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1910 New York Census Map

Cayuga County New York Census Records

Cayuga County New York Census Records – Search and view the US Federal Census Images from 1790-1940 for Cayuga County, New York for free. Also provided are lists of any state census available online for Cayuga County NY.

1910 New York Census Map

Seneca County New York Census Records

Seneca County New York Census Records – Search and view the US Federal Census Images from 1790-1940 for Seneca County, New York for free. Also provided are lists of any state census available online for Seneca County NY.

1840 Census Lamoille County Vermont

The following is an index and partial census return of the 1840 census of Lamoille County Vermont extracted by Dennis N. Partridge in 2001. Broken down by town, the listing provides the Head of Household and the page in which you can find the census.

1840 Census Guide – Questions & Information

The sixth census was governed by the same general provisions of law as in 1830. Under the provisions of an act of March 3, 1839 (and amended by an act of February 26, 1840), the enumeration began on June 1, 1840. Marshals were to receive two copies of the census receipts from enumerators by November 1, 1840, one of which was to be sent to the Secretary of State by December 1, 1840. Again, as a result of delays, the deadlines for assistants and marshals were extended to May 1 and June 1, 1841, respectively. (The January 14, 1841 act

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1840 Pensioners Census

The information contained in this 1840 Pensioners Census database is a compilation of the data on the Revolutionary War pensioners gathered from the 1840 census returns. The information is organized by place – state, county, then township. It also lists the name and age of the veteran, and the name of the head of household with whom the pensioner resided on the census date.

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Massachusetts Census Records

Massachusetts Census online research should begin with what is available online for free. If this proves fruitful then congratulations! If not, then I would suggest signing up for the online census images (links to the right) where you can access all the available online Massachusetts census information directly from your computer at home. Parts of the 1800 census for Boston or much of the Suffolk area does not exist. Individuals should look towards the 1798 US Direct Tax for Boston, accessible on Microfilm through the New England Genealogical and Historical Society; or the Tax Valuation List of 1800, where the

1840 Census Index, Waterville, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Bailey, Richard 41 Barn, Ephraim W. 42 Bell, Eli 40 Benam, Parden 42 Bermin, Wilson L. 42 Boger, Benedict, Jr. 40 Botch, Saliman, Jr. 41 Bratty, Joseph 42 Brown, Asahel 44 Brown, Lobeus 42 Brush, Eliphalet 40 Bulle, Francis 44 Bumas, Josiah 45 Buron, Samuel 44 Call, Stephen G. 43 Carpenter, Betcher R. 43 Carpenter, John S. 44 Carpenter, Joseph G. 44 Carpenter, Josiah G. 43 Carpenter, Louis 44 Carpenter, Lucy 40 Carpenter, Phineas 44 Carpenter, Roswell 43 Carpenter, Timothy 40 Chaney, Peter 41 Chapie, Alva 44 Cheney, Thomas 42 Chenry, Joseph 43 Chiney, Samuel B. 41 Church,

1840 Census Index, Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Adams, Elijah  37 Adams, John  35 Adams, Pereter  35 Adams, Sampson  36 Baker, Joseph  37 Baker, Luther  36 Baker, Lydia  33 Baker, Oleth  33 Baker, Parthena  33 Baker, Silas  35 Barber, Giles A.  34 Barber, Paskel  34 Barlow, Truman  36 Barrett, Benjamin  36 Binning, John  36 Bliss, Harlow  37 Brad, Bensalear  35 Brman, Solomon  33 Brush, Abner  37 Brush, Salman  33 Bryant, John C.  35 Bullet, Alexander  37 Bunsler, Elijah  34 Burnham, Erastus  34 Burnham, Riley  35 Cadwell, Betty  35 Cady, Erastus  34 Cady, Josiah N. M.  36 Carlton, Stephen P.  36 Carpenter, John  34 Chadwick, David  34

1840 Vermont Census, Cambridge Twp., Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Armstrong, Martin 31 Atwell, James 27 Atwood, Norman 27 Austin, John 32 Austin, Joseph 31 Austin, Leonard 32 Austin, Welthy 31 Auther, Enoch 32 Barber, Jeremiah 32 Barsh, John 28 Bartlett, Amariah 28 Bauchelletta, Rossiste 29 Bench, Orlen 27 Bennett, Miles 28 Bentley, Elisha 31 Bentley, Levi P. 31 Black, George 27 Blaisdel, Betsy 28 Blaisdel, Jonathan 28 Blaisdel, Lorenzo 28 Blaisdel, William 28 Blaisdell, Daniel 28 Blaisdell, Daniel, Jr. 28 Blanche, John 27 Branon, Joel 30 Briney, Edmund A. 30 Briney, Thomas 32 Brown, Abraham 29 Brush, Harvy 29 Brush, Reubein 29 Buckley, Isaac N. 31 Bumps,

1840 Census Index, Eden, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Abbot, Oliver H. 23 Adams, Curtis 25 Adams, David 25 Adams, Henry 23 Adams, Houtia 26 Adams, James 22 Adams, Joseph 23 Adams, Mason 26 Adams, Nathan 22 Adams, Phineas H. 24 Adams, Reuben 24 Atwell, William C. 25 Austin, John 22 Bassett, George 25 Bassett, Moses 25 Bevin, Charles P. 26 Blake, John 26 Blumley, Jared 24 Brown, Luther H. 24 Cabblugh, Jefferson 24 Carey, Amos 24 Carpenter, Jefferson F. 24 Chiffin, Harger 25 Clark, Orson M. 22 Clark, Patty 24 Clark, William C. 24 Cromsh, David 23 Dodge, Hiram 23 Dodge, James 22 Dodge, Joel 23