Civil History of Croydon NH

Town Clerks – The following is a list of town clerks from 1768-1885 inclusive.

  • Moses Whipple, from 1768 to 1772.
  • John Cooper, from 1772 to 1775.
  • Moses Whipple, from 1775 to 1781.
  • From 1781 to 1783, no records.
  • Stephen Powers, from 1783 to 1789.
  • Jesse Green, from 1789 to 1795.
  • Jacob Haven, from 1795 to 1798.
  • Reuben Carroll, from 1798 to 1805.
  • Benjamin Barton, from 1805 to 1806.
  • Reuben Carroll, from 1806 to 1807.
  • Jacob Haven, from 1807 to 1815.
  • Stephen Eastman, from 1815 to 1816.
  • Jacob Haven, from 1816 to 1837.
  • Benjamin Skinner, from 1837 to 1841.
  • Daniel R. Hall, from 1841 to 1850.
  • Nathan Hall, from 1850 to 1861.
  • Daniel R. Hall, from 1861 to 1862.
  • Dellavan D. Marsh, from 1862 to 1864.
  • Nathan Hall, from 1864 to 1865.
  • Dellavan D. Marsh, from 1865 to 1866.
  • Alonzo Allen, from 1866 to 1885.

Representatives – The following is a list of the Representatives of Croydon, from 1800 to 1885 inclusive.

1800 Benjamin Barton1838 Joseph Eastman
1801 Samuel Powers1839 Joseph Eastman
1802 Samuel Powers1840 John Putnam
1803 Benjamin Barton1841 Calvin Hall
1804 Samuel Powers1842 (none)
1805 Samuel Powers1843 Alexander Barton
1806 Samuel Powers1844 Lemuel B. Cooper
1807 Samuel Powers1845 Lemuel B. Cooper
1808 Samuel Powers1846 Ruel Durkee
1809 Peter Snow1847 Ruel Durkee
1810 James Breck1848 Lester Blanchard
1811 James Breck1849 Lester Blanchard
1812 Samuel Goldthwait1850 (none)
1813 James Breck1851 Pliny Hall
1814 James Breck1852 Pliny Hall
1815 Obed Metcalf1853 Alfred Ward
1816 Nath. Wheeler, Jr.1854 Alfred Ward
1817 Stephen Eastman1855 Freeman Crosby
1818 Stephen Eastman1856 Wm. M. Whipple
1819 Stephen Eastman1857 Martin A. Barton
1820 Abijah Powers1858 Freeman Crosby
1821 Abijah Powers1859 No choice
1822 Obed Metcalf1860 No choice
1823 Abijah Powers1861 Paine Durkee
1824 Amasa Hall1862 Daniel R. Hall
1825 Amasa Hall1863 Daniel R. Hall
1826 Carlton Barton1864 Den. Humphrey
1827 Briant Brown1865 Den. Humphrey
1828 Briant Brown1866 Worthen Hall
1829 Zina Goldthwait1867 Worthen Hall
1830 Carlton Barton1868 Albina Hall
1831 Paul Jacobs1869 Albina Hall
1832 Hiram Smart1870 Eras. D. Comings
1833 Zina Goldthwait1871 Eras. D. Comings
1834 Samuel Morse1872 Otis Cooper
1835 Paul Jacobs1873 Otis Cooper
1836 Alexander Barton1874 Nath. P. Stevens
1837 Alexander Barton1875 Nath. P. Stevens
1876 John Blanchard1881 Hubbard Cooper
1877 John Blanchard1882 Hubbard Cooper
1878 George W. Dunbar1883 Daniel Ide
1879 George W. Dunbar1884 Daniel Ide
1880 George W. Dunbar1885 Slyv. G. Walker

The following is an imperfect list of those who have been called to represent other towns, and who received their political training in Croydon:

  • Solomon Clement, Springfield, NH  
  • Orra C. Howard, Springfield, NH
  • Amos Hall, Grantham, NH
  • Adolphus Hall, Grantham, NH
  • William Melendy, Springfield, NH
  • James Breck, Newport, NH
  • John P. Stowell, Newport, NH
  • James Hall, Newport, NH
  • Zina Goldthwait, Newport, NH
  • Edmund Wheeler, Newport, NH
  • Levi W. Barton, Newport, NH
  • Paul J. Wheeler, Newport, NH
  • Henry Breck, Cornish, NH
  • Orlando Powers, Cornish, NH
  • Horace Powers, Morristown, VT
  • John L. Marsh, Jefferson Co., NY
  • Moses Humphrey, Concord, NH
  • Aaron Barton, Piermont, NH
  • Hiram Smart, Jr., Plaistow, NH
  • Orra Crosby, Hardwick, VT
  • Luther J. Fletcher, Lowell, MA
  • Joshua B. Merrill, Barnstead, NH
  • Sherburne Merrill, Colebrook, NH
  • Alvin Sargent, Sanborton, NH
  • Charles Rowell, Allentown, NH
  • John Ferrin, Morristown, VT
  • Harrison Ferrin, Morristown, VT
  • Nathaniel Cooper, Leon, NY
  • Alexander Barton, Ludlow, VT
  • Jonas C. Kempton, Nashua, NH
  • James W. Putnam, Danvers, MA
  • George F. Putnam, Warren, NH
  • William Breck, Claremont, NH
  • Stillman Humphrey, Concord, NH
  • Alvin Sargent, Holderness, NH
  • Joseph Sargent, died in army.
  • Daniel Warren, Waterbury, VT

Selectmen – The following is a list of the Selectmen of Croydon, from 1768 to 1885 inclusive: 1768.-Moses Leland, Moses Whipple, David Warren.
1769.-Moses Leland, Moses Whipple, Stephen Powers.
1770.-Isaac Sanger, Moses Whipple, Stephen Powers.
1771.-Moses Whipple, Stephen Powers, David Warren.
1772.-John Cooper, Moses Whipple, Stephen Powers.
1773.-John Cooper, Moses Whipple, Benjamin Swinnerton.
1774.-Moses Whipple, John Cooper, Stephen Powers.
1775.-Moses Whipple, Stephen Powers, Phineas Sanger.
1776.-John Cooper, Moses Whipple, Benjamin Swinnerton.
1777.-Moses Whipple, Stephen Powers, Phineas Sanger.
1778.-Stephen Powers, Benjamin Swinnerton, Joseph Hall.
1779.-Moses Whipple, John Cooper, Stephen Powers.
1780.-Moses Whipple, John Powers, Benjamin Powers,
1781.-Stephen Powers, Phineas Sanger, David Putnam.
1782.-John Cooper, Moses Whipple, Stephen Powers.
1785.-Edward Hall, Stephen Powers, Phineas Sanger.
1786.-John Cooper, Edward Hall, Moses Whipple.
1787.-Stephen Powers, Benjamin Barton, Simeon Partridge.
1788.-Benjamin Barton, Jesse Green, David Putnam.
1789.-John Cooper, Benjamin Powers, Ezra Cooper.
1790.-Benjamin Barton, Abijah Hall, John Cooper, Jr.
1791.-Benjamin Barton, David Putnam, John Cooper.
1792.-Benjamin Barton, David Putnam, Samuel Powers.
1793.-Benjamin Barton, David Putnam, Samuel Powers.
1794.-Benjamin Barton, John Cooper, Jr., Nathaniel Wheeler.
1795.-Benjamin Barton, John Cooper, Jr., David Putnam.
1796.-Benjamin Barton, Thomas Whipple, David Putnam.
1797.-Samuel Powers, Simeon Partridge, Peter Stow.
1798.-Benjamin Barton, John Cooper, Jr., Thomas Whipple.
1799.-Benjamin Barton, Samuel Powers, Simeon Partridge.
1800.-Benjamin Barton, John Cooper, Jr., Samuel Powers.
1801.-John Cooper, Jr., Peter Barton, John Nelson.
1802.-Benjamin Barton, Peter Barton, John Nelson.
1803.-Samuel Powers, Peter Stow, Peter Barton.
1804.-Peter Stow, Peter Barton, Barnabas Cooper.
1805.-Peter Stow, Samuel Goldthwaite, Peter Barton.
1806.-Benjamin Barton, John Nelson, Stephen Eastman.
1807.-Peter Stow, Obed Metcalf, Stephen Eastman.
1808.-Peter Stow, John Cooper, Asaph Stow.
1809.-John Cooper, James Breck, Asaph Stow.
1810.-John Cooper, James Breck, Stephen Eastman.
1811.-James Breck, Stephen Eastman, John Humphry.
1812.-James Breck, Stephen Eastman, Abijah Powers.
1813.-Benjamin Barton, Stephen Eastman, Abijah Powers.
1814.-John Humphry, Obed Metcalf, Solomon Clement.
1815.-James Breck, Benjamin Barton, Nathaniel Wheeler, Jr.
1816.-Benjamin Barton, Obed Metcalf, Stephen Eastman.
1817.-Stephen Eastman, Abijah Powers, Ezra Dustin.
1818.-John Humphry, Nathaniel Wheeler, Jr., Elisha Partridge.
1819.-Nathaniel Wheeler, Jr., Edward Putnam, Zina Goldthwait.
1820.-Stephen Eastman, Nathaniel Wheeler, Jr., Henry Breck.
1821.-Nathaniel Wheeler, John Humphry, Obed Metcalf.
1822.-Nathaniel Wheeler, Jr., John Humphry, Obed Metcalf.
1823.-Stephen Eastman, Samuel Morse, Edward Hall.
1824.-Stephen Eastman, Abijah Powers, Edward Hall.
1825.-Abijah Powers, Stephen Eastman, Carlton Barton.
1826.-Nathaniel Wheeler, Jr., Zina Goldthwait David Whipple.
1827.-Abijah Powers, Carlton Barton, Edward Hall.
1828.-Abijah Powers, Carlton Barton, Hiram Smart.
1829.-Carlton Barton, Benjamin Barton, John Barton.
1830.-Hiram Smart, Briant Brown, John Barton.
1831.-Hiram Smart, Carlton Barton, Moses Eastman.
1832.-Carlton Barton, Paul Jacobs, Zina Goldthwait.
1833.-Hiram Smart, James Hall, Jr., Lemuel P. Cooper.
1834.-Hiram Smart, Zina Goldthwait, Moses Eastman.
1835.-Henry Breck, Zina Goldthwait, Moses Eastman.
1836.-Carlton Barton, Lemuel P. Cooper, Calvin Hall.
1837.-Lemuel P. Cooper, Calvin Hall, John Putnam.
1838.-Nathaniel Wheeler, Jr., John Putnam, Sherburne B. Rowell.
1839.-Lemuel P. Cooper, Calvin Hall, Peter Barton.
1840.-Calvin Hall, William C. Carroll, Sherburne B. Rowell.
1841.-Hiram Smart, Ruel Durkee, Calvin Kempton.
1842.-William C. Carroll, Ruel Durkee, Freeman Crosby.
1843.-Hiram Smart, Lemuel P. Cooper, John C. Loverin.
1844.-Ruel Durkee, John C. Loverin, Timothy G. Powers.
1845.-Ruel Durkee, Timothy G. Powers, William Darling.
1846.-John Putnam, Josiah Ide, Moses Haven.
1847.-Timothy G. Powers, Moses Haven, Ariel Hall.
1848.-Lemuel P. Cooper, John Putnam, Martin A. Barton.
1849.-Ruel Durkee, Paul J. Wheeler, Edmund Rowell.
1850.-Ruel Durkee, Dellavan D. Marsh, Dennison Humphrey.
1851.-Martin A. Barton, Ruel Durkee, Paine Durkee.
1852.-Ruel Durkee, Dellavan D. Marsh, Hiram C. Brown.
1853.-Ruel Durkee, Hiram C. Brown, Lemuel P. Cooper.
1854.-John Putnam, Dellavan D. Marsh, Caleb L. Barton.
1855.-Daniel R. Hall, Otis Cooper, Elias Powers.
1856.-Hiram C. Brown, Erasmus D. Comings, Martin C. Bartlett.
1857.-Ruel Durkee, Martin C. Bartlett, Welcome P. Partridge.
1858.-Erasmus D. Comings, Dellavan D. Marsh, Albert G. Barton.
1859.-Ruel Durkee, Nathaniel P. Stevens, Hiram P. Kempton.
1860.-Ruel Durkee, Nathaniel P. Stevens, Hiram P. Kempton.
1861.-Ruel Durkee, John W. Putnam, Martin C. Bartlett.
1862.-Ruel Durkee, Nathan Hall, David E. Ryder.
1863.-Ruel Durkee, Nathan Hall, William W. Hall.
1864.-Ruel Durkee, William W. Hall, Daniel Ide.
1865.-Reel Durkee, William W. Hall, Elias Powers.
1866.-Ruel Durkee, Elias Powers, Oliver C Forehand.
1867.-Ruel Durkee, Caleb K. Loverin, Joshua A. Codman.
1868.-Ruel Durkee, Oliver C. Forehand, John Blanchard.
1869.-Ruel Durkee, John Blanchard, James W. Davis.
1870.-Ruel Durkee, James W. Davis, George N. Smith.
1871.-Ruel Durkee, William W. Ryder, Andrew J. Sawyer.
1872.-Ruel Durkee, Dennison Humphrey, Francis Dodge.
1873.-Ruel Durkee, Dennison Humphrey, Francis Dodge.
1874.-Reel Durkee, Francis Dodge, William W. Ryder.
1875.-Ruel Durkee, William W. Ryder, Frederick Barton.
1876.-Ruel Durkee, William W. Ryder, Frederick Barton.
1877.-Ruel Durkee, William W. Ryder, Frederick Barton.
1878.-Ruel Durkee, Frederick Barton, Sylvester G. Walker.
1879.-Ruel Durkee, Sylvester G. Walker, Eugene A. Rowell.
1880.-Ruel Durkee, Sullivan J. Brown, Harrison Stockwell.
1881.-Ruel Durkee, Sullivan J. Brown, Harrison Stockwell.
1882.-Ruel Durkee, Harrison Stockwell, Dana W. Barton.
1883.-Hezekiah E. Hanson, William B. Kibby, Ruel D. Loverin.
1884.-Hezekiah E. Hanson, William B. Kibby Prentis S. Blanchard.
1885.-George W. Stockwell, Charles H. Forehand, John C. Loverin.

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE AND QUORUM. The following is a list of the justices of the peace:

Alonzo Allen.Martin A. Barton.
Benjamin Barton, Jr.Leonard P. Cooper.
John Cooper.James C. Grandy.
Daniel R. Hall.Worthen Hall.
Nathan Hall.Albina Hall.
Paul Jacobs.Samuel Morse.
Abijah Powers.Elias Powers.
Benjamin Barton.Henry Hurd.
John Barton.Dellavan D. Marsh.
Solomon Clement.Stephen Power.
Isaac Cooper.John W. Putnam.
Otis Cooper.Sherburne B. Rowell.
William Dodge.Benjamin Skinner.
Ruel Durkee.Hiram Smart.
Paine Durkee.Allen Town.
Stephen Eastman.Moses Whipple.
Joseph Eastman.Nathan. Wheeler, Jr.
Charles H. Forehand.Paul J. Wheeler.
Lyman Hall.William M. Whipple.


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