The Hunter Coat of Arms

Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said “Heraldry is prized by all who can show honorable ancestry or who wish to found honorable families.” While Coats of Arms are not recognized by law in the United States, more American families than ever before are displaying Coats of Arms used by their forebears in Europe. Very often you now see family Arms displayed in American homes and offices as well as on correspondence stationery. The Coat of Arms shown on the cover of this volume is the Arms of the Hunter Family, of Hunterston, Scotland, from whom the American Hunters are descended, and has been in the family for many centuries. Some of the branches of the family (descendants of the Hunters of Hunterston) have altered their Arms slightly, but they all bear a similarity to the Arms of Hunterston. Many of the Hunters in America have used this Arms since the early Seventeenth Century, and the family of Captain David Hunter, hero of the Revolution (see his biography on another page) used it. Copies of this Arms are found, with descriptions and drawings, in Burke’s Peerage and Baronetcy (1891, 1915, 1924), Burke’s Landed Gentry, Burke’s General Armory, in other reli able works on Heraldry, and in numerous publications on the Hunter Family. It is described, in heraldic parlance as follows: Arms: Or (gold), 3 hunting horns vert (green), stringed gules (red), a cross crosslet of the last (red) for distinction as not of the blood. Crest: A greyhound sejant proper (natural colors), gorged with an antique crown or (gold). Motto: Cursum Perficio (I accomplish my course). Besides its family significance, the Hunter Coat of Arms makes an attractive mural decoration, especially when handpainted in proper bright colors, and inspires the admiration and comment of all who see it. As an emblem of family pride, as well as a work of art, we believe that every Hunter should have a copy of the Hunter Armson the wall of his (or her) home or office. Many prominent Hunters in America have asked us to produce painted copies for them. We have copies on hand, hand-painted in proper colors, in oils, on specially treated heraldic board, mounted Chippendale style, with frame and glass, size 13X16 in., for $10.00; and another, size 9X12 in., on peerless levant board, in water colors, hand-painted, mounted Chippendale Style, with frame and glass, for $5.00.




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