Descendants of Richard Kimball of Ipswich MA

KIMBALL. Richard Kimball, of the parish of Rattlesden, County of Suffolk, England, with his family, came to New England in the ship “Elizabeth” in 1634, arriving at Boston, and thence went to Watertown, Mass. He soon became a prominent and active man in the new settlement, was proclaimed a freeman in 1635, and was proprietor in 1636-37. Soon thereafter he removed to Ipswich, where he passed the remainder of his life. His services as a wheelwright were very much appreciated. Mr. Kimball married Ursula, daughter of Henry Scott, of Rattlesden, and (second) Oct. 25, 1661, Mrs. Margaret Dow, of Hampton, N. H. He died June 22, 1675. His widow died March 1, 1676. His children, all by the first marriage, and all born in England except the youngest child, were:

  1. Abigail,
  2. Henry,
  3. Elizabeth,
  4. Richard,
  5. Mary,
  6. Martha,
  7. John,
  8. Thomas and
  9. Sarah.

Richard Kimball (2), son of Richard, was born in Rattlesden, England, about 1623. He came to New England with his parents. He removed from Ipswich to Wenham, near Ladd’s Hill, in the western part of the town, and became a large land owner. He was a subscriber to the minister’s rate in 1657; Dec. 4, 1660, he was on the committee to see about building the new meetinghouse, and in 1663 was on the committee to join with the select-men to put out the new contract. With the exception of three years he served on the board of selectmen from 1658 to 1674. He owned 200 acres of land in Rowley. He died in 1676. He seemed to have served in the Indian war. His second wife was Mary Gott, and their children were:

  1. John, born about 1650, in Ipswich, who died in 1721;
  2. Samuel, born about 1651, in Ipswich;
  3. Thomas, born Nov. 12, 1657, who died Oct. 16, 1732 (married Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Potter, of Ipswich);
  4. Ephraim, born Feb. 18, 1660; Caleb, born in Wenham;
  5. Richard, born July 7, 1671, at Rowley; and
  6. Nathaniel, born in’ 1676.

Samuel Kimball, son of Richard (2), born about 1651, married Sept. 20, 1676, Mary, daughter of John and Sarah Witt, of Lynn, Mass. Mr. Kimball resided in Wenham; was ensign in the militia; surveyor in 1677; constable in 1678; was made freeman May 24, 1682, and was selectman in that year. He died Oct. 3, 1716. His estate was settled by his son Samuel, who took the property of his father, and paid off his brothers and sisters. Children:

  1. Samuel, born Aug. 19, 1677;
  2. Sarah born Sept. 6, 1678, who married John Herrick, of Beverly, Mass.;
  3. Martha, born May 24, 1680, who died that year;
  4. Mary, born about 1682, who married Elisha Dodds, of Beverly;
  5. Richard, born about 1683;
  6. Jonathan, born in 1686; John, born Nov. 13, 1687;
  7. Ebenezer, born about 1690;
  8. Martha (2), born about 1692, who married John Gott;
  9. Thomas, born Feb. 22, 1695-96;
  10. Benjamin, born April 17, 1698;
  11. Abigail, born May 25, 1700, who married Thomas Brown; and
  12. Jerusha, born April 30, 1703, who died Aug. 22, of that same year.

Samuel Kimball (2), son of Samuel, born Aug. 19, 1677, in Wenham, Mass., married (intentions expressed Jan. 25, 1698) Elizabeth, born in 1678, daughter of Joseph Fowler, of Wenham, Mass. She died Nov. 17, 1736, and he married (second) Dec. 27, 1737, Abigail Foster, of Andover, Mass. She died Jan. 5, 1739-40, and he married (third) Joanna (Burnham) Dodge, widow of Daniel Dodge, of Wenham. In a deed made in 1730 Mr. Kimball is styled captain. He resided in Wenham,. Mass. Children:

  1. Nathaniel, born Nov. 30, 1699, who died May 4, 1700;
  2. Nathaniel (2), born March 4, 1700-01;
  3. Josiah, born Dec. 29, 1702;
  4. Benjamin, born in 1705-06;
  5. Mary;
  6. Elizabeth, born Dec. 4, 1709; and
  7. Samuel, born in April, 1716.

Samuel Kimball (3), son of Samuel (2), born in April, 1716, in Wenham, Mass., married Nov. 4, 1736, Elizabeth Rogers. He lived in Wenham and Easton, Mass. He died in 1757, and his widow married John Gott. Children:

  1. Elizabeth, born Aug. 24, 1737;
  2. Ammiruhamah, born Sept. 11, 1739; and
  3. William, born June 16, 1742.

Ammiruhamah Kimball, son of Samuel (3), born Sept. 11, 1739, in Wenham, Mass., married Mary Trow, born Sept. 24, 1742, and they resided in Mansfield, Norton and Easton, Mass. Mr. Kimball was out as a soldier in the Revolutionary army in the war, a member of Capt. Macy Williams’s company from April 19 to April 28, 1775; was also from Mansfield in Captain Cobb’s company Oct, 6, 1775, and in October, 1777, he served in Capt. Isaac Hodge’s company. He died Sept. 21, 1808. His widow died May 19, 1814. Children:

  1. Solomon, born Jan. 20, 1761, in Norton;
  2. William, born Dec. 13, 1763, in Norton;
  3. Hannah, born April 3, 1766, in Norton;
  4. Samuel, born June 12, 1768; Isaac, born Sept. 18, 1770; Asa, born Dec. 8, 1772; and
  5. Folly, born Sept. 7, 1775, who married Francis Goward, of Easton.

Isaac Kimball, son of Ammiruhamah, born Sept. 18, 1770, in Easton, Mass., married Nov. 15, 1799, Rebecca Evans, born Oct. 15, 1776, and they were residents of Easton, Mass., where Mr. Kimball was engaged in mercantile business. He died Aug. 28, 1848, in Easton, Mass. His wife Rebecca died April 21, 1813. Children:

  1. Rebecca, born Oct. 4, 1800, died Nov. 27, 1804;
  2. Betsey, born March 26, 1802, married Barzilla Drake;
  3. Thomas, born Feb. 9, 1806, died Feb. 7, 1808;
  4. Rebecca Smith, born Jan. 4, 1808, married Barzilla A. Drake;
  5. John, born Jan. 1, 1810, is mentioned below;
  6. Sally, born June 22, 1812, married Calvin Keith, of Easton, Massachusetts.

John Kimball, son of Isaac, born Jan. 1, 1810, married April 30, 1833, Lusanna Williams, born Aug. 5, 1814, daughter of Seth and Sarah (Mitchell) Williams, of Easton, Mass. Mr. Kimball received a common school education and was trained from the time he was a lad of ten years for business under the direction of his father, who though a carpenter in early life became an innkeeper and merchant. The father built the dwelling in which John was born and in which the store and inn were kept and in which two succeeding generations of the family lived and carried on business. And this stand in early years was a station where stopped the stages of that day for change of horses and for business. John, as the years passed, by his attention to business and the care he gave to his affairs, prospered and became a man of usefulness and prominence in the town and was long esteemed and respected by his fellow townsmen. His political affiliations were with the Whig and Republican parties, respectively. He was postmaster at Easton from 1863 to 1882 – the long period of nineteen years; served as town clerk and treasurer from 1853 to 1872; was selectman and overseer of the poor from 1860 to 1872; and represented his town in the General Court of Massachusetts in 1857.

On April 30, 1833, Mr. Kimball was married to Lusanna, born Aug. 5, 1814, in Easton, Mass., daughter of Lieut. Seth and Sarah (Mitchell) Williams, and a direct descendant of Richard Williams, a native of Glamorganshire, Wales, who came to America, and became one of the original settlers of Taunton, in 1637-38-39; became one of the original proprietors of Dighton and was one among those who made the North Purchase, which included the present towns of Easton, Norton and Mansfield. This Richard Williams of Taunton belonged to a family of great antiquity in England and Wales. His’ lineage has been traced back to about the year 1849, when lived Marchudes of Cyan, Lord of Aberglen in Denbighshire, of one of the fifteen tribes of North Wales. Richard Williams’s wife was Frances Dighton, a native of Somersetshire, England, and a sister of the first wife of Governor Endicott. From Richard Williams the descent of Lusanna (Williams) Kimball, according to the history of Bristol County, Mass. (1883), is through Benjamin Williams, who settled in Easton, Josiah Williams of Bridgewater, Seth and Susanna (Forbes) Williams of Easton, Edward and Sarah (Lothrop) Williams, and Lieut. Seth and Sarah (Mitchell) Williams, of Easton.

The children born to John and Lusanna (Williams) Kimball were:

  1. Lusanna W., born Aug. 5, 1834, who married June 15, 1852, Joshua D. Howard and died in Easton;
  2. Harriet Augusta, born April 13, 1842, who married June 30, 1868, George Copeland;
  3. John Thomas, born April 11, 1845; and
  4. George Llewellyn, born Aug. 4, 1854.

John Thomas Kimball, son of John and Lusanna (Williams) Kimball, born April 11, 1845, in Easton, Mass., married June 20, 1879, Arabella Greene Heath, born Oct. 1, 1855, daughter of Dan W. and Esther M. (Walker) Heath, of Easton.

George Llewellyn Kimball, son of John and Lusanna (Williams) Kimball, born Aug. 4, 1854, in Easton, Mass., married Dec. 24, 1874, Sarah E.. Heath, born March 8, 1853, daughter of Dan W. and Esther M. (Walker) Heath, of Easton, Mass. George L. Kimball died in 1910 in Easton.

Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts: containing historical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families. 3 Volumes. Beers & Chicago. 1912.

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