Location: Athens County OH

Trimble Township, Town Officers 1827-1868

At the first election for township officers in 1827, which was held at the house of William Bagley, James Price, James Bosworth, and Jeremiah Cass were judges of the election, and Samuel B. Johnson and Cyrus Tuttle, clerks. Township Trustees 1827-1868. 1827 William Bagley, James Bosworth, Solomon Newton. 1828 Jeremiah Cass, Elijah Alderman, Solomon Newton. 1829 Joseph McDonald, James Price, Solomon Newton. 1830 David Eggleston, James Price, Solomon Newton. 1831 Jonathan Watkins, James Price, Solomon Newton. 1832 Wanting. 1833 Elijah Alderman, Thomas Dew, John Ivers. 1834 Elijah Alderman, Luther Mingus, Enoch Rutter. 1835 Wanting. 1836 Solomon Newton, Andrew McKee, William

1804 Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens

Sec. 1 appointed Rufus Putnam and Samuel Carpenter to survey and lay off the town of Athens agreeably with the rule of the resolution of the legislature of December 18th, 1799. Sec. 2 directed the treasurer of the university to have the town plat recorded. Sec. 3 directed Putnam and Carpenter, after due notice, to sell on the first Monday of November, 1804, at public auction, twenty-seven house-lots and an equal number of out-lots at their discretion, excepting and reserving house-lots number 57 and 58. The remaining sections related to the form of certificate and lease to be given. The

Rome Township, Town Officers 1811-1868

Township Trustees 1811-1868. 1811 Job Ruter, Elijah Hatch, James Crippen. 1812 Daniel Stewart, George Barrows, John Thompson. 1813 Elijah Rowell, James Crippen, John Thompson. 1814 Daniel Stewart, James Crippen, Joshua Selby. 1815 Daniel Stewart, James Crippen, William Barrows. 1816 Daniel Stewart, Elijah Hatch, Joshua Selby. 1817 James Crippen, John Thompson, Henry Barrows. 1818-19 James Crippen, Archelaus Stewart, Henry Barrows. 1820 James Crippen, Archelaus Stewart, Daniel Stewart. 1821 James Crippen, John Thompson, Daniel Stewart. 1822 Elijah Hatch, Joshua Selby, Daniel Stewart. 1823 James Crippen, Elmer Rowell, Archelaus Stewart. 1824 William S. Doan, Joshua Selby, Henry Barrows. 1825 Daniel Stewart, Elijah Dalbey,

Officers of the Town of Athens

The town records from 1811, the date of incorporation, to 1825, are lost. In 1825, James Gillmore was president of the town council, and Joseph B. Miles recorder. At an election held in the town of Athens, March 6, 1826, the number of votes cast was forty-three, and the following persons were elected members of the town council, viz.: Thomas Brice, by thirty-four votes; Columbus Bierce, by thirty-four votes; Ebenezer Currier, by thirty-one votes; John Brown 2d, by forty-three votes; and Joseph B. Miles, by twentythree votes. The following town officers were elected: Samuel Knowles, marshal; Eben Foster, supervisor; A.

Lodi Township Town Officers 1827-1868

Township Trustees. 1827-28 Joseph Thompson, Elam Frost, John L. Kelly. 1829 Joseph Thompson, Rufus P. Cooley, John L. Kelly. 1830 Francis B. Drake, Thomas Miles, Abner Frost. 1831 Joseph Thompson, Elam Frost, John L. Kelly. 1832 Joseph Thompson, Thomas Miles, A. M. Williams. 1833 John Bodwell, Francis B. Drake, Abner Frost. 1834 Luther Dinsmore, John L. Kelly, J. B. Force. 1835 Luther Dinsmore, John L. Kelly, G. H. Cooley. 1836 Charles Brown, John L. Kelly, John Carlton, 1837 Samuel Day, George Eaton, Cyrus 0. McGrath. 1838 Joseph Bobo, John Carlton, David Whaley. 1839 Calvin F. Dains, Ezra H. Miller, Rufus

Athens Township Trustees from 1807-1868

1807 Leonard Jewett, Jehiel Gregory, Silas Bingham. 1808 John Havner, William Harper, Aaron Young. 1809 Leonard Jewett, Ebenezer Currier, John Abbot. 1810 Jacob Lindley, Ebenezer Currier, John Abbot. 1811 Silas Bingham, Hopson Beebe, Joseph B. Miles. 1812 Jehiel Gregory, Martin Mansfield, William Harper. 1813 Ebenezer Currier, Joel Abbot, Stephen Pilcher. 1814 Robert Linzee, William Whitesides, Stephen Pilcher. 1815 Robert Linzee, William Harper, Arthur Coates. 1816 Robert Linzee, William Harper, Arthur Coates. 1817 Edmund Dorr, John White, David Pratt. 1818 Edmund Dorr, John White, Abel Mann. 1819 Edmund Dorr, John White, Abel Mann. 1820 Edmund Dorr, John White, Abel Mann. 1821

Lee Township Town Officers 1820-1868

The town was incorporated in 1844. At the first election for town officers John V. Brown was chosen mayor, and J. M. Gorsline recorder. For a number of years afterward there was no election, but since 1855 they have been held regularly. Town Officers of Albany since 1855. 1855.-Mayor, Albert Vorhes; Recorder, Henry Wells; Treasurer, John Vorhes; Councilmen, John Brown, J. M. Gorsline, Wm. Smith, Peter Morse, and David Sampson. 1856.-Mayor, Albert Vorhes; Recorder, John Brown; Treasurer, John Vorhes; Councilmen, Wm. R. Collins, Peter Morse, W. W. Kurtz, J. M. Gorsline, and P. McCann. 1859.-Mayor, A. Palmer; Recorder, J. E.

Athens Township Treasurers and Clerks from 1807-1868

Treasurers. Clerks. 1807 Chauncey Perkins, John Corey. 1808 Alexander Stedman, John Corey 1809 Alexander Stedman, John Corey 1810 Alexander Stedman, John Corey 1811 Alexander Stedman, John Corey 1812 Alexander Stedman, John Corey 1813 Eliphaz Perkins, Nehemiah Gregory. 1814 William Weir, Alexander Proudfit. 1815 Charles Shipman, Alvan Bingham. 1816 Charles Shipman, James Gillmore. 1817 Ebenezer Blackstone, James Gillmore. 1818 John Gillmore, James Gillmore. 1819 John Gillmore, James Gillmore. 1820 John Gillmore, James Gillmore. 1821 John Gillmore, James Gillmore. 1822 John Gillmore, James Gillmore. 1823 John Gillmore, James Gillmore. 1824 James Gillmore, John Gillmore. 1825 James Gillmore, John Gillmore. 1826 James Gillmore,

Dover Township Town Officers 1825-1868

We have not been able to procure the records of the township previous to 1825; they have been lost or destroyed. The following are the township trustees since that time. Township Trustees 1825-1868. 1825 Resolved Fuller, Daniel Weethee, Samuel B. Johnson. 1826 Jonathan Allen, Simon H. Mansfield, William Bagley. 1827 Jeremiah Morris, Simon H. Mansfield, Josiah True. 1828 Resolved Fuller, Simon H. Mansfield, Josiah True. 1829 Jeremiah Morris, Simon H. Mansfield, Horace Carter. 1830 Daniel Weethee, Simon H. Mansfield, Josiah True. 1831 Samuel Stevens, Jeremiah Morris, Josiah True. 1832 Samuel Stevens, Robert Conn, Josiah True. 1833 Samuel Stevens, Robert Conn,

Athens Township Justices of the Peace 1814-1868

1814-John L. Lewis, Abel Miller, Henry Bartlett. 1817-Henry Bartlett, Stephen Pilcher. 1829-Reuben J. Davis, A. G. Brown. 1835-A. G. Brown. 1836-Henry Bartlett. 1838-Abram Van Vorhes. 1842-Henry Bartlett. 1844-Norman Root. 1849-A. G. Brown. 1848-Sumner Bartlett. 1850-H. K. Blackstone, Enoch Cabeen. 1851-Daniel S. Dana. 1852-Norman Root. 1853-Daniel S. Dana, Jacob T. Stanley. 1855-Oscar W. Brown. 1856-Norman Root, Deloro Culley. 1858-William Golden, William Loring Brown. 1859-Norman Root. 1861-William Golden, William Loring Brown. 1862-Norman Root. 1864-C. R. Sheldon, William A. Thomas, William L. Brown. 1865-Norman Root. 1867-G. W. Baker, O. W. Brown, H. C. Martin. 1868-W. A. Thomas.