1759, February 26, Fort Loudoun


j send by the Expres a little Bundle with 3 Skins, which j desire your Excellency to accept them, the Revd. Mr. Richardson who Some before went to Keowee told me, he would take care of them, that poor Gentleman has been obliged to go away, j belive he was afraid to Stay any longer among them, they never would hear him preach, they Said he ______ ______ ____ to great hoary, and it would be time _______, when little Carpenter Should come Home. ____ ____ what to thinck of their Behaviour. They have been always Eashy and quiet. J am told that the Raison of their Sudden change, was, that they thought that the Provinciats when they came at first were Dutchmen,and that great Number were Coming after them. And that the King’s Soldiers were not dressed like them, j have done what j Could to persuad them of the Contrairy, and they are more quiet. When the Hoggs Drivers were passing by Talico, Some of the you Fellows were Sawcy and trew some Stones at them. J complained to the Head Men of the in the Manner that they did. Immediately the Head Men found out those that had done it, had them in the Town House, and Scrached them dry and one of them being absent they took his Brother and Acrached him in the Other’s Room. And they sent me word, that they were very Sorry of what had happened, that they could not help it, and that young people would be Some time Unruly.

j hope you Excellency will tale my case into Consideration, j have nothing to give to the jndians except Some Blankets, Knives, and two Match Coats, j have obliged to Buy, 8 Shirts, pound & half pint, and when the jndians come back from was j have nothing to give them, if the Commisary don’t Send Some very Soon, j have been very Spairing of what j recived long while ago and the jndians thincks that you write to me to give them more than j do. J shall do my best Endeavours to get all the intelligences that j can, out of their private Meetings, j am most Certain, that Old Hop Keep private Correspondence with the French, j have fixed on an jnsian who is not old Hop’s friend, and will let me know it, if he founds it out. j am with Respect


your Excellency’s

Most obedient and most
humble Servant

Paul Demere

P.S. inclosed j send to your Excellency a Return of Provisions belonging to the Publicks in Feby. 1758

History, Letters,

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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