Biography of Robert Sheperd Kneeland

ROBERT SHEPHERD KNEELAND – Prominent in the business life of Springfield, Massachusetts, as a lawyer of attainments, who enjoys the good will of the community-at-large as well as of his compeers in his own profession, is Robert Shepherd Kneeland, engaged since 1911, in a general law practice under his own name. He is the son of Frederick N. and Adelaide Frances (Dyer) Kneeland, both of Massachusetts, the father a banker.

Robert Shepherd Kneeland was born at Northampton, Massachusetts, April 26, 1883. He received his preliminary education in the public and high schools of Northampton, after which he entered Amherst College, graduated there in the class of 1905 with the degree of A. B., and three years later from the Harvard Law School with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. In 1908, immediately after graduation, he was admitted to the Massachusetts bar, and entered the office of judge William G. Bassett and Judge Edward L. Shaw, in Northampton. In 1911 he commenced his practice in Springfield, where he has continued ever since, gradually building up for himself a successful practice that testifies to the quality of his services. He is a member of the Beta Theta Pi and the Phi Beta Kappa fraternities, the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the Hampden County Bar Association, and the Massachusetts Bar Association. Politically, Mr. Kneeland is a Republican, and his religious affiliations are with Faith Church, of Springfield.

Mr. Kneeland married, October 4, 1911, Anna Peters, of Watertown, New York.



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