Biographical Sketch of Darst, Abraham

Abraham Darst came to Texas in the early ’20 from St. Charles County, Missouri, and settled at Damon’s Mound. This famous mound is situated partly in Fort Bend County and partly in Brazoria, all of the league of Mr. Darst being in the latter county. He was married twice, the children of the first wife being Emery, John, Edmund and Patrick. By his last wife were Rosetta and Richard. Emery Darst married Miss Mary Ann Moore. She was born in St. Charles County, Mo., and died in 1902, in the eighty-third year of her age. Her people came to Texas in 1827, when she was about seven years of age. Her father was Elisha Moore, also a native, of Missouri, and a relative of Daniel Boone. Benjamin Boone, a Mier prisoner who died in Blanco County a few years ago, was a cousin to Mary Ann Moore. Lon Moore, an old settler and, Indian fighter of Medina County, also says that he is related to Daniel Boone, and must be a branch of the same family. Some of the Darsts moved further west, and a creek in Guadalupe County is named for them. Some settled at Gonzales, and one was killed in the Alamo. Dave Darst and his family were the last ones to leave Gonzales on the approach of the Mexicans, and before they had proceeded far the smoke from the burning town was seen.

The Darsts were brave, reliable citizens, as all the old settlers were, with few exceptions, who came as colonists under Stephen F. Austin.

Two of the Darsts, Edward and R. B., fought at the battle of San Jacinto in the company of Captain William H. Patton.
W. H. Darst (“Chuck”), one of the sons of Emery Darst, was a Terry Ranger, and at one time served as sheriff of Fort Bend County. He still resides in the county and is a prominent stock man.
Robert Darst, another son of Emery Darst, and also one of the staunch citizens of Fort Bend County, resides in Richmond.
Mrs. Hallie Hodge, a sister, keeps a boarding house in Richmond.



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