Fort Bend County TX

List of the Guard who Escaped from the River

Buster’s company Hockstaff, William Hensley,Hicks A. C. Ridge Hyde Major McQueen Thomas Ransom Gabriel Smith Turner Van Harm Dr. Watson Warren Wilkinson Cameron’s Company John Canty Donnall, Ernest William Ward A. J. Yates Eastland Company Geo. W. Alley M. Ambrose Theo. Bissell Oliver Buckner Clark W. S. Holton Davis Hudson Edward Marlow E. A. Vincent …

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Biography of John H. Koons

JOHN H. KOONS, The eminence of Anderson among the industrial centers of Indiana has been due to the presence here of a group of men possessed of special genius as inventors and manufacturers and of fine capabilities as organizers and business builders. Capital has been less conspicuous in the net results than personal ability, and …

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Biographical Sketch of Newell, John D.

Another prominent man of Fort Bend County, came from North Carolina to Texas in 1830, and was a member of the convention in 1833. He was a successful planter, and lived to make forty-five crops in Texas. He died in Richmond, Fort Bend County, in December 1875.

Biography of Jesse Rothrock

JESSE ROTHROCK, An industry which during the past several decades has grown and flourished in eastern Indiana, is the operation of farm lands for the production of dairy goods, Ever since the necessity for pure milk has been recognized, many of the most progressive farmers and business men have devoted their activities to dairying, One …

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Biography of Bert Mann

BERT MANN. One of the young men of progressive enterprise whose energies are contributed to the Welfare of the community as well as to the accumulation of a goodly share of material prosperity for themselves, is Bert Mann, of Boone Township. Mr. Mann is owner and occupies a fine place of one hundred and forty …

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