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Sex On the Civilized Indian Population, With General Nativity 1880

Indian Census of 1853-1890

Census of 1850 The United States censuses prior to 1850 did not include Indians, and they were not stated in the total of population. The Indian census of 1850 grew out of an enumeration of the Indians under authority of the following clause in the Indian appropriation act of June 27, 1846: And it shall be the duty of the different agents and subagents to take a census and to obtain such other statistical information of the several tribes of Indians among whom they respectively reside as may bo required by the Secretary of War, and in melt form as

Condition of the Indian Tribes by State, 1890

An in-depth description of various Indian tribes by state and how their “condition” was considered in 1890. By condition, most descriptions provide a count of the population, providing often the list of counties in which had the most Indians enumerated.