1757, February 23, Supplying the Garrison of Fort Loudon

The following officers were this day called together by orders of Capt. Raymond Demere to consult the most Expedient Method for Supplying the Garrison of Fort Loudon with Provisions and to examine the Commifsary’s Return of this Date.

VizCapt. John Portell
Luiet Probart Howorth
Luiet John Grey
Luiiet Robert Wall
Luiet James Adamson
Ensign Richard Coytmore Ensign Maurice Anderson

Upon Examining the Commifsary’s Return of this date, we find the following Provifsions in the Store
Corn Flower
110 Buffshells
Salt Pork
4 Quarters

Making in the whole 16 days Bread and 2 days _______ for the whole Garrifson

We Unanimously agree
Firt That the Commqanding Officer do sent Immediately for W. John Elliott and appoint one of the Said Officers to Treat and agree with W. Elliott for all the corn he can Spare at the Lowest Price.

2__That the Commifsary do take the most Speedy Method to forward to this Fort all the Provifsions at Fort Prince George.

3__The the Commifsary do also Make use of the Quickest Measures to forward the Provifsions from the Congrees which the Commandg Officers ordered him to Purchase.

4__That all the live Stock be killed and Salted as soon as Proper Cisterns be Made for that Purpose.

John Postell
P. Howorth
John Gray
Robert Wall
James Adamson
Richard Coytmore
Maurice Anderson

History, Letters,

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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