Biographical Sketch of Mrs. J. S. Jones

(See Foreman).— Mary Elizabeth Dege, born in Atlanta, Georgia, October 30, 1881, educated at Pryor and Female Seminary. Married Oct­ober 5, 1907, J. S. Jones, D. D. S. They are the parents of James Staunton, born January 5, 1909; Mary Pauline, born July 7. 1911 and Helen Mercedes Jones, born September 13, 1913.

Dr. Jones is a graduate of the Southern Dental College of Atlanta, Georgia. He was a volunteer in the World War and was stationed at Camp Greenleaf, was commissioned a First Lieutenant and transferred to Camp Mills, N. Y. Received his discharge on January 21, 1919. He is at present the Commander of the American Legion camp at Pryor. Mrs. Dr. Jones belongs to the Baptist church, is an Eastern Star and White Shriner.

Anthony Foreman, a Scotchman married Susie, a full blood Cherokee of the Savannah Clan and their daughter Catherine married James Bigby.

They were the parents of Mary Anna Bigby, born August 9, 1802, she married David Taylor, born in Orange County, Virginia, December 16, 1791.

Their son James Taylor was the father of Laura Alice Taylor, born June 10, 1846, in North Carolina, married at Walhalla, South Caro­lina, October 13, 1867.

John Henry Dege born February 4, 1845 in Bassum, Hanover Germany and they were the parents of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Jones.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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