Narraguagus Valley Some Account of its Early Settlement and Settlers

Leighton Genealogy of Narraguagus Valley Maine

The Leightons will require larger space in this chronicle than those of any other name, being very numerous in the vicinity, and having intermarried with almost every one of the old families.

About 1760, two brothers, Thomas Leighton and Samuel Leighton, came from Falmouth to this River. Samuel settled, as nearly as I can learn, on the lot now in possession of Richard P. Willey. His sons were Theodore Leighton, Isaac Leighton, Parritt Leighton and Phineas Leighton.

  1. Theodore Leighton succeeded to the lot taken up by his father. Of the descendants of Theodore, I have not been able to obtain any information.
  2. Isaac Leighton m. a Worcester and settled in Columbia. His sons were Moses, Samuel, Levi, Daniel, Harrison T. and Aaron. His daughters, Mrs. Silsby, Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Allen.
  3. Parritt Leighton settled at Indian River, Addison, and the Leightons of that vicinity are descended from him.
  4. Phineas Leighton went to Pembroke, and the many Leightons of that vicinity are of his race and lineage.

Thomas Leighton, the brother of Samuel Leighton, settled upon a lot at the head of Pigeon Hill Bay, now in possession of Joshua M. Leighton. He had a family of six sons and five daughters. Robert, Joseph, Thomas, Annie, Molly, James, Ross, Abigail, Betsey, Sarah and Benjamin.

  1. Robert Leighton went to Falmouth and settled.
  2. Joseph Leighton m. a Jordan. His children:
    1. Joseph Leighton m. Betsey Downs.
    2. Robert Leighton m. Betsey Willey.
    3. Eben Leighton m. Drusilla Wilson.
    4. Rebecca Leighton m. Elisha Strout.
    5. Lucy Leighton m. Aaron Lawrence.
    6. Betsey Leighton m. Jacob Leighton.
    7. Rachel Leighton m. Orrin Willey.
  3. Thomas Leighton m. Patience Wallace. Their children were:
    1. Benjamin Leighton m. a Brown.
    2. Lucy Leighton m. Louis Wallace.
    3. Otis Leighton m. Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace.
    4. James Leighton m. Polly Strout.
    5. Robert Leighton m. Jane Smallage.
    6. Patience Leighton m. Amos Gay.
    7. Joan Leighton m. Henry Bray.
  4. Annie Leighton m. Tristram Pinkham.
  5. Betsey Leighton m. 1 Samuel Davis, 2 Richard Pinkham.
  6. Molly Leighton m. Thomas West.
  7. James Leighton m. Kitty Brown. Children:
    1. Betty Leighton m. Daniel Lovett.
    2. David Leighton m. Eliza Leighton.
    3. Hannah Leighton m. Gideon Thompson.
    4. Caroline Leighton m. James Brown.
    5. James Leighton m. Sally Smallage.
    6. Jesse Leighton.
  8. Ross Leighton m. ____. Their children:
    1. John Leighton m. in Portland.
    2. Aaron Leighton m. Bethia Wakefield.
    3. Jacob Leighton m. Betsey Leighton.
    4. William Leighton m. Myriam Merritt.
    5. Samuel Leighton m. Eliza Bunker.
    6. Ross Leighton m. ____.
    7. Daniel Leighton m. Abigail Joy.
    8. James Leighton m. Lovicie Leighton.
  9. Sarah Leighton m. Leighton. Children:
    1. Eleazer Leighton.
    2. Gideon Leighton.
  10. Benjamin Leighton m. Strout. Children:
    1. Robert Leighton m. Eliza Davis.
    2. James Leighton m. Sophronia Leighton.
    3. Thomas Leighton m. Rachel Leighton.
    4. Joshua Leighton m. a Stanhope.
    5. Edwin Leighton.
    6. Persis Leighton m. Nathan Hinkley.
    7. Polly Leighton m. William Pinkham.
    8. Alice Leighton m. Calvin Corthell.

Nearly at the same time that Thomas and Samuel Leighton came and settled as I have stated, Thomas Leighton 2d came from Dover, N. H., to Gouldsboro. His wife was Lydia Tracy. It is not known that there was any relationship between these two Thomas Leightons. From Gouldsboro, Thomas 2d soon removed to Steuben and settled upon the lot afterwards known as the Henry Leighton lot, now occupied by Joseph Small. He had ten children, Jonathan, Mark, Charity, Alexander, Hatevil, Pamelia, Isaiah, Daniel, Israel and Asa.

  1. Jonathan Leighton m. Annah Dyer. Their children:
    1. Jonathan Leighton m. Lydia Strout.
    2. Lydia Leighton m. Nathan Godfrey.
    3. Anna Leighton m. Benjamin Godfrey.
    4. Charity Leighton m, 1 Samuel Nash, and 2 William N. Nash.
    5. Henry Leighton m. Lovice Wass.
    6. Handy Leighton m. Rebecca Wass.
    7. Betsey Leighton m. John Randall.
    8. Lydia Leighton m. Stephen Hill.
    9. Tryphenia Leighton m. William B. Nash.
    10. Irene Leighton m. Isaac Small.
    11. Theressa Leighton m. ____ Coy.
    12. Persis Leighton m. Oliver Cleaves.
    13. Thomas Leighton m. Persis Dyer.
    14. Almon Leighton, who lives in Calais and is the only survivor of the family.
  2. Mark Leighton m. Sally Small. Their children were:
    1. Abigail Leighton m. James Smith.
    2. Elisha Leighton m. Betsey Parker.
    3. Warren Leighton m. Joanna Dyer.
    4. Pamelia Leighton m. James Parker.
    5. Sewall Leighton m. Barbara Green.
    6. Freeman Leighton never married.
    7. Naomi Leighton m. James Clark.
    8. Lydia Leighton m. John Stewart.
    9. Amy Leighton m. James Kelley.
    10. Belinda Leighton m. Alfred Smith.
  3. Charity Leighton m. Daniel Godfrey. Children:
    1. Lydia Leighton m. William Small.
    2. Fred Leighton m. Joan Haskell.
    3. Lewis Leighton m. Betsey Foster.
    4. James Leighton m. Elmira Yeaton.
    5. Eliza Leighton died young.
  4. Alexander Leighton m. Polly Lawrence. Children:
    1. Direxa Leighton m. William Smith.
    2. Jane Leighton m. Robert Smith.
    3. Anna Leighton m. William Stevens.
    4. Abigail Leighton m. Ezra Smith.
    5. Nelson Leighton m. 1 Olivia Smith, 2 ____ Whitten.
    6. Daniel Leighton m. Mary Jane Lawrence.
    7. Caroline Leighton m. Stillman Smith.
  5. Hatevil Leighton m. Polly Dunbar. Children:
    1. Eleanor Leighton m. Elisha Parker.
    2. George Leighton m. Lydia Moore.
    3. Wealthy Leighton m. ____ Heal.
    4. Sophronia Leighton m. Doane.
    5. Leonice Leighton m. Samuel W. Cleaves.
    6. Mary J. Leighton m. Frank Martin.
  6. Pamelia Leighton m. John Patten. 1
  7. Israel Leighton m. Amy Smith. Children:
    1. Seaman Leighton m. Eliza Shaw.
    2. Nicholas Leighton m, Elsie Haskell.
    3. Phebe Leighton, died young.
    4. Kingsbury Leighton, died young.
  8. Daniel Leighton m. Abigail Nason. Children:
    1. Daniel Leighton died in youth.
    2. Thomas Leighton m. a Patten.
    3. Mary Leighton m. Justus Bickford.
    4. Israel Leighton m. Hannah Drinkwater.
    5. Leonard Leighton m. a Yeaton.
    6. John Leighton m. a Nason.
  9. Isaiah Leighton m. Mary Small. Children:
    1. Elisha Leighton m. Caroline Lancaster.
    2. Amos Leighton m. Louisa Sargent.
    3. Lydia Leighton m. Walter Hutchinson.
  10. Asa Leighton m. Loruhami Fickett. Children:
    1. Oliver Leighton, Lewis R. m. Dolly Heal.
    2. Eliza Leighton m. David Leighton.
    3. Joan Leighton m. John Strout.
    4. Isabel Leighton m. Myrick Small.
    5. Cynthia Leighton m. John Griffin.
    6. George Leighton m. ____ Thorne.
    7. Hannah Leighton m. Ephraim Strout.


  1. See Pattens.[]

Milliken, J. A. The Narraguagus Valley: some account of its early settlement and settlers. Covers towns of Steuben, Milbridge, Harrington and Cherryfield. Machias, Maine: 1886; reprinted A. J. Huston, Portland, Maine, 1910.

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