Roll Of Lieut. Roswell Fuller’s Company

(Probably from Delaware County)

Served from August 23, until September 24, 1812.

Lieut. Roswell Fuller
Ensign, Joseph Higgins
Sergt. Nathan King
Sergt. Martin Pace
Sergt. David Buell
Sergt. Darius Bardsley
Corp. Truman Case
Corp. Norman Case
Drummer Nathaniel Carpenter
Fifer, John Hardin


Benjamin, Daniel
Carpenter, Alfred
Case, Ralph
Davis, Eleazar
Ely, Peter
Gibson, Samuel
Herrick, Septemus
Higgins, Ebenezer
Higgins, Josiah
Keys, Talmon
Millhiser, Phillip
Patton, William
Pierce, Ariel
Powers, Luther
Ryan, Edward
Scribner Elias
Shaw, Benjamin
Skeels, Reuben
Tuller, Roswell, Jr.
Vinning, Elver
Watson, William
Zimmerman, Henry

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