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An important Plains tribe of the great Algonquian family, closely associated with the Cheyenne for at least a century past. They call themselves Iñunaina, about equivalent to ‘our people.’ The name by which they are commonly known is of uncertain derivation, but it may possibly be, as Dunbar suggests, from the Pawnee tirapihu or larapihu, ‘trader.’ By the Sioux and Cheyenne they are called ” Blue-sky men ” or “Cloud men,” the reason for which is unknown. Read more about Arapaho Tribe History.

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The list of tribes and organizations below are not federally recognized. Many of them are state recognized organizations only or working towards federal recognition. We do not have the resources to check the validity of each and every organization and expect that you should before attempting to join or send a monetary contribution. We will provide a listing for any Native American organization or tribe.  If you would like your organization listed please submit the information here.


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The Cheyenne and Arapaho Ordeal: Reservation and Agency Life in the Indian Territory, 1875-1907
This book recounts the reservation period of the Cheyennes and the Arapahoes in western Oklahoma and the following fifteen years. It is an investigation-and an indictment-of the assimilation and reservation policies thrust upon them in the latter half of the nineteenth century, policies that succeeded only in doing enormous damage to sturdy, vital people.
Confined to a reservation in the Indian Territory in 1875, the Southern Cheyennes and their neighbors, the Arapahoes, traditionally hunting and mobile societies, were forced into the federal government’s image of “educated, Christian farmer-citizens.” Lacking the support of adequate appropriations or protective legislation, the Cheyennes’ lives were dominated by hunger, disease, and despair. Continuing niggardliness on the part of Congress in providing adequate agricultural equipment and instruction and an environment hostile to cultivation made agricultural self-sufficiency all but impossible.

Indians of the Pike’s Peak Region
Including an Account of the Battle of Sand Creek, and of Occurrences in El Paso County, Colorado, during the War with the Cheyenne and Arapaho, in 1864 and 1868. For the most part this book is intentionally local in its character. As its title implies, it relates principally to the Indian tribes that have occupied the region around Pike’s Peak during historic times.


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AccessGenealogy. Tribal Genealogy Research: Directory of online resources for specific tribes. Web. 2009-2013.

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  1. Cheyenne is my daughter and is very interested in knowing her culture and where and who she is dec ended from . I know very little about my relatives as my brothers and sisters and me were removed from our parents when I was 4 or 5 the only info I can give her is: mother was daisy Bernice Sutton and her parents were Anna Sleeper and Frank Sutton Anna’s parents were Hattie Smith and Sleeper
    Frank’s parents were janadasay(Nancy ruth) Red hat .her parents were little chief aka white hawk and Darkface watches aka terrace still researching but if anyone remembers these people appreciate info

  2. Cheyenne portillo

    Hello family my mother is a satawake decendant of cheyenne woman and one arm arapaho/cheyenne tribe concho they are listed on roles if anyone can help or is related and would like to compare lines pls be in touch love to all my relatives
    -cheyenne sky portillo
    Bakersfield ca

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