Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine

Johnson Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

The house on the northwest corner of the four roads was built by Moses Johnson, son of Obed and Joanna (Wood) Johnson, about 1840, and occupied by him and his family until their removal from the town to Boston in the ’80’s of the last century. Moses Johnson was born Feb. 9, 1800; married Rosella Hinckley Nov. 27, 1828, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Coggins) Hinckley, born June 17, 1804. She died in Boston in 1888. He died in Boston ten or a dozen years before his wife. They had seven children, as follows, viz.:

  1. Edward Moses Johnson, born Jan. 17, 1830; married Sarah E. Leach.
  2. George Henry Johnson, born April 14, 1831.
  3. Charles Carroll Johnson, born April 14, 1833.
  4. Francis Howard Johnson, born Oct. 10, 1835.
  5. Mary Louisa Johnson, born Aug. 21, 1838.
  6. Clara Elizabeth Johnson, born Jan. 21, 1841.
  7. Abby Johnson, born Nov. 10, 1844.

Mr. Johnson inherited a large part of his father’s farm, and was a farmer and an active man. He sold his property in town, removed to Boston, where he was a commission merchant for the sale of lumber, wood and eastern products and where he died as above stated.

Capt. Samuel B. Johnson Family Genealogy

The house was next owned by Capt. Samuel B. Johnson, nephew of its builder, and son of Robert, son of Obed and Joanna (Wood) Johnson, born Oct. 30, 1812. He married Susan Mary, daughter of Joseph and Susannah (Door) Treworgy, Nov. 20, 1841. She was born Nov. 23, 1820. Capt. Johnson commanded vessels from Blue Hill in the coasting West Indies and European trades for many years, and was captured and had his vessel burnt by a Confederate cruiser during the war of the Rebellion. He and his wife were well known to the writer, she having been, before her marriage, one of his school teachers in the Tide Mill district . They are both dead, but the date of their death the writer does not have. Their children were as follows, viz.:

  1. Edwin Augustus Johnson, born Nov. 4, 1843; died at sea Jan. 1863.
  2. George Samuel Johnson, born Dec. 11, 1845.
  3. Arthur Hawes Johnson, born Oct. 15, 1847; married Alice P. Carter.
  4. Mary Louisa Johnson, born June 6, 1859; married Benjamin E. Fowler of Searsmont.

Since the death of Capt. Johnson and wife, the house has been vacant the greater part of the time.

Robert Johnson Family Genealogy

The Robert Johnson house and place were the next west of the one just described, and upon the north side of the road. Robert Johnson was the father of Capt. Samuel, and son of Obed and Joanna (Wood) Johnson. He was born Dec. 27, 1787; married Lucy Johnson Blodgett, April 15, 1811, of Penobscot.

The house in which they resided and where their children were born was originally of one story, built shortly after or about the time of their marriage, but had another story added overhanging the lower part in the boyhood of the writer. Robert Robertson, Jr., who was quite a wag, said of it, “I came by ‘Bob’ Johnson’s house the other day and found his barn sitting on top of it as easy as could be. But it was a curious sight.” The house and barn astride have long since been demolished.

Robert Johnson was something of a wit, especially when he had taken a nipper as was the custom in his early manhood. It is related of him that at haying time many years ago he boasted that he could stow a load of hay upon the old style hay cart, called a sloven, no matter how fast the hay was to be pitched up to him. He had his trial of skill in that matter one day in his father’s field with two men to do the pitching. It was on a side hill that the feat began. All went well at first, but a jolt over a knoll on the side hill brought half the load and Robert to the ground. One of the pitchers said: “Robert, what are you down here for?” The answer was quickly given and to the point: “After more hay, sir!”

Mr. Johnson, his wife and probably all or near all of their large family of nine children have gone to their long home and rest. Their children were, viz.:

  1. Samuel Blodgett Johnson, born Oct. 30, 1812; married Susan Mary Treworgy.
  2. Bradshaw Johnson, born Sept. 25, 1814.
  3. Franklin Johnson, born Oct. 12, 1816.
  4. Eliza Hawes Johnson, born Feb. 26, 1819.
  5. Abigail Wood Johnson, born Aug. 1, 1821.
  6. John Hawes Johnson, born April 11, 1824; died Aug. 31, 1825.
  7. Harriet Edes Johnson, born Aug. 7, 1826.
  8. John Hawes Johnson, born April 23, 1829.
  9. Emily Mann Johnson, born Dec. 11, 1832.

Civil War,

Candage, R. A. F. Historical Sketches of Blue Hill, Maine. Ellsworth, Maine: Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers. 1905.

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