A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri

A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri
Map of Early Missouri Settlements

A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri was written by William Bryan in 1876. William along with his associate, Robert Rose, traversed by horse across five counties in the state of Missouri interviewing families for the information found in this manuscript. As such, readers should not use this as the Gospel for these early Missouri families. Research is warranted to validate what the families claimed, as they were often in error, merely detailing the information passed down to them. Even William acknowledged such in his preface to the book. The five counties included were: Audrain, Callaway, Montgomery, St. Charles and Warren.

At the time William wrote this manuscript, Missouri was mostly a rural state. But it had seen its largest influx of new residents in the prior two decades. Details on whom he and Robert chose to be representative of those “pioneer” families was never mentioned. One can only assume that they chose those families which were known to have been early arrivals in Missouri and to still have family in the five counties mentioned earlier.

Biographies from A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri


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