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Henry County Alabama Biographies

These 59 people who once resided in Henry County, Alabama, have had biographical details published online or in book form. Please click on their names to view the biographies available for each of them.

  1. Aycock, William B.
  2. Baker, Joseph
  3. Beach, Henry M.
  4. Bradley, William E.
  5. Capps, William Jefferson
  6. Crawford, A. C.
  7. Crawford, James R.
  8. Crawford, James W.
  9. Darby, John Isaac
  10. Dawsey, John F.
  11. Dawsey, Thomas J.
  12. Drewry, John W.
  13. Espy, John Jolly
  14. Espy, Joseph S.
  15. Espy, Thomas M.
  16. Forrester, B. A.
  17. Foster, John Webb
  18. Fowler, J. L., Dr.
  19. Gordon, Alexander C.
  20. Helton, James
  21. Herring, Bright W.
  22. Holley, Francis M.
  23. Irwin, Reason W.
  24. Jenkins, W. J.
  25. Koonce, Jefferson S.
  26. Koonce, William C.
  27. Laney, Z. W., Sr.
  28. Leslie, George
  29. Long, James B., Dr.
  30. Martin, A. L., Rev. Dr.
  31. Martin, Henry H.
  32. Maund, William T.
  33. Meritte, Francis M.
  34. Miller, A. L. Rev., born in Henry County, of Calhoun County
  35. Millikin, William W.
  36. Moody, Fleming I.
  37. Murphy, William N.
  38. Newton, William F.
  39. Newman, Robert
  40. Oates Family in Henry County
  41. Oates, Ephraim
  42. Oates, William Calvin, Congressman
  43. Oates, Wyatt Stephen, Dr.
  44. O’Neal, William C.
  45. Parker, James Samuel
  46. Purcell, Harrison
  47. Reynolds, Robert J.
  48. Saunders, Eugenius A.
  49. Sollie, Michael
  50. Smith, Thomas J.
  51. Stokes, Charles Asbury, Dale County
  52. Stokes, Robert E.
  53. Thrasher, John T.
  54. Tuttle, Edward F.
  55. Trawick, Thomas A.
  56. Walker, Charles E.
  57. Walker, Robert H.

  58. Ward, John B.
  59. Wood, William


Henry County AL,

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