1757, July 9, Fort Loudon Letter 1


On the 5th Instant the two Mefsenger’s that where Sent to the Creek Nation, by Old hop, Arrived at Chota, one of them was not well pleafed, that we Should have killed the Savannah’s, whil he was in the Creek Nation, he Say’s he might have Lost his Life by it, they Report that when the five Savannah’s that made there Escape, got their they made great Complaints to the Creeks, of the I’lh usave of the English, the Creeks told them that they had been too Buisy, and Should not interger themselves in matters which did not concern them, they ought to have Stayed at home, and not carry Lies from one place to another for if you go amongst them again, more of you will be killed,& then you must take that for our pains, this is the Comfort and Re eption the Creek’s gave them; there is two Creek Warriours Sent as Mefsengers to Old hop, which is come in with the two Cherokees, and are now at Chota, with a talk that no Body is to know any thing of the matter till the time tis to be Deliver’d, at the Town house of Chota, which is to be in aeight or ten days hence, Old hop has Sent Runners to all the Towns, even as far as Theowee to Summons people of all the Nation to be prefent at that Talk, we are also to be prefent, but by a good information it has been wifpered to me that it will be a good Talk in favour of the English, On the 6th Instant in the Evening the great warriour of Chota, and the Little Carpenter both Arrived at the fort, with all their people and the white man that went with the Carpenter’s Gang, they meet about five days Journey below this River, they are both come in without any prisoners or Sculps, for they meet with none in their way, and I Certainly believe they went with a very good intent, the Little Carpenter went Down the River and made a Discovery, that they French are making a New Settlement bellow the fork, on the Savannah River, and came immediately to Acquaint me, the Great Warriour went towards the Chocktaw’s, and perceiving a Runner a coming towards them, & his people being to eger for to kill him, fired at too great a Distance, two Shott, which made the fellow Let Drop his Bundle, and make his Excape, the Bundle being openeded the great warriour found three french Letter’s in it, which Monsieur De Villerneve De Montberaut Commander Aux Alibamons, par cette Lettre d’vn. Commandent a’ autre il parvit qu il y a beaucoup Depauurete’ de crainte de inefiance et du inecontentement ches oun. (Cest ce qu il y adebon pour no us) Les deun autres Lettres __e ontauuen Sinification netant que dun amy a Lautre, those letters were interpreted to the Indians that Same Evening, here follows the Little Carpenter’s Talk which he gave me that Same Evening; he Say’s that be is Return’d but has brought nothing with him, that he has been Down to the Fork’s of the River, and that the french is Settling a Little below the mouth of the Savannah River, that early in the morning he heard their Drum beat, & a Little after, he heard three Guns fire, which he takes to be great Gun’s, and is Certain that they are building a fort, therfore he having but few men with him and Expected that the french had Discovered his Company he made all the hast he Could homewards, to Acquaint Capt. Demere of this, and Said that his Brothers at Tufkegee was the people that had wehre with all to enable them., and sSupply them With Such Nefefsary’s as are usefull to them, to fill them out for warr, and the Sooner it was done the better it would be, that he is in hast for a Body of white men to be ready to go with the Indian Down to the Place, for if it Should be Delayed, the french and there Indians would become to Strong Settled, for the french allways has there Indians with them on Such Businefs and it is but a little way from here, & about Sixteen days by Water Down Stream, that there is Plenty of fBuffelows and Bear’s on the way, and no fear of wanting _____. 7 Desired a Spaeady answer from me, I told him that In a day or two he Shoud have one, he Accordingly come, and the great warriour with all their people, on the 8th Instant, after having. Returned them thanks for there good Service, I gave them the following Talk: You wsa Lately at Charleas Town where you heard king George’s Talk and the Governour’s Talk, and now I see that you Remember them, you the great Warriour went to Look for our Enimies to the Choctaw Country and you Atta Thailla Thailla have been down the River another Road, you are both Safe arrived and have brought us News for which we thank you and altho you had not the fortune to kill or take any of our Enemies, it was not the will of the great being above that you Should, however we know you did your Endeavour, the news you bring of the French Settlement at the Fork of the Savannah River, is of Consequence, we are glad you have Discovered them before they are throughly Settled we do not wonder at your being uneasy at their coming So near you, and approve much of your Resolutions to drive them off, for if they are Lett alone they will build fort’s on every fork betwixt here & there and will not Suffer you to go back & forwards on your own River without asking their Leave, the Indians in freindship with them who are at war with you will come & Settle-about them, they will hunt in your Grounds & kill your Deer, and when they think proper will come upon your town this Mischeif ought to be prevented if pofsible and without Lofs of time, but it will Require a great Number of men, what afsistance of men and other tings we can give, you Shall have, and if you think you can wait So Long we will Immediately Dispatch a Mefsenger to Acquaint the Governour with your Talk, and of what afsistance and Necefsaries you Require and I must begg that you’ll Acquaint us fully what you Propose, and what you think you’ll want, Then he proceeded with his Talk, and Says that now he has us all he knew, andthat he would be intirely Govern____ for we are the people on whom they Depend for Arms Ammunition, and Afsistance of men, that as we are _____ this time in a Situation to furnish them with Such ___ of arms etc, and Such a Number of men as ma enable them to Attempt the Driving away the french from the place where they are settled, he Approves of the Governour’s being immediately Sent too, but things are Generally So Long before they are Determined in Carolina, that he Doubts much of Succefs, for his own part he thinks the french are come upon no good Designe, altho many of his Nation may think that they are, and if his Brothers the English will afsist him he will Attemp to Bislodge them, he knows they have men Enough in Carolina, if they are but willing, and now is the time to do it, for in time they will become too Strong, he thinks the french intends to Serve this Nation as they wanted to Serve the Chickesaws, and he thinks it beft to prevent them if Pofsible, I am with the Greatest of Refpect.

Your excellency most Humble and Obedient Servant

Ray Demere

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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