1757, May 26, Paper from O Tafsity

From the Cattawbers
A Coppy of a Paper from O Tafsity, commonly called Judge Friend to, Connecotte called Old hop, May 26th 1757

Brother Connecotte, I have Arrived at the Cattawbers and to Morrow morning, am Setting off for fort Comberland, I have gave the Talk that you gave to me, to the Cattawbers, their being none at home but Old men, the Warriours and beft men is gone to Virginia to war, I am but ten days Short from Seing the Governour of Virginis, and Shall be their Shortly. You may expect to See me in three moons, I shall make all the Last Pofsible, as Soon as I have killed or taken any French or Indians, I shall Return as Soon as Pofsible, Chota being the head of all the Nation, I Desire that you will Send off as Soon as Pofsible all the men you can Spare to fight for our Brothers the Englifh.

We heard a great many Lies, but for the future believe none for I have heard the truth now, therefore Lifsen not to lying Stories, the Chichesaws came here and these the Cocatas and all hath taken up the Hatchet against the french and their Indians, you thought that I should have a Great many men, but you and I was mistaken for I have but thirty men, the Cattawbers have come back, and have brought Sculps and are paid a great Deal, but the Government of Virginia, the Cattawbers have killed four Savannahs and Loft two of their own people and three white men, we heard by very good of our Talk, and Shall for the futerSend to Chota only, and hath Sent a Pipe to Connecotte, the Cattawbers are all out at war against the French but the Beloved men Desired me to call as I came back, and then the Warriours will be at Home, and we Shall have a Talk together, the Cattawbers has found out the french fort and they think its good to travell the Path that leads their for they think its as good as a Ballplay, the Cattaw3bers Says that they are Supplyed by the English and not by the French, and they will hold the Hatchett till Such time that King George tells them to Lay it Down, Chote hath Sent them a Hatchett and they will hold it fast, for Chota & us is all one people and Like Children come from one women and we are now Joined together in warr, and we won’t Leave off till we know who is the beft, don’t think that they are to beat us, for they are not able, for we have heard good, the Cattawbers have Sent a pipe to Chota, that when they come to See you they may Smoke with you in Chota in that Pipe.

His Otafsity

His Tiftoe of Theowee

I appointed a day and gave a ______to great many hear men and others to be present at the reeding of this two papers at the fort the contents were interpreted to them, they all were much jpleased to hear such good News”, the man killer of Tallico was there present too;

R. De
When the great warrier and the Little Carpenter came in the Same was interpreted to them before all their people and met with approbation and aplause of them all.

O Tafsity,

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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