Robert Doack’s Company of Militia

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant.

A List of Robert Doack’s Company of Militia June 2d. 1774

Capt. Robert Doack died during the summer of 1774.

John Stephens Lieu*.
William Doack Ensign
Andrew Thompson Ens.
William Ward Serjeants
James Downy Serjeants
William Meek Serjeants
David Doack Junr
John Downy
John Stephens
Thomas Mead
Adam Walker
Arnold Shell
Samuel Doack
Moses Gordon
John Williams
Samuel Moor
John Nowell
George Kinder
Jacob Kinder
Hugh Robinson
Andrew Bronstetter
Peter Kinder
Thomas Bell
Jacob Dobler
Moses Moor
Saml Handly
John Gilihan
John Pierce
Martin Staily
Michael Weaver
Christly Weaver
John Messersmith
John Bunshell
Barnet Messersmith
Henry Waggoner
Henry Waggoner Junr.
Michael Grigger
Peter Grigger
Nicholas Cloyne
Campbell Baily
Patrick Johnston
Barny Gullion
Charles Füllen
John Gullion
Duncan Gullion
Jacob Catron
Jacob Kinsor
Walter Kinsor
Michael Kinsor
William King
John King
Samuel Campbel
William Campbell
John Maxwell
Bezaleel Maxwell
David Maxwell
John Henderson
Frederick Rap
Francis Catron
Jacob Catron
Adam Catron
Peter Catron
Phillip Catron
Michael Staffy
Peter Hedrick
Michael Walter
John Cattes
Mitchael Wambler
George Wambler
Adam Boh
Jacob Boh
Frederick Moor
Isaiah Hamilton
Jacob Hamilton
Francis Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton
Michael Catron
George Carr
James Carr
William Carr
Ben Butherford
Roger Cats
John Vails
John Crawford
John Diver
John Irvine
Robert Stephenson
William Litz
George Douglass
James Douglass
James Rodgers
Thomas Rodgers
Daniel Henderson
John Lesly
Samuel Henderson
George Vaut
Thomas Mitchell
James Mitchell
John Nuland
Phillip Dutton
Alexander Ewing
Samuel Ewing
William Ewing
Alexander Ewing Junr
John Reagh
Archibald Reagh
Paddy Saint Lorrance
Samuel Paxton
Robert Porter
Robert Miller
William Henly
George Henly
Christly Vaut
Andrew Vaut
John Carr
Jacob Blesly
John Blesly
John Adams

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society. 1905.

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