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Lord Dunmore’s War

The war in 1774 with the Indians, known as “Dunmore’s War” had its origin from the murders committed upon Indians by the Virginians in the region of the upper Ohio.

Genealogy of Henry Austin, Sr.

Henry Austin, Sr., son of Samuel Austin and Elizabeth Marshall. More records are existant on this Austin. In 1758 in Albemarle Co., Virginia, he married Sarah Harrison, probable relation to Richard Harrison. A few years after marriage, Henry received two hundred acres of land in Virginia for his services in Lord John Murray Dunmore’s War. He served as a sergeant in that war; for his services in the French and Indian War, he received another land parcel. In 1790 his neighbors were John Rodes and William Austin, his brother. During that year there were nine in Henry’s family; there were his dwelling

List of Scouts

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. List of Scouts William Bowan James Fowler Thomas Maxwell Rees Bowan David Ward John Kingkeid William Priest John Sharp William Crabtree Samuel Hays Robert Davis

John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment Officers John Murray Captain (Killed at Point Pleasant) William McKee Lieutenant (Assumed command of the company when Captain Murray was killed.) Samuel Wallace Lientenant Adam Wallace Ensign William Taylor Sergeant Moses Coller Sergeant John Larken Sergeant John Simpson Sergeant Barney Boyls Sergeant Privates John Gilmore Hugh Logan James Hall James Arnold Stephen Arnold William Moore John Nelson John Sedbury William MacCorkle George Milwood Andrew Evans Joseph McBride Thomas Nail John Lapsly James Walker Ezekiel Kennedy John Jones John Moore William Simpson Thomas McClure Peter Cassady Robert

Garrisons at the Upper Station

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Garrisons at the Upper Station Mr. John Campbell Ensign Isaac Spratt Sergeant George Dohorty (AWOL) Andrew Steel John Hambleton Alexander Grant David Bustar William Thompson Edward Sharp Michael Glaves James Fullen James edwards John Williams Thomas Potter Levi Bishop Robert Mauford [Moffet] Alexander Henderson Francis Hambleton John Crafford Isaiah Hambleton Benjamin Rediford George Vaut Andrew Branstead James Mitchell Rowland Williams Mr. Thomas Whitten Sr. Thomas Whitten Jr. John Grinup Francis Hynes Samuel Doack Thomas Rogers John Lashly William King

Captain Daniel Smith’s Company

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. A List of Captain Daniel Smith’s Company of Militia in Fincastle County Daniel Smith Capt. William Bowen Lieut. John Kinckeid Ensign David Ward Ensign. Privates Burton Litton William Neale David Kingkeid Jur. Benjamin Jones Drury Pricket (Pucket) Robert Griffin Robert Brown Robert Donalson Joseph Home Thomas Price James Smith James Kendrick James Scott Richard Price Archelaus Scott Thomas Mullin James Price William Mcfarland Joseph Olverson Alden Williams Samuel Dollarhide John Courtney Samuel Vanhook Charles Christian Bergman Capt. Daniel Smith

Captain William Nalle’s Company

A List Of Captain William Nalle’s Company Of Volunteers in The Augusta County Regiment William Nalle, Captain Martin Nalle, Lieutenant Jacob Pence, Ensign John Bush, Sergeant William Bush, Sergeant Bernard Crawford, Sergeant Privates Shadrick Butler William Feavill Robert Mains Moses Smith Stephen Washburn Israel Meaders Henry Owler John Griggsby Richard Welch Zacarias Lee John Goodall Benjamin Petty Michael Jordan Bruten Smith James Todd William Spicer James Washburn Charles Brown James Alexander George Rucker Joseph Ray (or Roay) William Scales John Bright Yenty Jackson John Owler George Fuls (or Fultz) James Miller George Harmon John Chisholm Adam Hansbarger Henry Cook John

Captain William Campbell’s Company

A Partial List Of Captain William Campbell’s Company in The Fincastle County Battalion There were 39 men in Captain Campbell’s Company, but the names of only 15 of them have been preserved. Officers William Campbell Captain Privates Philemon Hoggins Benjamin Richardson Joseph Newberry John Johnston Stephen Hopton Richard Woolsey John Lewis Auldin Williamson William Hopton Coonrad Sterns John Neil Wiliam Richardson Richard Lyhnam William Champ John Boles – Total 15

Captain Philip Love’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Or Captain Philip Love’s Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment OFFICERS. Philip Love Captain Daniel McNelll Lieutenant John Mills Ensign William Ewing Sergeant Major Francis McElhaney Quarter M. S. Shelton Taylor Sergeant James Alexander* Sergeant, (Wounded at Point Pleasant) John Crawford Sergeant Privates Robert Owen Samuel Andrews William Scott Samuel MtGumery (Montgomery) William Teasy John Todd Thomas Pierce Thomas Armstrong John Dunn Charles Byrne Thomas Gilbert Abraham DeMonts William Hooper Samuel Savage Thomas Welch Thomas Welch Jr. Patrick Conner Joseph Pain William Armstrong Daniel McDonald James Simpson Thomas Brown James Neeley Abraham Moon George Craig Richard

Robert Doack’s Company of Militia

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. A List of Robert Doack’s Company of Militia June 2d. 1774 Capt. Robert Doack died during the summer of 1774. John Stephens Lieu*. William Doack Ensign Andrew Thompson Ens. William Ward Serjeants James Downy Serjeants William Meek Serjeants David Doack Junr John Downy John Stephens Thomas Mead Adam Walker Arnold Shell Samuel Doack Moses Gordon John Williams Samuel Moor John Nowell George Kinder Jacob Kinder Hugh Robinson Andrew Bronstetter Peter Kinder Thomas Bell Jacob Dobler Moses Moor Saml Handly