Battle Hymn of the Hunters

Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic

Bonnie Scotland our dear Hunter fathers lived and died,
At Hunterston, their ancient home, in Ayrshire, near the Clyde.
At Hunter name what Scottish blood but beats with joy and pride!
The Clan goes marching on!


Glory to the House of Hunter!
Glory to the name of Hunter!
Hurrah, hurrah for all the Hunters!
The Clan goes marching on!

The Hunter blood is mingled with the Royal bloods of old.
Among the world’s great families the Hunters are pure gold.
Each century our numbers have increased a hundred-fold.
The Clan goes marching on!

There’s something strong and mighty in a good old family name;
And the name of Hunter shineth high upon the scroll of fame;
For nearly all the Hunters have pursued a lofty aim.
The Clan goes marching on!

The House of Hunter cherishes traditions of the past,
And with the world’s great movements have all their fortunes cast;
And when they pledge their honor they are loyal to the last.
The Clan goes marching on!

We have our dukes and peasants, common folk and blue bloods, too.
We greet each other with a smile and “Cousin, Howdy-do.”
This goes with all the Hunters and it goes with me and you.
The Clan goes marching on!

The Hunters all are loyal to the good old U.S.A.
They love the flag of freedom and will follow it for aye.
The Hunters do their duty and they never run away.
The Clan goes marching on!

To every corner of our land we sound the bugle call;
Two hundred thousand Hunters hear and answer one and all.
You can hear the Hunters tramping like Niagara’s waterfall.
The Clan goes marching on!

If you claim the name of Hunter, join the chorus of the Clan,
In our Records and Reunions, all according to our plan.
The name to highest honors boost it every way you can.
The Clan goes marching on!




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