Roll Of Capt. William Rutledge’s Mounted Company

(Probably from Ross County)

Served from May 7, until May 20, 1813.

Capt. William Rutledge
Lieut. William Lamb
Ensign James Reyborn
Sergt. Nathaniel Spencer
Sergt. Daniel Kerr
Sergt. Garnet Lauman
Sergt. John Watson
Corp. John Gilfillan
Corp. James Bramble
Corp. William Baley
Corp. James McCallister


Anderson, John
Anderson, Levi
Arrington, David
Baitman, William
Brown, Edmond
Brown, Peter
Chestnut, William
Clark, John
Clark, William
Clifford, James
CPhillips, James
Crampton, John
Curtis, Drayton N.
Edwards, Edward
Fortimer, Richard
Fortney, Peter
Frye, Joseph
Fultz, Conder
Gibbs, James
Green, George
Hume, George
James, Adam
Kelley, Jonothan
Lacey, John
Leister, Peter
Lownes, George
Mayhigh, Levin
McCollister, Daniel
McCollister, Henry
McCormick, Samuel
Millar, William
Mills, Levin
Onley, Charles
Pickens, John
Prentice, Henry L
Reese, Ludwick
Romine, Amos
Romine, Elias
Scott, James
Smith, Amos
Smith, George
Smith, Green
Snyder, John
Stoll, Frederick
Thompson, Abraham
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, William
Tiffin, Clayton
Tucker, John
Utt, Adam
Utt, Jacob
Walker, John
White, Thornely L.
Williams, William
Wright, Moses H.

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