The Hunter Coat of Arms

Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said “Heraldry is prized by all who can show honorable ancestry or who wish to found honorable families.” While Coats of Arms are not recognized by law in the United States, more American families than ever before are displaying Coats of Arms used by their forebears in Europe. …

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Ancient Hunter Families

The Hunter Family is of royal descent from EDWARD I, King of England, through his second son, Edmund, Earl of Kent, whose daughter, Lady Joan Plantagenet, was the wife of Thomas, Lord Holland. Her great-great-granddaughter, Princess Jane Stuart, became the wife of George Gordon, second Earl of Huntly and Lord Chancellor. Their daughter, Lady Isabel …

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Hunter of Tynemont

B114 EDWARD HUNTER: of Polmood. B115 NORMAN HUNTER: married Elspeth Manners, an attendant to Queen Margaret (Tudor). He is said to be the 9th Laird of the name Norman. Died 1512. B116 WALTER HUNTER: married 1525. B117 ROBERT HUNTER: d. 1569. B118 ROBERT HUNTER: d. 1586. B119 JAMES HUNTER: “Tudor of Polmood.” B120 JOHN HUNTER: …

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John Hunter

H164 JOHN HUNTER: married 1680. H165 JAMES HUNTER: married 1722. H166 JAMES HUNTER: b. 1816. H167 SIR CHARLES HUGHES HUNTER: created Baronet 1910. H168 SIR WILLIAM BLAKELEY HUGHES HUNTER. Motto: Dum Spero Spero.

Alexander Hunter, M.D.

ALEXANDER HUNTER: M.D. (1729-1809), physician born at Edinburgh in 1729, was eldest son of a druggist. He was sent to the grammar school at ten, and at fifteen to the university, where he remained until he was twenty-one, having devoted the last three years to medicine. He spent the next year or two studying in …

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Andrew Hunter, D.D.

ANDREW HUNTER: D.D. (1743-1809), professor of Divinity at Edinburgh, born in Edinburgh in 1743, was the eldest son of Andrew Hunter of Park, writer to the signet, of the Abbotshill branch of the Hunters of Hunterston, Ayrshire. His mother was Grizel, daughter of General Maxwell of Cardoness in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright. After an education …

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George Orby Hunter

GEORGE ORBY HUNTER: (1773?-1843), translator of Byron into French, was probably the English officer of the name who was appointed Ensign in the old 100th Foot in 1783, pro moted Lieutenant in the 7th Royal Fusilers in 1785, and after holding the adjutancy of the latter corps for a few years, sold out of the …

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Henry Hunter

HENRY HUNTER: (1741-1802), divine, born at Culross, Perthshire on Aug. 25, 1741, was the fifth child of David and Agnes Hunter. In 1754 he was sent to the University of Edin burgh, and became tutor first to Alexander Boswell, afterwards Lord Balmuto, and subsequently, in 1758, in the family of the Earl of Dundonald at …

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John Hunter

JOHN HUNTER: (1728-1793), anatomist and surgeon, born on 11 February 1728 at Long Calderwood, in the parish of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire; was the youngest of ten children. His father John Hunter (d. 1741, aged 78), was descended from an old Ayrshire family, Hunter of Hunterston, and was a man of intelligence, integrity, and anxious temperament. …

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John Hunter, M.D.

JOHN HUNTER: M.D., (d. 1809), physician, was born in Perthshire, and studied medicine at Edinburgh, where he graduated M.D. in 1775. His college thesis, “De Hominum Varietatibus et harum causis,” shows him to have had a good education as well as a turn for research and correct reasoning. It was republished in an English translation …

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John Hunter, LL.D

JOHN HUNTER: LL.D. (1745-1837), classical scholar was born in the autumn of 1745 at Closeburn, Dumfriesshire, his father, it is said, being a farmer there. Although left an orphan in boyhood, he received a good elementary education before entering Edinburgh University, where he was a distinguished student, although supporting himself largely by private teaching. His …

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John Kelso Hunter

JOHN KELSO HUNTER: (1802-1873), artist and cobbler, second son of one Hunter of Chirnside who removed to Ayrshire in 1799, and died there about 1810, was born at Dunkeith, Ayr shire, on Dec. 1802, and was for some time employed as a herdboy. He was apprenticed to a shoemaker, and on the expiration of his …

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Joseph Hunter

JOSEPH HUNTER: (1783-1861), antiquary, was born at Sheffield on 6 February 1783, being the son of Michael Hunter, who was engaged in the cutlery business. His mother dying while he was quite young, he was placed under the guardship of Joseph Evans, a Presbyterian minister, who sent him to school near Sheffield, where he received …

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Sir Martin Hunter

SIR MARTIN HUNTER: (1757-1846), General, second son and heir of Cuthbert Hunter of Medonsley, Durham, by his wife Anne, daughter of the Rev. John Nixon of Haltwhistle, Northum berland, was born in 1757. On August 30, 1771 he was appointed Ensign in the 52nd Foot, in which he became Lieutenant 18 June 1775, Captain 21 …

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Peter Hunter

PETER HUNTER: British soldier, b. in Scotland in 1746, d. in Quebec 21 August, 1805. He entered the army, and had attained the rank of Lieutenant-General when he was appointed in 1799 to administer the government of Upper Canada, succeeding Lord Semcoe, and made Commander in Chief of the forces in Canada. He was eminently …

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Samuel Hunter

SAMUEL HUNTER: (1769-1839), editor of the “Glasgow Herald,” born in 1769, was son of John Hunter (1716-1781), parish minister of Stoneykirk, Wigtowshire. Receiving his elemen tary education in his native place, he qualified as a surgeon in Glasgow University, and for a time, about the end of the century, practiced his profession in Ireland. Somewhat …

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