Hunter of Hunterston, Co. Ayr

Norman Ventor or Hunter lived between 1080 and 1165, and William Ventor, whose name appears as one of the witnesses to an inquisition, A.D. 1116, by David I, of the lands pertaining to the Church of Glasgow, are the earliest of the family on record. They are said to have passed over to England soon after the Conquest, 1066. Norman received a grant of land on the extreme west coast of co. , (later called “Arnell Hunter”), which now forms part of the state of Hunterston (previously called “Huntarstown.”

Aylmar de la Huntar signed the noted submission to Edward I, 1296. For his “faithful services rendered,” the grant of land was confirmed by Robert II, to William Huntar (A100), greatgrandson of Aylmar.

A100 WILLIAM HUNTAR: Was infeft [sic.] of his estate prior to 1447.

A101 ARCHIBALD HUNTAR: 13th Laird of Arnelle Huntar, or Huntarston, or of that ilk. Died before 1487.

A102 JOHN HUNTAR: 14th Laird of Huntar; killed at Flodden, 1513. His oldest son was Robert Huntar, 15th Laird of Huntar, or of that ilk. A license was granted to him by James V, Oct. 24, 1542, to remain at home from the war on account of his being “waik and tender of complectioun.” Died about 1546. His other son was A103.

A103 KENTIGERN, or MUNGO HUNTAR: 16th Laird of Huntar, or of that ilk; killed at the battle of Pinkie, 1547.

A104 ROBERT HUNTAR: 17th Laird of Huntar; married Margaret Crawford.
(1) Robert-A105.
(2) Francis.
(3) Jean.
(4) Katherine.
(5) Merion.

A105 ROBERT HUNTAR: 18th Laird of Huntar; married a descendant of Montgomery of Eglinton. He died without issue and settled the estate on his kinsman, -A106, who married Robert’s niece.

A106 ROBERT HUNTER: He and his descendants spelled the name “Hunter.” He was the 19th Laird of Hunterston. Died 1665.(1) Robert-A107.
(2) Henry: Minister of the Church of Scotland.
(3) Francis: Ancestor of the Hunters of Long Claderwood.
(A) ——.
(a) William.
(b) John: of Claderwood.
1. John: died young.
2. Andrew.
3. James.
4. William: b. 1718; “a distinguished physician.”

A107 ROBERT HUNTER: 20th Laird of Hunterston; married Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick Crawford.
(1) Patrick-A108.
(2) Rev. Robert: minister of the Church of Scotland. (A) Robert.
(a) George.
1. Robert: m. 1791.

A108 PATRICK HUNTER: 21st Laird of Hunterston; d. 1699.

A109 PATRICK HUNTER: 22nd Laird of Hunterston; married Marion, dau. of Thomas Crawford, of Crawfurdsburne, co. Renfrew.
(1) Robert-A110.
(2) David.
(A) Patrick: married Rebecca, dau. of Charles Flemming.
(a) David.
(b) Charles Fleming.
(c) Patrick.
(d) Milliken: d. 1837.
(e) Robert.

A110 ROBERT HUNTER: 23rd Laird of Hunterston; married 1762.

A111 ELEANORA HUNTER: heiress of Hunterston; married her cousin, Robert Caldwell, who assumed the name and Arms of Hunter, of Hunterston.

A112 ROBERT HUNTER: Esquire, of Hunterston, or of that ilk; b. 1799; m. Christina, dau. of William Crawford.

A113 JANE HUNTER: married Lieut.-Col. Gould Weston, now Hunter-Weston, of Hunterston.
(1) Aylmer Gould: b. 1864.
(2) Reginald Hugh: b. 1869.
See Coat of Arms for a description of Coat of Arms of the Hunters of Hunterston




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