Roll Of Capt. Abner Barrett’s Company

(Probably from Champaign County)

Served from August 21, until October 21, 1812 and from January 1 until February 21, 1813.

Capt. Abner Barrett
Lieut. William Chenoweth
Ensign, John Owen
Sergt. Wanet Owen
Sergt. Thomas Green
Sergt. Jesse Frankelberger
Sergt. Daniel Weal
Corp. Daniel Helmick
Corp. James Walker
Corp. Stephen Runyon
Corp. William Runyon
Drummer, John Rupe
Fifer, John Swisher


Bay, Hugh
Bay, Robert
Beatty, William
Bishop, Aquilla
Blue, William
Bouseman, John
Brousman, Nicodemus
Carbert, Thomas
Clark, Abraham
Conkel, Michal
Coon, Barnabus
Cosan, Thomas
Coterel, Hiram
Cowan, Miles
Curl, Jeremiah
Dawson, William
Flood, Francis
Frerwode, John
Frerwods, John
Gilmore, John
Gilpin, Elias
Graften, James
Gran, William
Green, William
Hashparger, Christian
Helmick, Daniel
Hendrix, John
Hobson, John
Hoge, James
Huffman, Abraham
Kelley, John
Kizer, Joseph
Leeper, James
Littell, David
Lonsdale, Thomas
Mathews, George
Mayfield, Emanuel
McKinney, Edward
Menice, John
Merchant, Joseph
Monmar, William
Moody, David
Morris, John
Neville, James
Nicles, Ninion
Nunengan, William
Peno, Jacob
Pettiend, Horatio
Rector, William
Reed, James
Rees, Jeremiah
Rodes, Conway
Rodes. William
Russell, James
Sargent, Enock
Scribner, Aaron
Shepard, William
Sibart, George
Sprey, Lodman
Standford, Elijah
Stanford, E
Stanley, Thomas
Stanley, William
Storm, Henry
Sweet, Joshua
Swisher, Jacob
Templin, James
Waltz, Edward
Weever, Aaron
Wells, Joseph
West, Stake
Yutsler, Jacob

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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