Biographical Sketch of W. E. Sanders

(See Sanders, Scraper, Oolootsa, Ghigau, Adair and Duncan) -William Edward Sanders, born in Going Snake District, April 2, 1861. Educated in the Cherokee Public Schools.

Married March 2, 1890, Sarah Catherine Scrimsher, born July 27, 1866. She died January 28, 1892.

They were the parents of John Gunter Sanders, born April 23, 1891. Mr. Sander married at Adair in 1894 Etta Jane, daughter of Henry Harrison and Narcissa Jane (Duncan) Scraper born in 1871 in Salina District. She was educated at Worcester Academy, Vinita and Female Seminary. They are the parents of: William Edward, born October 24, 1896; Dewitt Clark, born ,tune 30, 1898; Henry K. born October 1, 1902; Connelly, born August 16, 1906 and Owen Bates Sanders, born Sept. 25, 1914.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanders are Baptists. He is a Modern Woodman and a Mason. Blessed with a splendid earnest, honest personality, he has been chosen by good majorities by his fellow citizens for the following positions Sheriff of Cooweescoowee District elected August 3, 1885, August 1, 1887, and August 3, 1891; Senator from the same district, August 1, 1893; Sheriff of Rogers County, November 8, 1910; County Commissioner of the same county, November 5, 1918 and November 2, 1920.

Mrs. Sanders’ father was the son of George W. Scraper and was Orderly Sergeant of Company D, Second In. than Home Guards, U. S. A.


Rogers County OK,

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