John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment


John Murray Captain (Killed at Point Pleasant)
William McKee Lieutenant (Assumed command of the company when Captain Murray was killed.)
Samuel Wallace Lientenant
Adam Wallace Ensign
William Taylor Sergeant
Moses Coller Sergeant
John Larken Sergeant
John Simpson Sergeant
Barney Boyls Sergeant


John Gilmore
Hugh Logan
James Hall
James Arnold
Stephen Arnold
William Moore
John Nelson
John Sedbury
William MacCorkle
George Milwood
Andrew Evans
Joseph McBride
Thomas Nail
John Lapsly
James Walker
Ezekiel Kennedy
John Jones
John Moore
William Simpson
Thomas McClure
Peter Cassady
Robert Wallace
Thomas Pearry
John Griggs
George Cummings
John Eager (or Edgar)
James Crawley
Daniel Blair
Thomas Burney
Daniel Simpkins
William Lyons
James Simpkins
Nicholas Mooney
Solomon Brundige
John McClure
Stephen Harris
Daniel Fullin (or Pullin)
David Wallace
Moses Whitby
James Gilmore
James Cunningham
John Kelsey
Hugh Moore
Joseph Gibson
William Cochran
James Logan
John Logan
Thomas Hedden
Prisley Gill
John Coiler
Jonathan Watson
Hugh Logan
William Neely
James Neely
John Miligan
Peter Higgings
William Conner
William Bradley
John McGee
William Brown
James McCalister
John Barkley
Andrew Wallace
Isaac Trimble
Peter McNeal
William Johns
Andrew Alden
James Brambridge
John Murray

— Total 78.

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society. 1905.

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