Biographical Sketch of Conrad Yate

Conrad Yate, of Germany, came to America and settled first in Virginia, where he married. In 1818 he came to Missouri and settled in Warren County. During his residence here he built four mills (one run by water, two by horses, and one by oxen), and one distillery. His children were Joseph, Peter S., Polly, Elizabeth, Nancy, Henry, Sarah, Catharine, Charles, and George W. Joseph married Polly Phoenix, and settled in Pike Co., Mo. Polly married John Johnson, of Pike County. Elizabeth married Joseph King, of Montgomery County. Nancy married Colonel Reuben Pew, of Montgomery County. Henry married Susan Shields, of Pike County. Sarah married Israel Sitters, of Callaway County. Catharine married Nicholas Bradley, of Callaway County. Charles married Judith Jamison, of Callaway County. George W. married Elizabeth Coil, and settled in Warren County. Peter S. married Miss Slonce, of Kentucky, and settled in Warren County in 1818. He built a stone chimney 8×9 feet in size, and afterward built a cabin to the chimney. He obtained assistance from St. Charles County to raise his cabin, and as he furnished plenty of good whisky, it took them a week to finish it. When the house was completed he gave a dance, and during the night the floor gave way and let them all down into the cellar. Thomas Howell played the fiddle, and Rev. Thomas Bowen, who was a young man then, danced as vigorously as any of the other guests.



Germany, Warren County MO,

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