1840 Census Index, Waterville, Lamoille County, Vermont

Bailey, Richard41
Barn, Ephraim W.42
Bell, Eli40
Benam, Parden42
Bermin, Wilson L.42
Boger, Benedict, Jr.40
Botch, Saliman, Jr.41
Bratty, Joseph42
Brown, Asahel44
Brown, Lobeus42
Brush, Eliphalet40
Bulle, Francis44
Bumas, Josiah45
Buron, Samuel44
Call, Stephen G.43
Carpenter, Betcher R.43
Carpenter, John S.44
Carpenter, Joseph G.44
Carpenter, Josiah G.43
Carpenter, Louis44
Carpenter, Lucy40
Carpenter, Phineas44
Carpenter, Roswell43
Carpenter, Timothy40
Chaney, Peter41
Chapie, Alva44
Cheney, Thomas42
Chenry, Joseph43
Chiney, Samuel B.41
Church, Ira40
Clark, Seth41
Codding, James41
Cousins, William T.41
Eitherell, Noah40
Fairbanks, John41
Fairbarks, Thomas40
Fapst, Amos40
Fisk, Moses40
Fletcher, Andrew43
Fletcher, Antipass41
Fletcher, Henry45
Fletcher, John43
Fletcherd, Antipas, Jr.44
Foddeny, Russell41
Fuller, Joshua42
Fuller, Whitcom42
Gilfillam, James40
Gilfillan, William41
Glangan, John45
Gleed, John43
Glougson, John44
Goddrey, Abiatham41
Hefthmack, Isaac41
Hemming, Jonathan G.43
Hillery, Amos41
Hilley, Abner40
Hodgekin, Stickney44
Hodgkin, Orsamus44
Hodgkins, George43
Hodgkins, Gilam41
Holmes, Ephraim45
Holmes, Jesse O.41
Holmes, Lyman W.40
Holmes, Thomas40
Hornes, James41
Hotchkiss, James M.40
Hotten, John43
Howard, Lucinda44
Hrammway, Stephen43
Hubbard, Daniel C.41
Hubbard, William C.40
Johanon, Jesse42
Keith, Scot42
Leach, Josiah42
Leach, Lyman42
Leach, Nathan W.40
Leach, Royal P.42
Lenter, Edmand41
Linch, Stephen42
Lock, Jacob41
Lock, Jefferson41
Lock, John43
Lowater, Elias42
Manchester, Solomon40
Mc Farland, Osgood42
Meading, George40
Morse, Alpheus40
Morse, Benjamin42
Morse, Ezekiel P.40
Morse, Thomas42
Mussne, Peter45
Oaks, David41
Olmstead, Ira41
Page, Aaron L.43
Page, Dinah41
Page, Elias G.40
Page, Orro D.40
Page, William40
Patton, Lake40
Pearson, William43
Philip, Moses45
Philips, Amariah41
Philips, Samuel45
Pierce, Rollin42
Pinman, Joseph L.40
Poland, Luther42
Potter, Edmund44
Potter, Josiah W.42
Potter, Theophilus43
Rowell, Joseph40
Russen, Peter44
Shattick, Daniel44
Shattick, Garriet44
Shattick, Jeremiah44
Shattick, Randol45
Shattuck, Hardy44
Shattuck, Jesse44
Shattuck, Joel44
Shearmon, Sarah40
Spencer, John44
Stephens, Ephraim40
Stephens, Valoman42
Taggert, Nancy45
Taylor, Caxcous42
Teniss, Augustus42
Terifs, Ira40
Thomas, Augustus44
Thomas, Washington43
Thomas, William44
Tillotson, Ebenezer45
Tillotson, John41
Tillotson, Nathaniel44
Tillotson, Richard44
Twiss, Milo40
Wadsh, Peter41
Westcot, Charles42
Whitteman, Amos K.44
Wilbur, Perry B.42
Wilbur, William W.42
Willey, Daniel41
Willey, John41
Willey, Silas41
Willey, Sylvanus41
Wisson, Silas B.44
Witherall, William42
Witherell, Abratham42

1840 Census,

Partridge, Dennis N. 1840 Census Index for Lamoille County Vermont © 2001. Web.

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