Biography of F. J. Kidd

F. J. Kidd, secretary and treasurer of the Racine Manufacturing Company, is thus connected with one of the leading manufacturing interests of the city and that he has a large share in the control and management of the undertaking is indicative of his initiative and resourcefulness. He is constantly alert to opportunities which bring to him a broader outlook and he carefully utilizes every chance for advancement. Moreover, his business interests are of a character which contributes to public prosperity as well as to individual success. Mr. Kidd was born at St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, July 16. 1880, a son of A. J. and Minnie (Reynolds) Kidd, who crossed the border into the United States in 1881 and became residents of Buffalo, New York, where the father engaged in business as a furniture manufacturer.

F. J. Kidd obtained a high school education in Buffalo, his training being that of the city bred boy who constantly hears the call of commercial life. He became identified with the iron business in Buffalo, securing a position in the Snow steam pump works, with which he continued until his removal to Corliss, ‘Wisconsin, where he was made secretary and treasurer of the Wisconsin Engine Company. His previous training and experience had well qualified him for duties of this character and he remained active in the successful management of the business until 1913, when he resigned to become secretary and treasurer of the Racine Manufacturing Company, which is today one of the large and important business concerns of the city, furnishing employment to nine hundred workmen in the manufacture of automobile bodies.

On the 29th of June, 1904, Mr. Kidd was married to Miss Harriett Maltby, of Buffalo, New York, and they have two children, Alan J. and Helen H. In Racine the family is widely and favorably known, the parents occupying an enviable position in social circles, while the warm-hearted hospitality of their own home is enjoyed greatly by their many friends. Mr. Kidd is a republican in politics and is a Mason, loyal to the fraternity, its purposes and its teachings.



Racine County WI,

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