenwich RI
Ammons George G 24 Westerly RI
Ammons Gideon L 68 Charlestown RI
Ammons Hettie 4 Greenwich RI
Ammons Joseph 70 Charlestown RI
Ammons Josephine 30 Stonington CT
Ammons Mary E 23 Westerly RI
Babcock Anna 37 Hopkinton RI
Babcock Anna 8 Hopkinton RI
Babcock Charles 12 Hopkinton RI
Babcock Cora Belle 2 Hopkinton RI
Babcock D. A. 18 Hopkinton RI
Babcock Emma 14 Hopkinton RI
Babcock Francis 6 weeks Hopkinton RI
Babcock Minnie 5 Hopkinton RI
Bent Betsey 39 Bristol RI
Bent Ida F 5 Providence RI
Bent Joseph 49 Charlestown RI
Bent William H 38 Providence RI
Brant Joseph 8 Charlestown RI
Brown Catherine 40 Carolina RI
Brown Ellen T 18 Carolina RI
Brown Elliot E 5 mos Carolina RI
Brown Esther R 27 South Kingston RI
Brown Esther 3 South Kingston RI
Brown Frederick V 5 South Kingston RI
Brown George A 24 Carolina RI
Brown Hannah 69 Carolina RI
Brown Henry H 29 South Kingston RI
Brown Isabella E 19 Providence RI Jr
Brown John E 33 Providence RI
Brown Laura P 20 Carolina RI
Brown Lewis C 22 Carolina RI
Brown Lillie H 7 Narragansett Pier
Brown Mertie P 26 Carolina RI
Brown Sarah A 25 South Kingston RI
Brown Thaddeus 7 South Kingston RI
Brown Theodore D 3 South Kingston RI
Brown Winfield S 26 Carolina RI
Carpenter Mary A 48 Providence RI
Champlin Abraham L 44 South Kingstown RI
Champlin Abraham L 13 South Kingstown RI
Champlin Benjamin R 38 Providence RI
Champlin Benjamin/Samuel 29 unlisted
Champlin Betsey 63 Westerly RI
Champlin Charles A 11 South Kingstown RI
Champlin Elizabeth 70 Westerly RI
Champlin Ellen M 17 Providence RI
Champlin Freddie D 9 South Kingstown RI
Champlin George H 23 Westerly RI
Champlin Gracie 1 South Kingstown RI
Champlin Hannah F 33 Westerly RI
Champlin Henry H 15 South Kingstown RI
Champlin Henry 66 Charlestown RI
Champlin Ida 21 Westerly RI
Champlin James H 5 South Kingstown RI
Champlin Jane R 14 Providence RI
Champlin Lydia 39 Charlestown RI
Champlin Mary R 29 Charlestown RI
Champlin Mary 40 Westerly RI
Champlin Priscilla 46 unlisted
Champlin Samuel R 31 Charlestown RI
Champlin Sarah 76 Charlestown RI
Champlin Sarah 37 South Kingstown RI
Champlin Susan 42 unlisted
Champlin Walter H 9 Providence RI
Champlin William 35 Westerly RI
Clark Charles 40 Richmond RI
Cone Annie M 20 Wakefield RI
Cone Charles H 32 Providence RI
Cone Edward S 58 Wakefield RI
Cone Etnah 7 Wakefield RI
Cone Francis 6 Providence RI
Cone Fred 8 Providence RI
Cone Henrietta F 10 Providence RI
Cone Mary E 49 Wakefield RI
Cone Mary R 25 Providence RI
Cone Mary Jane 44 Providence RI
Cone Sarah C 20 Providence RI
Congdon Hettie L 2 Charlestown RI
Congdon Lizzie 32 Westerly RI
Congdon Mary A 25 Charlestown RI
Congdon Matilda 73 Charlestown RI
Congdon Oseola 4 mos Charlestown RI
Congdon Samuel 43 Charlestown RI
Congdon Victor E 5 Charlestown RI
Congdon William H 7 Charlestown RI
Conway Charlotte 53 Westerly RI
Conway Gideon 14 Westerly RI
Conway Samuel 12 Westerly RI
Conway Susan 16 Westerly RI
Cooper Addie 17 Norwich CT
Cooper Francis Frances 49 Norwich CT
Cooper Ida 20 Norwich CT
Crandall K. G. 3 Charlestown RI
Crandall Nancy 32 Charlestown RI
Crandall Oliver 6 Charlestown RI
Crandall Ruth 99 Charlestown RI
Crandall Sarah Ann 11 Charlestown RI
Crieghton Martha 58 Providence RI
Fairweather George E 16 South Kingstown RI
Fairweather Hannah 47 South Kingstown RI
Fairweather Nancy Ann 52 Kingston RI
Fairweather Sumner 18 South Kingstown RI
Fairweather William R 21 South Kingstown RI
Fairweather William 17 Kingston RI
Freeman Martha A 49 Charlestown RI
Gardner Alexander K 37 Charlestown RI
Gardner Avaldo C 16 Mudville? (prob Montville) CT
Gardner Benjamin G 53 Providence RI
Gardner Ella I 18 Charlestown RI
Gardner Hannah S 39 Westerly RI
Gardner John B 27 Charlestown RI
Gardner Mary M 5 mos Charlestown RI
Green Alice M 5 Charlestown RI
Green Augustus F 3 Charlestown RI
Green Charles F 8 mos Charlestown RI
Green Fidelia 34 Charlestown RI
Green Henry K 9 Charlestown RI
Green Leanora H 7 Charlestown RI Jr
Green William 17 Charlestown RI
H John N 24 Charlestown RI
Harris Lydia 26 Providence RI
Hazard Amy 78 Westerly RI
Hazard Caroline 33 Westerly RI
Hazard Frank 30 Ashaway RI
Hazard Grace E 1 Providence RI
Hazard Hannah M 28 Providence RI
Hazard Harry N 5 Providence RI
Hazard Howard B 20 Providence RI
Hazard James M 54 South Kingstown RI
Hazard Lucy 35 Westerly RI
Hazard Minnie B 13 Providence RI
Hazard Perry G 43 Westerly RI
Hazard Sarah M 53 Charlestown RI
Hazard Sarah 46 Providence RI
Hazard William H 58 Charlestown RI
Helm Abbie F 33 unlisted
Helm David A 1 Charlestown RI
Helm Elizabeth R 32 Charlestown RI
Helm Ethel 4 Charlestown RI
Helm George H 6 Charlestown RI
Helm Mary Jane 28 Narragansett Pier
Helm Mary F 5 Narragansett Pier
Henry Charles H 4 Westerly RI
Henry George C 32 Westerly RI
Henry George T 6 mos Westerly RI
Henry Mary E 9 Westerly RI
Hilton Clarence 12 Providence RI
Hilton Eliza L 32 Providence RI
Holmes Charles H 58 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Adelaide 3 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Amy 15 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Annie M 19 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Dudley 58 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Luke H 65 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Mary Ann 54 Newport RI
Hopkins Mary C 13 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Nathaniel 69 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Nellie M 11 mos Charlestown RI
Hopkins Sarah T 10 Charlestown RI
Hopkins Susan F 8 Charlestown RI
Jackson Amy 63 Providence RI
Jackson Ellen L 18 Carolina RI
Johnson Abbie F 33 Charlestown RI
Johnson Alvan 20 Richmond RI
Johnson Charity 44 Richmond RI
Johnson Charles Z 10 Charlestown RI
Johnson Eliza 7 Richmond RI
Johnson Harris W 8 Charlestown RI
Johnson Herbert Z 7 Charlestown RI
Johnson Mary Z 4 Charlestown RI
Johnson Rosa 14 Richmond RI
Johnson Susan D 13 Charlestown RI
Johnson Thomas 17 Richmond RI
Jones Mary A 63 Stonington CT
Malbone Rhuahamer 108 Charlestown RI
Michel Ada F 21 Richmond RI
Michel Albert B 20 Charlestown RI
Michel Augusta A 30 Richmond RI
Michel Brister 49 Charlestown RI
Michel Edwin E 15 Charlestown RI
Michel Gideon 33 Kenyon's Mills
Michel Hazard E 4 Charlestown RI
Michel John E 21 Richmond RI
Michel Mary A 47 Charlestown RI
Michel Mary C 18 Charlestown RI
Michel Sarah I 8 Charlestown RI
Michel Walter R 24 Charlestown RI
Moody Daniel 76 Charlestown RI
Moody Eliza 40 Charlestown RI
Moody Elizabeth 19 Charlestown RI
Moody Jane 22 Charlestown RI
Moody John 5 Charlestown RI
Moody Louisa 18 Charlestown RI
Moody Mary A 64 Charlestown RI
Moody Nane 13 Charlestown RI
Nichols Charles 2 Providence RI
Nichols Frank E 29 Providence RI
Nichols George 33 Providence RI
Nichols Georgianna 6 Providence RI
Nichols Grace 5 mos Providence RI
Nichols Hannah 67 Providence RI
Nichols Mabel 4 Providence RI
Nichols Olive 27 Providence RI
Nichols Priscilla 75 Providence RI
Noka Alfred N 18 Charlestown RI
Noka Baby 2 mos Westerly RI
Noka Benjamin G 35 Boston MA
Noka Edward 59 Providence RI
Noka Eva I 5 mos Charlestown RI
Noka Gideon 39 South Kingstown RI
Noka James H 29 Charlestown RI
Noka John H 21 Westerly RI
Noka Joshua H 62 Charlestown RI
Noka Joshua H 20 Charlestown RI
Noka Lydia 25 Westerly RI
Noka Mary L 15 Charlestown RI
Noka Nancy I 28 Charlestown RI
Noka Peter 72 Westerly RI
Noyes Charles F 4 Westerly RI
Noyes John W 10 Westerly RI
Noyes Sarah A 29 Westerly RI
Olney Betsey 40 Wakefield RI
Perry Elizabeth 22 Charlestown RI
Perry Francis N 55 Charlestown RI
Perry Jean 16 Charlestown RI
Perry John H 29 Charlestown RI
Perry Lyman F 25 Charlestown RI
Perry Mary F 1 Charlestown RI
Perry Sophronia 33 Narragansett Pier
Perry William L 7 Charlestown RI
Peters Charles E 2 Westerly RI
Peters Mary J 11 Westerly RI
Peters Sarah F 9 Westerly RI
Primos Daniel 71 Charlestown RI
Primos Elizabeth 44 Charlestown RI
Rice Claudine 9 Newport RI
Rice Frederick 7 Newport RI
Rice Griselda 21 Newport RI
Rice Hannah 49 Newport RI
Rice Lewis 19 Newport RI
Robinson Salome 60 Clinton Corner CT
Robinson Sarah A 60 Kingston RI
Rogers Angelina 69 Connecticut
Rogers Thomas 76 Charlestown RI
Sampson Mary 35 Worcester MA
Sekater Alice S 9 Wakefield RI
Sekater Ann E 4 Wakefield RI
Sekater Clarence E 6 Wakefield RI
Sekater Daniel 18 Charlestown RI
Sekater Daniel 30 Charlestown RI
Sekater Grace E 11 Wakefield RI
Sekater Johannah F 33 Wakefield RI
Sekater Mary A 16 Charlestown RI Noka
Sekater Mary E 13 Wakefield RI
Sekater Sarah E 2 Wakefield RI
Sekater William R 33 Wakefield RI
Sias Ann 9 Hope Valley RI
Sias Elizabeth 50 Hope Valley RI
Sias George G 38 Hope Valley RI
Sias Nellie 15 Hope Valley RI
Stanton Hannah M 9 Charlestown RI
Stanton Horatio S 11 Charlestown RI
Stanton Jeremiah 7 Charlestown RI
Stanton Joseph B 18 Charlestown RI
Stanton Katie L 16 Charlestown RI
Stanton Mary A 13 Charlestown RI
Sullivan Mary E 24 Providence RI
Taylor Thomas H 30 East Greenwich RI
Taylor Thomas H 8 East Greenwich RI
Thomas Annie 5 Providence RI
Thomas B F 30 Providence RI
Thomas Belle 7 Westerly RI
Thomas Benjamin 58 Charlestown RI
Thomas Carrie 7 Providence RI
Thomas Courtland 4 Westerly RI
Thomas F D 34 Providence RI
Thomas Gertie 6 Westerly RI
Thomas Lizzie 9 Providence RI
Thomas Lorenzo 2 Providence RI
Thomas Samuel 37 Westerly RI
Thomas Willie 4 Providence RI
Watson Esther 61 Westerly RI
Watson Hannah B 21 unlisted
Watson Rosella S 43 Narragansett Pier
Watson Sarah 63 Westerly RI
Weeden George E 2 mos North Kingstown RI
Weeden Ida 26 North Kingstown RI
Weeden Sarah 18 North Kingstown RI
White Hannah 49 Charlestown RI
Wilcox Amy A 7 South Kingstown RI
Wilcox Hannah 65 Charlestown RI
Wilcox Ida 8 South Kingstown RI
Wilcox O S 31 South Kingstown RI
Wilcox Patience M 11 mos South Kingstown RI
Wilcox Sarah 4 South Kingstown RI
Wilson Annie 28 Norwich CT


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    1. I am 83 years old. I had a half sister who many years ago, possibly around 1986 who told my daughter , age 16 at the time that my mother was 100% indian, her parents coming from the tripe of Wampanoag and the tripe of Narragansett. My daughter, just revealed this to me. I find this fascinating since I had always been told I was scottish and english from my mothers side, but I had always said my mother had Indian features. If this is actually true, this would make me 50% indian. I wish to confirm this but do not know how to go about the searching. Appreciate any help you can give me on this

      Louise D Wood
      6468 Washington Street #205
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      AccessGenealogy.com Native American Rolls.


    AccessGenealogy.com Native American Rolls.

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