Captain Daniel Smith’s Company

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant.

A List of Captain Daniel Smith’s Company of Militia in Fincastle County

Daniel Smith Capt.
William Bowen Lieut.
John Kinckeid Ensign
David Ward Ensign.


Burton Litton

William Neale
David Kingkeid Jur.
Benjamin Jones
Drury Pricket (Pucket)
Robert Griffin
Robert Brown
Robert Donalson
Joseph Home
Thomas Price
James Smith
James Kendrick
James Scott
Richard Price
Archelaus Scott
Thomas Mullin
James Price
William Mcfarland
Joseph Olverson
Alden Williams
Samuel Dollarhide
John Courtney
Samuel Vanhook Charles
Christian Bergman

Capt. Daniel Smith was militia officer for Fincastle. The muster roll is undated, but probably belongs to the spring of 1774.

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