Pauling’s Company Of Volunteers

Pauling’s Company Of Volunteers Of The Botetourt County Regiment.


Henry Pauling Captain
Edward Goldman Lieutenant (Wounded in Battle of Point Pleasant)
Samuel Baker Ensign
Obediah H. Trent Sergeant
Robert Fittdley Sergeant
James Woods, Sergeant


Robert Watkins
Pnilip Hanes
James DeHority
William Thompson
William Honey
Joel Doss
William Ray
Dangerfield Harmon
Stepnen Holston
James Wilson
Dudley Callaway
William Canaday
John Clerk
John Frazer
George Davis
Thomas McCrary
Richard Rollins
Michael Looney
John Gibson
Charles Ellisson
John Agnew
James Donahoo
David Belew
Andrew Rogers
Robert Ferrell
Andrew Harrison
George Zimmerman
Thomas Wilson
Alexander Caldwell
William Gilliss
Edward Ross
Matthew Ratcliff
William Glass
John Fitzhugh
Thomas Reid
Joseph Whittaker
Isham Fienquay
David Condon
Richard LeMaster
James King
John Hutson
William McCalister
Jeremiah Jenkins
Edward Carther
Martin Baker
James Lynn

– Total 52

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society. 1905.

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