Biographical Sketch of B. H. Markham

(See Ghigau)-Bettie Ann, daughter of James Walker and Lucy Cordelia Skinner, was born April 12, 1888.

Married at Clarksville, Arkansas, December 23, 1909 Baird Hackett Markham, born March 28, 1887, in Decatur, Texas.

They are the parents of Jewell Marie, born August 17, 1911 and Baird Hackett, son of Winston Baird and Ada Hackett Markham, born April 12, 1916. Mr. Markham was educated in the Denison High School an the Texas Christian University of Waco, graduating from both.

He is the owner of the Markham Motor Company of Oklahoma City. Mr. and Mrs. Markham are members of the Presbyterian church. He is affiliated with the Elks, Odd Fellows, Woodmen and Knights of Pythias. Is a member of the Kiwanee, Golf, Automobile, Lakeside Country, Add Centarian, National Guard, National Highway, Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Clubs. He has been President of the Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association, president of the National Guard Club and Colonel of the Oklahoma National Guards by virtue of which he was acting Adjutant General of Oklahoma.

Lucy Cordelia, daughter of Judge George Washington and Louisa (Spriggs) Parks, was born June 12, 1852. Married September 26, 1876 James Walker Skinner, born June 15, 1844 in Kentucky. He was captain of Company A, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry under Colonel Basil Duke. Mrs. Skinner died July 29, 1896 and he died July 11, 1921. They were the parents of: Rosa Louisa, Willie, Thomas Fox, Morgan Desha, Galooga Theresa, Bettie Ann and Mary Ann Skinner. Rosa Louisa Skinner married Elizur B. Neville. Willie Skinner married Silas M. Meeks. Galooga Theresa Skinner married Seth Reed. Bettie Ann Skinner married B. H. Markham and lives in Oklahoma City.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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