Roll Of Capt. Samuel Denison’s Company

(Probably from Trumbull and Mahoning Counties).

Served from August 26, until November 16, 1812.

Captain Samuel Denison
Lieut. David Augustus Adams
Ensign William Swan
Sergt. Benjamin Armitage
Sergt. Amos Gray
Sergt. William Carlton
Sergt. David Dunwoodie
Sergt. Jesse Alderman
Sergt. Nathaniel Cook
Corp. James Walton
Corp. Robert Stewart
Corp. Matthew J. Scott
Corp. David Raner
Drummer, William Moon
Fifer, Joseph McGill


Amiestein, Daniel
Anderson, James
Armitage, Ephraim
Arrel, John
Baggs, Joseph, Sr.
Barsley, Josiah
Beard, John
Bell, William
Boyd, Andrew
Bredon, John
Brothers, John
Buchanan, William
Carlton, Peter
Carr, John
Cowden, Ranels
Cowden, William
Crawford, William
Crays, Alexander
Dawson, Aaron
Day, John
Dickson, John
Dinwiddie, John
Dinwiddie, Thomas
Eckman, James
Ferguson, Samuel
Fight, Jacob
Fight, Jacob, Jr.
Fowler, Thomas
Gwahe, Robert
Henry, Francis
Hits, George
Howard, William
Kays, David
Kimmel, Philip
Leonard, John
Liddle, John
Linn, James
Lyon, Isaac
Mann, Samuel
McClellan, David
McConnal, David
McConnal, John
McConnal, Philip
McDonald, James
McGill, Robert
McGill, William
McKinney, Henry
McKinney, William
McKnit, William
McMurray, John
McMurray, William
Miller, Conrad
Moon, James
Moore, John
Moore, Sampson
Nelson, John
Noble, David
Oswal, Jacob
Poly, John
Poyers, John
Ripple, George
Rose, John
Rummel, Henry
Stephenson, Elijah
Stewart, David
Storm, Michael
Stout, Jonothan
Swazer, Isaac
Tully, John
Walter, Robert
Wilson, David
Wilson, Edward
Wilson, Thomas
Yost, John

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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