Biographical Sketch of Mrs. P. W. Samuel

(See Grant and Ghigau)—Florence Wilson McSpadden, born June 26, 1873 at Tahlequah. Educated at the Tahlequah City Schools and graduated from Female Seminary, June 23, 1892.

Married at Tahlequah in January 1895 to Philip Wharton Samuel born September 19, 1867 in Galloway County, Missouri and graduated from Spaulding’s Business College May 2, 1888. They are the parents of Vance Ray, born November 21, 1897 and Maurine Sam­uel born October 22, 1902.

Philip Wharton Samuel is very prominent in the banking circles of the State, having been Cashier of the First National Bank at Pryor, President of First State Bank of Vinita for seven years, Cashier and late President of the Oklahoma State of Muskogee, which was changed under his management to the Exchange National Bank.

Mrs. Samuel is a member of the Methodist Church and was a tireless worker in World War Auxiliary activities.

Janies Walker, son of Reverend J. K. B. McSpadden, was born October 25, 1848 in Alabama, married April 18, 1872 Annie, daughter of Dr. Jeter Lynch and Mary Jane (Taylor) Thompson born May 4, 1852 in Delaware District, Cherokee Nation. They were the parents of Florence Wilson; Richard Vance, Mary Jane, who married Thomas R. Crookshank and James Walker McSpadden, Jr.

Mrs. Samuel’s grandfather, Rev. Thomas K. B. McSpadden joined the Methodist In­dian Conference October 30, 1879. He was from the Van Buren circuit of north Alabama. The rest of life work of this truly consecrated Missionary was among the Cherokees. He died in 1878 while in charge of the Fort Gibson Circuit.


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