Canaan Ohio 1820 Census Index

Canaan Ohio 1820 Census Index

Arnold, Thomas115
Austin, Thomas115
Bayles, George115
Bayles, John115
Bean, Geo115
Bean, William115
Bean, William II115
Bench, Jesse115
Boyd, John117
Boyles, Martin115
Boyles, Peter115
Carpenter, Parker115
Carrigo, C. John115
Davis, Sam,Uel115
Drow, David117
Field, John115
Field, Walter117
Fleming, William115
Francis, Nicholas116
Fromm, Daniel116
Fromm, Daniel, Jr.116
Henshan, G. Nathaniel116
Henshan, Harry116
Holebert, William116
Holecomb, Noah117
Hoskins, Elisha116
Hoskins, Joshua116
Housner, David116
Jroin, Hugh116
Labath, John116
Lafrib, Joseph116
Mansfield, Peter116
Manyfield, Martin116
Mc Aboy, Thomas116
Mc Gill, John116
Mc Gregor, John116
Melchel, Elizabeth116
Miller, Abel116
Moor, William116
Olney, Ithamer116
Moor, William116
Olney, Ithamer116
Pilcher, Jesse117
Pilcher, John116
Pitcher, Elijah116
Snider, Thomas116
Staldin, Jacob117
Steiger, Rudolph John116
Stewart, William116
Stifle, Mayent117
Summon, Joseph116
Thompson, William117
Tucker, David117
Tucker, Thomas117
Warren, Lemuel117
Waters, Josiah117
Wright, Elisha117
Young, Ephraim117

1820 Census,

Partridge, Dennis. 1820 Athens County, Ohio Census Records, 2001. Web.

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