Captain John Lewis Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain John Lewis Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment.


John Lewis Captain•

This Captain John Lewis was a son of General Andrew Lewis, and a cousin of
Captain John Lewis, (son of Thomas) of the Augusta Regimen, this father being
a brother of the General.

John Henderson Lieutenant
Robert Alliet (Eliott) Ensign
Samuel Glass Sergeant
William Bryans Sergeant
Peter Huff Sergeant
William Wilson Sergeant
Samuel Estill Sergeant
John Donnally Fifer
Thomas Alsbury Drummer


John Swope
Alexander Kelley
Edward Eagin
James Ellison
John Deniston
James Stuart
John Savage
Christopher Welch
James Crawley
James Dulin
Isaac Fisher
Peter Ellenburg
Andrew Kissinger
Samuel Barton
William Clifton
Joseph Love
Leonard Huff
Thomas Huff (Wounded at Point Pleasant.)
Samuel Croley
William Isum
Isaac Taylor
Martin Carney
Peter Hendricks
John Hundley
Henry Howard
Molastine Peregrine
Walter Holwell
James McNutt
Samuel Burcks
Nathan Farmer
Gabriel Smithers
Thomas Edgar
James Carlton
Matthew Polug (or Pogue)
Thomas Canady (or Kanady)
William Jones
Richard Packwood
John Arthur
William Robinson
Samuel Huff
Edward Wilson
Robert Boyd
John Reyburn
Isaac Nichol
Philip Hammond
James Burtchfleld
Solomon White
Thomas Carpenter (Wounded at Point Pleasant.)
Jeremiah Carpenter
Solomon Carpenter
David Cook
John Bowman
Jacob Bowman
Robert Bowles
James Burnsides
Dennis Nail
Hugh Caperton
Matthew Creed
Matthew Jewitt
Adam Cornwell
William Boniface
Robert Davis
John Carpenter
Thomas Burnes
Adam Caperton
Henry Bowyer
Mathias Kissinger
William Mann.

— Total 78.

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society. 1905.

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